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    Personal injuries can cause victims to endure several types of hardship. Many personal injury victims will incur expensive medical costs, lost wages, property damages, physical pain, and emotional suffering. Therefore, there are several categories of compensation available to plaintiffs in Riverhead, NY personal injury lawsuits.

    The personal injury lawsuit process can take months to years to complete. Furthermore, plaintiffs may face several challenges from defendants’ insurers when seeking compensation. The assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer can be very helpful when pursuing a claim.

    If you were injured because of another person’s negligent actions, get help recovering the financial compensation you deserve. Contact our experienced Riverhead, NY personal injury lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.

    How Our Riverhead, NY Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

    Recovering damages in a personal injury lawsuit can be a complex and exhausting process. Plaintiffs in personal injury cases must deal with challenges from defendants while also managing the effects of their injuries on their daily life. Our Riverhead personal injury lawyers can help ease your stress by providing aid in each of the following ways:

    A Free Case Review

    Many victims of personal injuries may question if they have grounds to file a lawsuit. Some victims will miss out on compensation because they did not realize they had a valid claim.

    There are four general elements that have to be satisfied in every personal injury case. Each of the following elements must be established in order for your claim to be considered valid:

    • The defendant had a duty of care to act a certain way under particular circumstances
    • The defendant breached that duty of care
    • You suffered injuries as a result of the defendant’s breach of duty
    • Your injuries caused you to incur damages

    If you suspect you may have a valid personal injury claim, you can review your case with our attorneys for free. Our experienced Riverhead personal injury lawyers can assess the facts of your case to determine if the aforementioned elements have been satisfied.

    Collecting Evidence

    Extensive amounts of evidence may be required to show that a defendant caused or contributed to your injuries. Such evidence can come from various sources. The following are common examples of evidence used in Riverhead personal injury lawsuits:

    • Medical reports
    • Medical bills
    • Financial documents
    • Security footage
    • Photographs from the scene of an accident
    • Physical items from the scene of an accident
    • Accident reports
    • Insurance policy language
    • Personal recollections

    The process of collecting such evidence can be complicated. Many parties in control of the aforementioned evidence may be less than cooperative. Accordingly, our experienced Riverhead, NY personal injury lawyers can provide support when collecting the evidence required to support your case.

    Establishing Fault

    Our Riverhead personal injury lawyers can also help using the relevant evidence gathered in your case to establish fault for your injuries. New York follows the doctrine of pure comparative negligence when awarding damages in personal injury cases. Accordingly, compensation will be determined based on a percentage of fault. If a defendant was considered 60% at fault for an accident, and you were 40% responsible, then the defendant will be ordered to pay for 60% of damages caused by the accident. Meanwhile, you will have to account for the other 40% of damages on your own.

    Therefore, defendants’ insurance companies may hire teams of people to prove that a plaintiff was at fault for an accident. By shifting blame, insurers can avoid paying the full value of your claim. Our lawyers can fight insurance companies and help establish fault on behalf of a negligent defendant, so you may recover the full extent of monetary damages available in your case.

    Filing Your Lawsuit

    There are several requirements plaintiffs in Riverhead must consider when filing a personal injury lawsuit. First, personal injury victims in Riverhead will typically have three years from the date of their injury to file a claim. Furthermore, plaintiffs will need to attach supporting documents, file their case in the right court, pay any required court fees, and serve all named defendants with a copy of the complaint. Failure to comply with any of these conditions cause you to miss out on compensation. Our Riverhead, NY personal injury lawyers can help when filling a claim.

    Negotiating with Insurers

    Defendants’ insurance companies will hire defense attorneys to represent their interests. These defense lawyers can employ several different tactics to entice a low settlement agreement. Our Riverhead personal injury lawyers can help communicate with insurance defense attorneys on your behalf. Our team can determine the adequacy of various settlement offers to help ensure you receive the monetary damages you deserve.

    Settling a Personal Injury Lawsuit vs. Taking a Personal Injury Lawsuit to Trial in Riverhead, NY

    There are advantages and disadvantages to settling a personal injury lawsuit early. A settlement agreement allows plaintiffs to receive compensation from defendants without going to trial. By avoiding trial, both parties can save on costly lawyer’s fees and steer clear of the stresses associated with trying a case. Furthermore, by reaching a settlement agreement, a plaintiff may receive their monetary damages quicker.

    Still, settling early is not always the right decision. Not all settlement offers reflect the true value of your case. By going to trial, plaintiffs will have the opportunity to gain further compensation. However, those who are unsuccessful at trial risk receiving nothing at all. Our experienced Riverhead personal injury lawyers can help determine if going to trial is the right decision in your case.

    Common Injuries Incurred by Personal Injury Plaintiffs in Riverhead, NY

    Victims may recover damages stemming from any injury caused by another person’s negligent acts. Some injuries arise more frequently than others. The following are common injuries incurred by personal injury plaintiffs in Riverhead:

    • Broken bones
    • Burns
    • Lacerations and puncture wounds
    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Back injuries
    • Neck injuries
    • Head injuries
    • Knee injuries

    Our Riverhead personal injury lawyers can help victims of these injuries navigate their road to recovery.

    If You Were Injured Because of Another Person’s Negligent Acts in Riverhead, NY, Our Lawyers Can Help

    If you were injured because of another person’s negligent actions, seek assistance from our experienced Riverhead, NY personal injury lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.