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    Suffering a personal injury is often one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life. Many people do not know what their rights are to recover damages after being injured.

    Fortunately, a Staten Island personal injury lawyer can help build a strong case. Personal injuries can come in numerous forms. Each case presents its own challenges and requires different pieces of evidence to prove different elements of a lawsuit. While personal injury lawsuits can be complex, there are many steps you can take that will gratefully increase your chances of recovering compensation later. Also, there could be many sources to gather evidence from depending on the type of personal injury case.

    If you have been the victim of a personal injury, our Staten Island personal injury lawyers can help you recover compensation from the party responsible for your harm. Contact The Carrion Law Firm today at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.

    Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Staten Island, NY Lawyers Handle

    While car accidents, slip and falls, and premises liability make up much of the personal injury cases in Staten Island, there are many other types that our Staten Island personal injury lawyers are equipped to handle. Whether your injuries were caused by negligence or you were intentionally harmed, we can craft the right legal strategies suited to your case’s needs. The following is a list of the types of personal injury cases that our Staten Island personal injury lawyers have experience litigating:

    • Car accidents
    • Construction site accidents
    • Pedestrian accidents
    • Slip and falls
    • Uber and Lyft accidents
    • Bicycle accidents
    • Intentional harm
    • Product liability
    • Premises liability
    • Medical malpractice
    • Motorcycle accidents
    • Truck accidents
    • Bus accidents
    • Drunk driving accidents
    • Drowning accidents
    • Wrongful death

    Our firm has years of practice in virtually every aspect of personal injury law. If you have suffered a personal injury of any kind, our Staten Island personal injury lawyers can help you determine the legal option available to you in your case.

    Proving a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Staten Island, NY

    Personal injury law is separated into a few different categories based on the type of harm a victim suffered. Some personal injury cases result from careless accidents, while others are filed because the injuries were caused on purpose.


    Personal injury cases caused by the carelessness or recklessness of another person would be considered negligence lawsuits. If the negligent party owed you a duty of care and breached that duty, injuring you, they could potentially be held liable for their negligence. For example, car drivers must care for themselves and others using the road. If they negligently cause a car accident, they should be held accountable for the damages and fall accidents, and product liability cases are other common examples of personal injury cases based on negligence.

    Intentional Harm

    The other most common type of personal injury claim is for damages caused by intentional harm, known in the law as intentional torts. Unlike negligence, which is essentially a careless accident, the injuries caused in an intentional harm case were done on purpose. Intentional harm includes acts like assault and battery, and sometimes a civil case will be accompanied by criminal charges. If the act and injuries were egregious enough, you could be awarded additional punitive damages intended to punish the defendant in a lawsuit.

    Strict Liability

    Rarer types of personal injury cases are based on what is known as strict liability. In typical strict liability cases, a business or property owner is held responsible for injuries regardless of whether they were negligent in causing a victim’s injuries. Essentially, the plaintiff in a strict liability lawsuit is not required to prove negligence on the part of a defendant but must show that they did not assume the danger. Our Staten Island personal injury lawyers are ready to help you with your personal injury case, no matter how your injuries came about.

    Evidence Used to Prove a Staten Island, NY Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Some personal injury cases can be fairly straightforward, taking little time to resolve in a client’s favor. For instance, a small fender bender that causes minor injuries might only require a select few pieces of evidence for your Staten Island personal injury lawyer to successfully negotiate an insurance settlement on your behalf. Other personal injury cases are incredibly complex, necessitating a great deal of evidence gathering, investigation, and expert testimony. There could be many different sources from which evidence will need to be collected depending on the type of personal injury case. The following are some common pieces of evidence used to prove a personal injury lawsuit in Staten Island:

    • Police accident reports
    • Other accident reports
    • Physical evidence from the scene
    • Photo evidence of the scene
    • Photo evidence of your injuries
    • Medical records
    • Business and employment records
    • Property records
    • Witness testimony
    • Expert testimony

    This list is by no means exhaustive. Many other sources could harbor important evidence that our Staten Island personal injury lawyers can help you obtain.

    What You Should Do After Suffering a Personal Injury in Staten Island, NY

    An incident that causes a personal injury can often be chaotic, and a victim might not know what to do at that moment. A person can take a few steps, though, that could significantly improve their chances of recovering compensation later.

    Of course, the first thing you should do after suffering a personal injury is to receive immediate medical attention. Even if you do not believe your injuries are bad, you should still seek medical care. There could be hidden injuries that have yet to be known, which will also start the important process of documenting your injuries and the accident.

    Once you have received medical treatment, you should reach out to a Staten Island personal injury lawyer to determine your legal options. Your lawyer will be able to start gathering evidence for your case immediately, so there are no unnecessary delays in recovering compensation.

    Our Staten Island, NY Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

    Our Staten Island personal injury lawyers have years of experience working on behalf of our clients in personal injury cases. For a free case assessment, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.