What Do You Do if You Get into an Accident in One of the NYC Tunnels?

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    Car accidents are frightening. When they happen in a tunnel, hundreds of feet underwater, they can be even scarier. Knowing what to do if you get into an accident in one of the NYC tunnels can help you get the immediate care you need and support your claim if you intend to file a lawsuit.

    After an accident in one of the NYC tunnels, prioritize your safety. Turn your hazards on and call the police. Accept care from medics and take photos if you can. Afterward, continue seeking medical care and consult with an Oyster Bay car accident attorney. Keeping records of the financial impact of an accident, like medical bills and lost wages, can help. Getting into an accident in an NYC tunnel can be damaging, so taking the necessary steps afterward is important. It can improve your chances of receiving compensative damages in a lawsuit.

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    What Should You Do if You Get into an Accident in One of the NYC Tunnels?

    In NYC, multiple tunnels lead into the island of Manhattan. These tunnels allow a passageway for cars, hundreds of feet underwater. Getting into an accident in one of the NYC tunnels can be frightening because of the location and the potential injuries you might sustain. Immediately after you get into an accident in a tunnel in NYC, and in the following days, there are a few things to do.

    Inform Other Drivers

    Getting into an accident in an NYC tunnel is less than convenient. These tunnels are relatively tight spaces, and there are rarely any shoulders for you to pull over after a collision. If your car cannot drive after an accident in a tunnel, or you are severely injured, turn on your hazard lights. Because tunnels are such small spaces, it might not be safe for you to exit your car without informing other drivers of an incident. Frustrated drivers who don’t know about a collision might start driving aggressively. If others see your hazard lights, they might understand that there is a problem ahead. Once traffic has slowed, exit your vehicle if you can. If it’s too dangerous, gauge the situation and do what you’re comfortable with. Sitting in a damaged car can be dangerous, but standing by the tunnel’s wall may be difficult if you’re injured.

    Alert the Police

    Car accidents that happen in an NYC tunnel can be very dangerous, so it’s important to call the police. Once one collision happens, the likelihood of another can rise. That’s because tunnels are relatively cramped spaces. Drivers can get agitated at traffic and drive aggressively, which isn’t safe in a tunnel. If you’re injured, you need space. That’s hard to get in an NYC tunnel. Police officers can redirect traffic and help keep the area safe. They can organize a tow truck for your car, especially if it’s beyond repair, and collect the responsible party’s information. During this time, police officers will complete a crash report. This report is necessary so that The Carrion Law Firm’s Brooklyn car accident attorneys can learn important details about a collision. Calling the police to the accident scene can ensure your safety following an accident in an NYC tunnel.

    Accept Medical Care

    After an accident in one of the NYC tunnels, the adrenaline you feel can prevent you from getting the medical care you need. However, you might have significant injuries that go unnoticed. It’s important to accept medical care after a car accident so that you have records of your injuries. Even if you don’t think your injuries are severe, you might be wrong. It always benefits car accident victims to accept care from medics immediately after a collision. If you don’t, it could hurt your chances of receiving compensation.

    Continue to get the medical care you need in the days and weeks after an accident. Doctors can record your injuries and attest to their severity. In a car accident lawsuit, your injuries often determine the compensation you are awarded. Keep track of your hospital bills and lost wages, too.

    Take Photos

    If you’re able to, take photos of the accident scene. These pictures can help The Carrion Law Firm’s NYC car accident attorneys support your claim against a negligent driver. The immediate stress or fear that you feel after an accident can cause you to forget this important step. So, take a deep breath and snap some photos. If you can’t take pictures because of your injuries, ask police officers to do so for you. The NYC tunnel you’re in might have cameras, which could be helpful.

    Consult with an Attorney

    In the days after a car accident in one of the NYC tunnels, victims should contact an attorney. During a consultation or case evaluation, lawyers will ask you questions about the accident itself. It can be helpful to have a copy of the police report for the accident during that time. While The Carrion Law Firm’s Bronx car accident attorneys can’t use police reports as evidence in a lawsuit, they can find important pieces of information within them. Bringing along a police report and other documents like medical bills and reports of lost wages can help illustrate the events of an accident in an NYC tunnel. Ultimately, your Queens truck accident lawyer can use those details to inform their investigation and how they represent your interests in a lawsuit.

    Depending on the circumstances, you can sue someone for your injuries after an accident in one of the NYC tunnels. New York has explicit laws regarding which victims can file a lawsuit against a negligent driver in NYC. Only victims with specific, substantial injuries can sue because of NYC’s no-fault car insurance laws. If you’re unsure whether or not your injuries qualify you to sue a negligent driver after an accident in one of the NYC tunnels, ask a lawyer.

    Call Our Attorneys if You Get into an Accident in One of the NYC Tunnels

    After an accident in one of the NYC tunnels, focus on your immediate safety. Then, you can start taking steps to pursue litigation. Call the Long Island car accident attorneys at The Carrion Law Firm today for a free case evaluation at (718) 841-0083.