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    Although we say that many injuries result from “accidents,” there is often an individual or a company that can be blamed for the accident.  Especially if you suffered serious injuries and face a long road to recovery, time away from work, and difficult financial strain because of the accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation from the at-fault parties.

    For help investigating your injury case and holding the responsible parties accountable, consider working with our experienced personal injury lawyers.  We take cases dealing with all sorts of bodily injury claims, and we fight to hold at-fault parties responsible through insurance claims and lawsuits.

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    Who is Responsible for a Personal Injury in Denville, NJ

    In some accidents, what happened truly is an accident and no one is to blame.  In other cases, you might have been injured in your own home, and there is no one outside your family to blame.  In most other accident cases, there is often a single individual, a group of individuals, or some other entity like a business that you can hold liable for what happened to you.

    Identifying At-Fault Parties Based on Their Relationship

    For someone to be responsible for an accident, there must have been some legal duty that they breached.  This is usually formed because of some preexisting relationship between you and the defendant.  This relationship usually has nothing to do with friendship or familial relationships but rather the role the person plays in relation to you.  Some common relationships that form the basis of a legal duty include the following:

    • Doctor and patient
    • Property owner and guest
    • Business and customer
    • Manufacture and user

    Some other relationships are incredibly informal – such as drivers sharing a road – but a legal duty is created nonetheless.

    Examples of Legal Duties

    If the duty formed by one of these relationships is violated, that can lead to a personal injury lawsuit.  Expanding on those examples above…

    • A doctor owes their patients a duty of care that, if violated, could result in medical malpractice injuries like misdiagnosis or surgical errors.
    • A property owner owes their guests a duty to keep the premises reasonably free of hidden dangers (or to warn them about dangers) to avoid slip and falls and other injuries.
    • Businesses owe their customers an even higher duty of care to avoid injuring them.
    • Manufacturers owe users a reasonably safe product free of manufacturing and design defects. They also owe them proper warnings of potential risks of using the product.

    Similarly, drivers owe each other a duty to drive with reasonable care and to follow traffic laws.

    If any of these duties are violated, the person who violated the duty is responsible for any foreseeable injuries they cause.  Our Denville personal injury lawyers can help you identify any potential at-fault parties and work to hold them liable for your injuries.

    Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

    Many of the duties and issues discussed above deal with some of the most common types of injury cases our Denville personal injury lawyers handle:

    Car Accidents

    Car accidents are one of the most common ways that people are injured, and insurance claims often fail to fully compensate victims.  Contact a lawyer whenever you are dealing with insurance companies or potential injury lawsuits for a car crash.

    Slip and Falls

    Slip and falls are also one of the most common types of injury cases.  Though many result in only minor injuries, some accidents involve long-term back injuries or even permanent, life-altering brain injuries.  You should always consider contacting our Denville personal injury lawyers if you were injured in a slip and fall.

    Other Premises Liability Cases

    People can be injured on someone else’s property in other ways as well.  Burns, structural collapses, collapsing stairs, electrocution, and even dog bites might fall into this category of injury case.  These can happen inside private residences or at stores, offices, and other commercial spaces.

    Medical Malpractice

    Misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, surgical errors, anesthesia errors, birth injuries, and more are all potential medical malpractice cases.  Cases filed against doctors and hospitals can be difficult because of the complicated medical terminology.  Additionally, malpractice insurance companies and hospitals use strong legal teams to fight these cases, so you should always have your own attorneys to fight back.

    Manufacturing Defects

    If a product that you purchased is unsafe, the manufacturer can often be held liable for the injuries you suffer.  This can include everyday products like appliances, power tools, and electronics.  It can also involve products like auto parts or pharmaceuticals, which are often responsible for serious injuries when there are defects.  Many product injury cases also deal with improper or insufficient warning labels.

    Assault and Battery

    Hitting someone else is a crime, but it can also form the basis of a personal injury lawsuit.  There is no duty analysis necessary here since an intentional act of hitting, striking, shooting, or even spitting on someone else is illegal unless it is done with their permission or in self-defense.  Talk to our Denville personal injury lawyers for help getting compensation for an intentional act of assault and battery.

    Other Accidents and Injury Cases

    If you were involved in any other type of accident, our Denville personal injury lawyers may be able to help.  We handle a wide range of cases beyond the ones listed here.

    Damages for Personal Injury Cases in Denville, NJ

    Personal injury claims often involve compensation for medical bills and lost wages.  These and other “economic” damages are usually based on financial harms you can prove with bills and financial statements.  On top of these damages, you can also claim compensation for pain and suffering and other “non-economic” damages dealing with mental and emotional harm.

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