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    Taking a bad tumble can be embarrassing, but a slip and fall accident might lead to severe injuries. In such a case, an injured victim can sue the owner of the property where the accident happened, depending on the circumstances.

    One reason slip and fall accidents are so dangerous is that they can happen almost anywhere, making them very unpredictable. Many slip and fall accidents on Long island occur because of wet or slick surfaces, unsafe staircases, and tripping hazards in walkways and areas of pedestrian traffic. You should file a lawsuit for your damages to recover the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and lost wages from missing work. Potential damages include the economic losses you incurred from the slip and fall and the non-economic injuries related to your pain and suffering. You should hire an attorney to assist you because these accidents can be severe and legally complex, contrary to what many people assume about slip and fall injuries.

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    Where Slip and Fall Accidents Might Occur Around Brentwood, NY

    A slip and fall accident might happen almost anywhere for a variety of reasons. Generally, slip and fall accidents are caused by unsafe property conditions, which plaintiffs might be unaware of, but property owners know or should know. Our slip and fall attorneys can help you figure out how your injuries occurred and who should be held accountable.

    Many slip and fall accidents are the result of wet, icy, or slick surfaces. For example, a spill that Is not cleaned up in a shopping center might cause a customer to slip and fall, becoming seriously injured. In the winter, icy walkways that are not properly cleared can become serious slip and fall hazards, and the people responsible for shoveling these walkways might be liable. This is often a big problem on Long Island in the winter when it snows.

    Stairs are another common element in slip and fall accidents. Unsafe stairs are a serious hazard, whether in someone’s home or an office building. Tripping on the stairs is bad enough, but you might have a long way to fall. Broken bones and spine injuries are not unheard of in these kinds of accidents.

    Sometimes, a person trips and falls because of hazards or debris that have not been cleared away. For example, in a grocery store, the aisles are meant to be kept clear so shoppers can browse safely. If some products fall on the floor and are not cleaned up, a shopper could trip and fall.

    Should I File a Lawsuit for a Slip and Fall Accident in Brentwood, NY?

    People sometimes disregard slip and fall accidents as non-serious or unfairly assume that the person who fell caused the accident. In truth, slip and fall victims often suffer painful injuries and incur significant medical bills. You should discuss filing a lawsuit with our slip and fall lawyers.

    Filing a lawsuit can help you recover damages related to your accident. The more severe your injuries, the greater your damages. While insurance might be a possibility, insurance policies often only cover certain economic losses. A lawsuit helps you recover not only economic damages but also non-economic damages.

    One big issue to discuss with your attorney is whom to sue. Identifying defendants in slip and fall cases can be tricky because the defendant does not need to be present when the accident occurs. Instead, the person who owns the property where your accident happened may be sued and held liable. Unfortunately, figuring out who owns the property might take a lot of work.

    In many cases, private individuals may be sued if the plaintiff slipped and fell on private property. A common example is when property owners who are responsible for shoveling snowy walkways in the winter fail to do so. They might be liable for injuries if someone slips and falls on their property.

    The same goes for the inside of the house. If homeowners on Long Island fail to repair or remove hazards or unsafe conditions from their homes (e.g., rickety stairs, uneven floors, messes), they might be liable for a slip and fall in their houses.

    You can also sue a business or organization for the same reasons. Spills in a restaurant or tripping hazards at a store might cause someone to become injured, and the business might be sued for damages.

    Potential Damages You Can Claim in a Brentwood, NY Slip and Fall Case

    Many people assume slip and fall injuries are minor, but people can be badly injured. Broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other severe trauma are all possible, especially if the victim falls from a great height, such as down the stairs. These severe injuries may take a physical, financial, and emotional toll on the plaintiff. Our slip and fall lawyers will help you assess your damages and potential compensation.

    Economic damages are often made up of medical bills. If you were hurt in the fall, your medical expenses might be too much to handle on your own. Even minor injuries quickly treated in the emergency room can be very costly without health insurance. Some injured victims cannot go back to work, and their lost earnings should also be considered among their damages. As costs of living on Long Island continue to rise, economic damages are an increasingly serious issue for plaintiffs.

    Non-economic damages are harder to evaluate because they are very subjective and often do not come at a price. Pain and suffering can be significant, especially when injuries are bad, and the plaintiff’s life is disrupted. On top of that, slip and fall accidents can be embarrassing, and plaintiffs can sue for their humiliation.

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