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    A serious injury might lead to expensive medical bills, time missed from work, physical pain, and more. The person whose negligence caused your injuries should be held responsible and made to cover your numerous expenses.

    Personal injuries include harm or damage caused to a person’s body. Car accidents, work-related injuries, slip and falls, and other incidents may lead to personal injuries. Depending on your situation, you can claim medical bills, lost earnings from missing work, and physical and emotional pain and suffering damages. An attorney with experience handling personal injuries can help you file a claim with the proper court, negotiate settlements, and maximize potential compensation. After being checked out by a doctor, your first step is to contact an attorney.

    The person or people who caused your personal injuries should be held liable. Our Binghamton personal injury lawyers can help you explore legal options for compensation. Call The Carrion Law Firm for a free case assessment at (718) 841-0083.

    Common Examples of Personal Injuries in Binghamton

    Personal injuries often arise from accidents and acts of negligence. Personal injury law is a broad area of legal practice because personal injuries can arise in almost any place. Our Binghamton personal injury attorneys have handled various personal injury cases in the past and can help you get your lawsuit started.

    Car accidents are common almost everywhere, including Binghamton. Car accidents can range from relatively minor to catastrophically severe. In any case, minor or serious, drivers may suffer injuries. Even seemingly small injuries like whiplash or cuts and bruises are considered personal injuries.

    Trucking accidents can cause particularly severe personal injuries. Trucks are especially large, heavy vehicles moving at high rates of speed through busy roads of traffic. An accident might not only injure the drivers in the vehicle the truck hits but other drivers nearby.

    Pedestrian accidents can happen at crosswalks, intersections, or even on sidewalks. In these cases, pedestrians often experience serious injuries while the drivers involved tend to have minimal damage. Many injured pedestrians spend years recovering from an accident.

    Slip and falls occur when someone loses their footing and falls, often because of wet, slippery, or damaged surfaces. Uneven stairs, icy sidewalks, or spills that nobody bothered to clean up are common causes of slip and falls. Although people are quick to dismiss these accidents, serious personal injuries like head injuries, braid damage, and spinal cord injuries are all possible.

    Damages You Can Recover in a Binghamton Personal Injury Case

    Your damages are the injuries and losses you endured after being injured. Your damages are unique to your case, and you should review your damages with our Binghamton personal injury lawyers to get a better idea of what you can claim. Even so, some more common damages crop up in many personal injury cases.

    Economic damages are related to money spent or lost after experiencing a personal injury. Medical bills, replacing lost or damaged property, and losing income from missing work are more common forms of economic damages. The value of these damages will depend on the severity of your injuries, the actual value of any damaged property, and the time missed from work. In many cases, economic damages are worth a considerable sum of money, and plaintiffs need compensation to keep from going into massive debt.

    Non-economic damages injuries or losses that did not cost the plaintiff money. These damages are more subjective and based on the plaintiff’s unique experience after an accident. Physical pain, emotional suffering, humiliation, and even a tarnished reputation are all forms of economic damage. Calculating these damages is challenging and often based on how deeply they affect the plaintiff on a daily basis.

    How a Lawyer Can Help You with Your Personal Injury Lawsuit in Binghamton

    Although you are not required by law to retain an attorney for a personal injury lawsuit, it is wise to do so anyway. Personal injury law is broad and complex. If you have no experience handling these kinds of cases, you might be quickly overwhelmed. Our Binghamton personal injury lawyers can help you get your lawsuit started, figure out damages, and prove your claims in court.

    One way your attorney can help is by assessing and evaluating your damages. Damages are at the heart of a lawsuit and are often why the lawsuit is filed in the first place. If your damage calculations are inaccurate, you might miss out on significant compensation. An experienced lawyer will know what damages to look out for and how to assess them to calculate your damages accurately.

    There are countless ways to develop legal strategies for every personal injury case. Getting compensation and holding the defendant liable might require playing up certain pieces of evidence while downplaying or even arguing against certain other aspects of the accident. Your case is unique and deserves an individually tailored legal strategy that our Binghamton personal injury attorneys can help with.

    The First Steps to Beginning a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Binghamton

    There are some steps you should take to get your personal injury lawsuit started. First, you should get medical attention immediately after your accident. Even if you do not believe your injuries need medical intervention, you should see a doctor. This is in the best interest of your physical well-being and will help keep your medical records as accurate as possible. Accurate medical records will be crucial when we go to establish your injuries and damages in court.

    After seeing a doctor, you should reach out to a lawyer about your case. Important evidence from your accident will not stick around forever. Contacting a lawyer sooner rather than later is important for collecting evidence before it disappears. Our Binghamton personal injury lawyers can examine physical evidence from the accident scene and talk to witnesses.

    Finally, keep thorough records of everything that happens regarding the accident and your injuries. Keep records of every time you visit the doctor and the status of your injuries. If the defendant or a witness calls you, write down the date, time, and content of the conversation. Depending on how your case progresses, much of this information may prove useful.

    Call Our Binghamton Personal Injury Lawyers

    If another person’s negligent or reckless behavior caused an accident where you were injured, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. Our Binghamton personal injury attorneys can help you explore your legal options and start your case. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.