How Much is a Broken Arm Worth in a Car Accident in New York?

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    Broken bones are common in car accidents. These injuries can range from moderate to severe depending on the location of the break and how seriously it affects the victim. Although painful, broken arms often recover relatively quickly and with few complications. However, a broken arm that resulted from a car accident deserves compensation. The amount of compensation you deserve for a broken arm often varies.

    The cost of a broken arm in a personal injury lawsuit after a New York car accident will vary from person to person. Plaintiffs with broken arms have been awarded anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. In extreme cases, some plaintiffs have been awarded over six figures in compensation for broken arms. Your own compensation for your broken arm will depend on several variables, like how serious the break is and what part of your arm is broken.

    If you broke your arm in a car accident, you could be entitled to sue the negligent driver for compensation. Our Bronx car accident attorneys can help you file a lawsuit to collect compensation for your broken arm. Schedule a free, confidential legal consultation with our team at The Carrion Law Firm. Call our offices today at (718) 841-0083 to speak with a member of our experienced staff.

    Calculating Damages for a Broken Arm After a Car Accident in New York

    The value of your broken arm in a personal injury lawsuit for a car accident in New York depends on several variables that are unique to your case. There are several questions you can ask to help determine the value of your broken arm:

    ·       Where did the break or fracture happen in your arm?

    ·       How serious was the break?

    ·       How long is your projected recovery time?

    These variables and others will help determine the “value” of your broken arm. Speak with our Queens car accident lawyers about your case today.


    The location of the break will greatly influence the value of your broken arm. In general, breaks in the lower arm are not worth as much as breaks in the upper arm. A break in the bones of the upper arm can leave your entire arm debilitated while it heals. A break in the lower arm, however, may still allow for some limited use and mobility.

    Your arm is made up of many different bones, and the location of a break will determine how serious your injury is and how much money you can recover in compensation. The location of the break may also influence how much you can use your arm while it recovers.

    Generally, a break below the elbow in the forearm is a bit easier to deal with because most people still have some limited use and mobility. However, a break to your upper arm above the elbow could leave your entire arm unusable during recovery. A break at a joint, like the elbow, might be more serious because joints are more complex and may take longer to heal.

    If you broke your arm in a car accident, you can sue the driver who caused the accident for damages. Our Staten Island car accident attorneys will help you get as much compensation as possible for your case.


    Not all breaks are the same. Some breaks or fractures are very serious, while others are minor and heal faster. The severity of your broken arm will influence the ultimate worth of your compensation. Some breaks are so serious that the bone breaks into many pieces or requires surgery to set the break so the bones can heal. Other times, the break is more like a small crack in the bone that takes a few weeks to heal. If your broken arm is very serious, it might be worth more money in a personal injury lawsuit.

    More serious bone fractures may be worth more money in a personal injury lawsuit. No matter where it occurs, a more serious fracture is likely to require more extensive and costly medical treatment to heal properly. It may also require a much longer time to heal. The time, energy, and money put into your recovery should all be compensated by the responsible driver.

    Take a break in your forearm, for example. The forearm is made up of two primary bones: the ulna and the radius. These bones run parallel to each other and make up most of your forearm. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a less serious break would mean only one of these bones is broken. A less serious break might only require a cast and time to heal. A more serious break might involve both bones. If both the ulna and radius are broken, surgery might be necessary to set the bones and properly align them to heal.

    No matter how serious your broken arm might be, you should talk to a Patchogue car accident lawyer about your case. Our Long Island car accident lawyers are here to help any way they can.

    Recovery Time

    You also need to consider how long your projected recovery may be. Different people may take longer to recover from a broken arm because of any number of pre-existing medical conditions. Older people or people with weakened immune systems may experience longer healing times, and they may be compensated more because of it. Call our Hamburg, NY car accident lawyers for assistance with your case.

    The estimated time it will take for you to fully recover should be considered when determining the value of your broken arm. Not every patient will heal quickly. Many patients take much longer to heal due to factors like age or underlying medical conditions. An already sick or injured individual will take longer to heal and should be awarded more compensation. It is important to speak to your doctor about the recovery time for your broken arm. When calculating damages for pain and suffering, the longer your recovery takes, the greater your damages may be. For help, contact our Brooklyn car accident attorneys.

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