Omar Rodriguez

Intake Manager

Speaks English and Spanish

Best NYC Car Accident Lawyer

About Omar

Omar Rodriguez is often the first person you’ll have the pleasure of speaking with when seeking assistance. His unwavering passion for helping clients goes beyond the standard level of service, as he is never afraid to go the extra mile to ensure their needs are met.

Having been born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the diverse and bustling city of New York, Omar brings a unique understanding of clients’ languages, cultures, and traditions. With years of experience managing high volume customer service roles across various industries, he possesses an exceptional ability to empathize with and support clients who have experienced accidents or other challenging situations.

As Intake Manager, Omar expertly conducts initial evaluations to assess the unique needs of each client, diligently collects necessary documentation, and seamlessly facilitates referrals when needed. He prides himself on being warm, understanding, and compassionate in all his client interactions.

Outside of his professional life, Omar is an avid New York Knicks fan. In his spare time, he cherishes every moment spent with his son and enjoys both listening to and playing music. Despite his busy schedule, Omar consistently makes time to assist clients with their concerns, as his dedication to their well-being knows no bounds.