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    Personal injuries can have serious consequences for victims in Albany. If you were recently injured in an auto accident, slip and fall, product malfunction, medical malpractice, or while at work, you may have the option to pursue your recovery through a personal injury lawsuit.

    If you were recently injured, you should seek medical treatment immediately if you have not already done so. Following that, reach out to an attorney that can help guide you through the process of identifying the defendant, estimating damages, communicating with insurance representatives and filing your lawsuit prior to the statutory deadline so that you can focus on your own physical recovery.

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    Types of Personal Injury Law in Albany

    Personal injury lawsuits are used whenever a person suffers bodily injury or contracts illness as a result of someone else’s negligent, reckless, or intentionally harmful behavior towards them. Below are just a few of the many forms of personal injury that our Albany personal injury attorneys can assist you with in your recovery efforts.

    Car Accidents

    Car crashes are one of the most common causes of personal injury across the State of New York. If another motorist’s negligence or recklessness behind the wheel causes an accident results in serious injury, the victim can look to pursue compensation through court.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Accidents involving motorcycles carry a much higher risk of serious injury than ordinary car accidents, as riders do not enjoy the many safety features that a car provides, such as seat belts and air bags. However, that does not mean that a motorcyclist who is injured by another driver’s negligence cannot recover for their harms in court.

    Slip and Falls

    Whether you are at a store, hotel, workplace, someone else’s home, or on public property like sidewalks and parks, some person or entity owes a duty of care to you and others who they invite, either explicitly or implicitly, onto their property. If you slipped and fell on ground that was improperly maintained or the property owner failed to provide notice of a defective condition, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

    Workplace Accidents

    New York generally requires injured workers to seek their financial recovery for their injuries through Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage. However, this only applies when the accident occurred through no fault or was the fault of the victim’s employer. Our Albany personal injury attorneys can help you identify whether your unfortunate circumstances were caused by a third party’s negligence, opening the door for a more lucrative personal injury action.

    Products Liability

    If you rent or purchase a product that does not function as intended, it could cause serious danger for you and those around you. This may create liability for the manufacturer or leasing company responsible for putting the defective products in the hands of the victim.

    Medical Malpractice

    At our most vulnerable, we entrust our health and safety to medical care providers. Unfortunately, these professionals may not act carefully or according to industry standards, causing new harm or exacerbating existing conditions. Misdiagnosis, failure to obtain informed consent, and anesthesia and surgical errors are some common forms of medical malpractice in Albany.

    What Should You Do When You Suffer a Personal Injury in Albany

    Immediately after the incident, you should always seek medical evaluation. You may not even be aware of the damage that you have sustained or believe that you escaped the situation without injury. But some forms of injury can linger under the surface and continue to cause damage the longer they go undetected.

    Establishing a medical record immediately after the accident also helps to sustain your personal injury claim. This can serve as evidence of the direct connection between the incident and your injuries, preventing the other side from arguing that you sustained your injuries as a result of some other cause.

    We strongly recommend that you visit your nearest hospital’s emergency room for your immediate care. Waiting for a primary care appointment can take time, and many primary care doctor’s offices will not treat personal injuries, as they may not be able to accept insurance coverage as payment for their services. Urgent care facilities are readily available, but may not have all of the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of a hospital.

    Once you have gotten adequate medical attention for your condition, you should look to contact your Albany personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can help you report your incident, gather evidence, communicate with insurance representatives, estimate damages, and prepare and file your lawsuit.

    Statute of Limitations for an Albany Personal Injury Lawsuit

    The statute of limitations is a law that creates a time limit for when any type of legal action must begin. For the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits in New York, the statute of limitations provides a three-year opening to file a formal complaint in court. This period typically starts on the date that the incident occurred.

    There are a few limited exceptions that can extend the statute of limitations. However, it is our recommendation that you do not put faith in your meeting an exception as a reason to delay reaching out to an Albany personal injury lawyer or to put off filing your claim. Acting early helps to preserve evidence for your court case and will ultimately get you the compensation you deserve sooner rather than later.

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