What is the Average Payout for Slip and Falls in New York?

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    People often underestimate the severity of slip and fall accidents. While some are fortunate enough to walk away from these accidents unharmed, others are far less fortunate. Talk to your attorney about how much the payout for your accident might be worth.

    Slip and falls happen almost every day, and injuries range from mild bumps and bruises to severely devastating injuries. A good way to determine what your case might be worth is to review the factors that might increase or decrease your potential payout with your lawyer. While your injuries are the prime focus of your case, various factors surrounding how the injuries occurred may also play a role in determining how much compensation you might receive. Accidents with severe injuries where property owners are clearly negligent are more likely to net higher compensation. Cases where injuries are minor or the plaintiff contributed to the accident through their own carelessness might net less compensation. An attorney can go over your case and help you figure out what your claims are worth.

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    Average Payouts for Slip and Falls in New York

    The average payout for slip and falls in New York is hard to determine precisely. In any case, financial compensation is based on numerous factors that tend to vary based on the circumstances. For example, one plaintiff might have fallen down the stairs in a department store while another might have slipped in a spilled drink in a restaurant. While both are slip and fall accidents, and both plaintiffs might be badly hurt, there are many differing factors and circumstances, and the final payout for both cases might be vastly different.

    Generally, the owner of the property where the plaintiff slipped and fell is held responsible for the injuries. This also affects the amount of compensation the injured party might receive. Businesses or corporate entities generally have greater financial resources and might be more capable of paying larger amounts of compensation. An individual person might be legally liable for your injuries, but they might only have so much insurance and personal finances to rely on before nothing is left.

    Payouts also depend on whether the parties involved are willing to cooperate. In cases where both parties are willing to negotiate, settlements are more likely, and plaintiffs get paid faster. In cases where the parties are more acrimonious, the case might be drawn out for months or even years. The longer a case goes on, the harder it is to say how much the ultimate payout might be worth.

    Determining the Value of Your New York Slip and Fall Case

    While an overall average payout for slip and falls is hard to say, there are ways you and our Albany slip and fall attorneys can assess the value of your specific case. Numerous factors surround the issue of financial compensation. Some factors might help increase the payout amount, while others might work against you. It is important to go over your case with a fine-tooth comb with an experienced attorney.

    What Makes Your Case Worth More?

    Plaintiffs with severe injuries are more likely to incur greater economic damages, especially those involving medical bills. As a result, these plaintiffs tend to see greater financial compensation. You must get to a hospital immediately after a slip and fall accident. The sooner you get to a hospital, the more accurate your medical records may be regarding the accident, and the stronger our evidence will be to prove your claims.

    Another factor that might lead to a more significant payout is obvious or even shocking acts of negligence by the defendant. Slip and falls are often related to rather mundane instances of negligence. Perhaps there was a spill that nobody cleaned up, or the homeowner forgot to clear the ice from their front walkway before guests arrived. However, other cases might involve more egregious failures. Perhaps the property owner knew their stairs were unsafe but refused to make repairs because they did not want to pay the cost. Such blatant negligence will not bode well for defendants, and juries might be more inclined to award more significant damages.

    Perhaps the best way to maximize financial compensation is to have the strongest evidence possible. Cases with strong evidence are more likely to succeed in court. If you have trouble obtaining evidence, talk to your attorney about how you can build the strongest case possible with what evidence you have.

    What Makes Your Case Worth Less?

    Carelessness on the part of the plaintiff may negatively impact the ultimate payout in a slip and fall case. For example, if the defendant proves that part of the reason you fell was that the heel of your shoe broke off and you were off-balance, the jury might believe you partially contributed to the accident. In that case, your damages might be reduced.

    Compensation might be smaller in other cases when negligence is harder to identify. Perhaps they were a bit careless, but did their actions really constitute a breach of their duty to maintain the property and make reasonable inspections for unknown hazards?

    Another issue that might cost plaintiffs financial compensation is waiting to come forward with claims. People sometimes brush off slip and fall accidents and do not consider legal action until their injuries become too painful to ignore. By this time, valuable evidence might be gone, and proving your claims in court might be extremely difficult. It is better to speak with an attorney right after the accident, even if you are still unsure whether to take legal action. Your lawyer can help you decide.

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