What to Do if a Pedestrian Causes Your Accident in NYC

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    Pedestrian accidents are a common occurrence in New York City. In many cases, careless pedestrians are to blame. For example, a pedestrian may cause an accident by disobeying a traffic signal or by attempting to cross a street in an illegal area.

    After a pedestrian causes your accident in NYC, you should file a lawsuit against the pedestrian who caused your crash. By bringing cases against at-fault parties, motorists and bicyclists may recover financial compensation for both economic and non-economic damages they incurred. These monetary damages can provide necessary support during periods of physical pain, financial distress, and emotional hardship. A pedestrian accident lawyer can help file your case and prove that a pedestrian was at fault.

    If a pedestrian caused your accident in New York City, get help pursuing the monetary damages available to you. Reach out to our experienced Bronx pedestrian accident lawyers today by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.

    Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Causes Your Accident in NYC

    After accidents caused by pedestrians in NYC, victims should contact our New York pedestrian accident lawyers for help determining their appropriate course of action. Our team can help recover a wide range of monetary damages related to your crash.


    Drivers can suffer physical injuries, emotional harm, and serious property damage because of accidents caused by pedestrians. For instance, a driver may suffer a devastating collision with another vehicle because they swerved to avoid a pedestrian who was illegally crossing the street. In such cases, our Buffalo pedestrian accident lawyers can help injured motorists recover compensation for the harm they incurred.

    Riders of Bicycles

    Bicyclists are also often victims of accidents caused by pedestrians in NYC. Many pedestrians attempt to illegally cross the road without noticing riders travelling towards them. In such cases, bicyclists can suffer severe physical injuries because of crashes caused by the pedestrians’ careless conduct. Fortunately, our NYC pedestrian accident lawyers can also provide guidance and support to injured riders.

    Examples of Accidents Caused by Pedestrians in NYC

    Just like drivers must practice reasonable care when operating their vehicles, pedestrians must exercise reasonable care when crossing streets or walking along sidewalks. When pedestrians fail to adhere to this duty of care, devastating accidents can occur. The following are examples of negligent behavior committed by pedestrians that lead to accidents in NYC:

    • Disobeying traffic signals
    • Crossing the road where there is no crosswalk
    • Walking where pedestrians are not allowed
    • Crossing the road while drunk or under the influence of drugs
    • Running in the road with reckless disregard for motorists

    Pedestrians who commit the aforementioned actions are typically considered at fault for accidents that ensue. However, there are many other forms of careless and reckless behavior pedestrians can exhibit. If you suspect your accident was caused by a negligent pedestrian, you should contact our experienced Harlem pedestrian accident lawyers for help assessing the strength of your case.

    How to Prove a Pedestrian Was at Fault for an Accident in NYC

    In order for a pedestrian accident lawsuit to succeed, plaintiffs must present evidence to prove that their accidents were caused by defendants’ negligent conduct. There are many different types of evidence that can be utilized to show that a pedestrian was responsible for a crash. The following are common forms of evidence used by our NYC pedestrian accident lawyers

    Photos and Videos from the Scene

    Photos and videos from the scene can be very valuable when proving fault for a pedestrian accident. Such evidence can be used to disprove a defendant’s theories as to why a crash occurred. For example, a pedestrian may say that they were illegally crossing the street because a traffic signal was not working. In that case, a video from the scene showing a working traffic signal may be used to refute the defendant’s assertions.

    Victims of pedestrian accidents should always attempt to take photos and videos at the scene if possible. Our NYC pedestrian accident lawyers can help review any photos from the scene of your crash during a free review of your case.

    Traffic Camera Footage

    Traffic camera footage is another type of evidence that can be used to demonstrate that a pedestrian was at fault for your crash. Traffic cameras are positioned to surveil various busy roads and intersections across New York City. When a pedestrian accident occurs in-front of one of these cameras, the footage can be used to show how or why the accident happened. For example, traffic camera footage may be used to show that a pedestrian attempted to cross the road at an illegal time.

    Unfortunately, obtaining traffic camera footage can be a frustrating process. Our experienced NYC personal injury lawyers can help ease your stress by collecting pertinent traffic camera footage in your case.

    Witness Testimony

    Like traffic camera footage, witness testimony can be used to explain the events that occurred before, during, and after a pedestrian accident in NYC. Witnesses can provide either oral or written testimony that helps prove that pedestrians were at fault. Accordingly, you should attempt to obtain contact information for any potential eyewitnesses to your pedestrian accident if possible. Our team can aid when reaching out to witnesses for their cooperation.

    Expert Witness Testimony

    Expert witness testimony can also be used to prove that pedestrians were at fault. Expert witnesses are considered experts in their respective fields because they have the requisite education, training, and experience. Such witnesses can help explain complex theories pertaining to the causes of a pedestrian accidents. For instance, an accident reconstruction expert may be called to explain why a collision happened. Our Rochester personal injury lawyers can help call on the right experts to support your case.

    If a Pedestrian Caused Your Accident in NYC, Our Lawyers Can Help

    If you suffered an accident caused by a careless pedestrian, contact our experienced Albany personal injury lawyers today by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.