How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take in New York?

Each personal injury lawsuit is different, so each lawsuit takes a different amount of time to conclude in New York. Our lawyers can assess your case to give you an idea of its estimated timeline. Your personal injury case could take from months to years to finish,...

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How Long Do I Have to Fill Out Form NYS MV-104?

When reeling from an accident, you will have to consider certain reporting requirements to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, such as Form NYS MV-104. Victims must fill out Form NYS MV-104 for any motor vehicle accident that causes injury, death, or more...

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How Does No-Fault Car Insurance Work in New York?

Car accidents are common in New York, especially in and around New York City. However, you might wonder how the state’s no-fault insurance system works. It is important to understand how your no-fault insurance policy works since a car accident can happen at any time...

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