What Are the Most Common Causes of Construction Accidents in NYC?

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    Although construction sites are dangerous places, that doesn’t mean workers or pedestrians should expect to be injured when at such a location. By identifying the most common causes of construction accidents in NYC, victims can more easily get the compensatory damages they deserve.

    In NYC, construction accidents are unfortunately common. A few leading causes of injuries are falls, falling objects, and electrocution. Workers may also be injured because of lack of protection or a car accident involving a negligent driver. While construction sites must heed federal and local safety regulations, negligence can lead to severe injuries to workers. Because there are so many causes of construction accidents in NYC, there are many potentially responsible parties that victims can hold responsible in a lawsuit.

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    Common Causes of Construction Accidents in NYC

    The construction industry is dangerous. Because of that, workers are at risk whenever they step onto a construction site. Learning about the common causes of construction accidents in NYC can help workers identify the cause of their injuries and potentially responsible parties.

    Often, construction accidents result from another party’s negligence, most likely an employer’s or manufacturer’s. When worker safety isn’t a paramount priority, construction workers may get injured.

    The following are the most common causes of construction accidents in NYC:

    • Falls
    • Falling objects
    • Electrocution
    • Car accidents
    • Lack of protection

    Many construction accidents in NYC boil down to lack of protection. In cases of falls, workers may not have had adequate fall protection, or an employer may not have followed scaffolding safety guidelines. Falling objects are also a common cause of construction accidents and can severely injure pedestrians walking the streets of NYC. Again, electrocution can occur when construction workers don’t have adequate protective gear. Talk to our NYC scaffolding construction accident lawyer for more information.

    Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. All workers, from electricians to builders, are at risk for injury. That being said, it’s an employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe working environment on construction sites in NYC.

    Avoiding Common Causes of Accidents on NYC Construction Sites

    In NYC, there are strict safety guidelines construction companies need to follow to keep their employees safe. When employers don’t follow such guidelines, workers can be at risk for the common causes of construction accidents in NYC. If your employer ignored safety guidelines, they could be liable for your injuries.

    Construction sites in NYC need to follow safety guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and local laws laid out by the New York City Department of Buildings. Such regulations include rules for protective gear on scaffolding and roofs, and guidelines for safety training. When employers fail to heed OSHA’s and NYC’s local safety laws, they put their construction workers at risk.

    Immediately after sustaining an injury at a construction site, you should contact a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer. Whether you’re a worker or a passerby, a Boca Raton construction injury lawyer can perform an investigation to uncover whether or not a construction company ignored important safety regulations and thus contributed to your injuries. After all, failing to uphold safety guidelines on construction sites in NYC can be extremely dangerous and result in severe injuries to victims.

    Who Is Responsible for Your NYC Construction Accident?

    Unlike some injury claims, an NYC construction accident lawsuit can involve various defendants. If the workers’ employer was responsible for injuries, it might be appropriate to file a Workers’ Compensation claim, but many situations allow lawsuits against construction workers’ employers as well. Injured victims can also file a lawsuit against other responsible parties, but properly identifying that party is crucial.


    Often, it’s the case that an employer is at fault for your construction accident in NYC. If your employer improperly trained you or another worker or ignored safety guidelines, they can be held liable. An employer can also be responsible if they failed to regularly inspect equipment. In some situations, you may be entitled to file a Workers’ Compensation claim, but there are many situations where a lawsuit will be better. Talk to an experienced Broward County construction accident lawyer for help deciding how to proceed.


    Manufacturers of safety equipment or tools can be liable for your injuries if their defective products caused your injuries. For example, if you relied on harnesses to keep you safe on scaffolding and suffered a fall because the protective gear was defective, a manufacturer could be partially at fault. That being said, according to OSHA regulations, employers need to irregularly inspect gear and equipment. When defective equipment causes you injury it can be a manufacturer’s and an employer’s combined fault, meaning a Bronx construction accident lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against both responsible parties.

    Other Workers

    A common cause of construction accidents in NYC is falling objects. Passersby and workers can sustain serious injuries from such an event. In the case of falling objects, a fellow construction worker may be liable for your injuries. It’s possible that a worker did not complete all of the required training that would have warned them from dropping tools or equipment, or acted negligently. Regardless, construction accident victims in NYC may be able to hold other construction workers responsible for their injuries under certain circumstances.


    Construction zones are often indicated with signage so that drivers are aware of workers in the area. Unfortunately, that may not stop drivers in NYC from acting negligently. Because a common cause of construction accidents involves cars in NYC, injured victims may sue a negligent driver for compensatory damages.

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