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    Injuries can occur in many different ways.  While some accidents cannot be compensated, many accidents only occur because of someone else’s fault.  When this happens, that party can be held liable and be ordered to pay compensation for the victim’s injuries.

    This often allows injury victims to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages.  In many cases, you might be surprised to find that you have a case and that many of your damages can be compensated – even the non-economic damages.

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    Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Lawyers Handle

    Personal injury cases come in many different types.  Generally speaking, every case is different, but many cases fall into different categories based on how the accidents typically happen and who is typically at fault.  Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers handle all of the following types of personal injury cases and more.

    Auto Accidents

    Whether you were hit by another car, hit while walking on foot, or hit by a commercial truck driver, our New York personal injury lawyers may be able to help you.  Our lawyers handle all sorts of auto accident claims – even motorcycle and bike injury claims.  Insurance companies are often reluctant to admit their driver was at fault or pay claims at their full value, so it is important to get a lawyer on your side who can fight to get you all of the damages you need after a car accident.

    Slip and Falls and Other Property Injury Cases

    Slip and falls are one of the most common types of accidents after car accidents.  When a property owner allows their property to become unsafe for guests, slip and falls, trip and falls, falls from heights, electrocution, or even fires can happen.  Property owners can be held liable for dangerous conditions on their property, such as uncleared ice and snow, loose handrails on balconies, or faulty electrical components.  Talk to our New York personal injury lawyers about potentially suing them for your injuries.

    Dangerous and Defective Products

    When you purchase a product – whether it be an electronic device, a household appliance, a toy, an auto part, or even medication – you expect it to work as intended.  When manufacturers make mistakes in the design or manufacturing of a product, it can become unsafe and cause serious injuries to consumers.  Our lawyers can help you seek compensation for these kinds of injuries.

    Medical Malpractice

    From inaccurate diagnoses to surgical mistakes, doctors are often responsible for mistakes in the care that they provide.  Physicians and other healthcare professionals, along with the hospitals they work for, can be held liable for a wide range of medical errors and mistakes that cause injury or worsened conditions.

    Workplace Accidents

    Although Workers’ Compensation might sometimes place restrictions on whom you can sue and when you can file a case in court for your injuries, our attorneys handle workplace injury lawsuits across New Jersey.  Whether you were injured working in a warehouse, in an office, or even at a construction site, call our New Jersey personal injury lawyers for help.

    Wrongful Death

    When a loved one is killed in an accident, the surviving family could be entitled to compensation.  The damages in these cases can often help your family seek justice for the death of a loved one, as well as compensation that can help your family move forward.

    Filing a Lawsuit vs. an Insurance Claim for Personal Injuries in New Jersey

    When you are injured, you may turn to insurance to get the compensation you need.  Many people think that their injuries have to be really severe to file a lawsuit, and that it is easier to file a claim with a car insurance, homeowners insurance, or business liability insurance policy.  By taking an insurance settlement, you might be blocking damages that you could be entitled to or getting a low-value settlement for your injuries.

    It is important to understand that insurance companies always have the incentive to deny your claim or undercut the value of your claim to save themselves money.  Whenever you file an insurance claim – whether it is with your own insurance or with a third party’s insurance – the insurance company is not truly on your side.  You should always approach these cases with one of our New Jersey personal injury lawyers at your side to help you prove fault and get the full payments you need for your injuries.

    In many cases, this means filing a lawsuit.  Lawsuits can often be filed at the same time as insurance claims, allowing our lawyers to negotiate through both systems until a fair settlement can be reached.  If settlement is impossible because the insurance company refuses to acknowledge fault or pay the full value of your case, we can always move forward with a trial and fight to get damages from a judge and jury.

    In some cases, insurance claims are required, such as in no-fault insurance cases.  However, any case involving serious injuries can typically be filed as a lawsuit.

    Talk to our New Jersey personal injury lawyers about what your case might be worth and what the best route to compensation is.  We can advise you every step of the way and help put you in a strong position to get your damages compensated.

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