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    Accidents can happen in many places and in surprising ways.  When you are injured in a car accident or a slip and fall, there may be plenty of lawyers who can help you with your injuries and get you the compensation you need.  With even less common accidents like burn injuries, dog bites, defective product injury cases, or even medical malpractice, you can still turn to our Niagara Falls personal injury lawyers for help.

    We handle all kinds of injury cases and work to help victims and their families get compensation from the at-fault parties.  Whether that means suing a homeowner, a local business, a hospital, or even a large company, our attorneys are up to the challenge.

    For help with your injury case, contact the Niagara Falls, NY personal injury lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm today.  Our attorneys offer free case evaluations.  Call us today at (718) 841-0083.

    Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

    Our Niagara Falls personal injury lawyers handle all types of personal injury cases.  Although some of the following types of accidents and injuries are more common, we can also handle less common or unique cases.

    Auto Accidents

    Car accidents are some of the most common accidents that leave people with severe injuries they need compensated.  For pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders, auto accidents are often more severe and leave victims with more severe injuries.  A lawyer can help you recover the damages you need, even if they involve high costs.

    Many auto accident cases involve commercial drivers, such as truckers, taxi drivers, and charter bus drivers.  In these auto accident cases, you can often file your claim against the driver’s employer, e.g., the trucking company, taxi company, or charter bus company.  Especially in such a tourist-heavy area, these kinds of accidents are quite common.

    Boat Accidents

    With Niagara Falls being a waterfront city and having one of the most popular tourist locations in the country, boating is incredibly common in the area.  If you were injured in an accident on a tour boat or other boat, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Speak with our Niagara Falls personal injury lawyers for help getting your case filed and getting the compensation you need.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Falling because of uneven surfaces, uncleared snow, dangerous staircases, or other hazards on someone else’s property can be grounds for a personal injury claim.  These cases, typically lumped under the title of “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” accidents, are part of a broader area of injury cases known as “premises liability” cases.  In these claims, the property owner can be held liable for dangerous conditions on their property.

    Other Premises Liability Cases

    Like with slip and fall cases, property owners can be held liable for other dangerous conditions on their property as well.  If you were injured because of a fire, electrocution, structure collapse, or other injuries caused by dangerous property, call our Niagara Falls personal injury lawyers right away.

    Medical Malpractice

    People seeking medical care for a condition or an injury are entitled to competent medical care.  If your doctor failed to provide proper care, missed a diagnosis, or otherwise committed errors or mistakes that led to bad outcomes, you could be entitled to file a medical malpractice claim.  These cases are often highly fact-specific and deal with complex medical and scientific topics, so you should always work with an experienced personal injury lawyer when handling these cases.

    Product Injury Claims

    If you were hurt because of a dangerous product, you could be entitled to compensation.  These cases involve things like power tools, home appliances, and even toys as well as defective auto parts and even tainted or dangerous pharmaceuticals.

    These cases often involve one of three types of problems:

    • A design defect that made the line of products too dangerous
    • A manufacturing defect that made the specific product too dangerous
    • A failure to include proper warnings to keep users safe

    Our Niagara Falls, NY personal injury attorneys can help with all three types of product injury cases.

    Proving a Personal Injury Case in Niagara Falls, NY

    Proving a personal injury case involves proving the legal elements and getting sufficient evidence to win your case:

    Legal Elements

    For you to get compensation for your injuries after an accident, there are four major elements that you and your lawyer will need to prove to win your case:

    1. The defendant owed you a duty.
    2. The defendant breached that duty.
    3. The breach of duty caused your injuries.
    4. You suffered injuries and other damages the court can order compensation for.

    If any one of these elements is missing, it may be impossible to prove your case.  For example, if the defendant owed you nothing, then they cannot be blamed for doing something wrong.  If they did nothing wrong, then they cannot be blamed for you getting hurt.  And similarly, if what they did was not actually the cause for your injuries, you cannot get compensation from them.

    One other thing that is important to emphasize is that injury claims are allowed for emotional and mental injuries as well.  Physical injuries are more common, but damages are often available for emotional distress and other “non-economic” damages.  However, damages are not usually available in “near-miss” cases where the victim actually avoided harm.


    To prove these elements and to prove your damages and injuries, you will need evidence.  Evidence of what happened and why the other person is at fault typically starts with your testimony about the facts of the case.  Other witnesses can also testify to bolster your story or fill in additional details.  Physical evidence – such as a defective product – is also available in some cases.  Otherwise, documentary evidence – lab results, records, etc. – and photos will be used as evidence.

    Talk to your Niagara Falls, NY personal injury lawyer for additional help collecting and assembling evidence to build your case.

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