How Long Do Traffic Cameras Keep Footage of Car Accidents in Queens?

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    After a car accident in Queens, any evidence of an at-fault party’s negligence may be helpful to victims. That includes potential traffic camera footage of a collision. Unfortunately, traffic camera footage isn’t generally stored for long, if at all.

    Unfortunately for car accident victims, the government agencies that monitor live traffic cameras in Queens do not store footage for victims to access in the future. While law enforcement agencies must store images from red-light and speed cameras for a bit to identify and ticket negligent drivers, it can be difficult to access such information. That said, it is rare for a traffic camera to film or photograph an accident in Queens. Because of that, your attorney will be prepared to look for evidence elsewhere to prove a negligent driver’s fault in a Queens car accident lawsuit.

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    Does the Department of Transportation Store Traffic Camera Footage of Car Accidents in Queens?

    Queens, which is a borough of New York City, is dotted with live traffic cameras. Generally, these cameras, monitored by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) or the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), do not store traffic camera footage of car accidents for very long, if at all.

    Both NYC DOT and NYSDOT may maintain live traffic cameras throughout Queens and the rest of the state. These cameras stream live footage for drivers to view. By viewing live traffic camera footage, Queens drivers can prepare for potential traffic or weather issues before they set off on a drive. NYC DOT does not currently store streamed traffic camera footage for Queens car accident victims to access.

    If an NYSDOT live camera filmed your accident, you may not have had better luck accessing the footage. Per NYSDOT policy, its live traffic cameras are not used to collect or provide drivers’ personal information to others. That means you may be unable to access NYSDOT traffic camera footage of a car accident in Queens, even if it exists.

    Although this can be upsetting to learn, Queens victims should understand that not having access to live traffic camera footage of an accident is the norm. It’s very rare for a collision to happen in plain view of a traffic camera and even rarer for the monitoring agency to store footage for a considerable period of time. That said, it doesn’t hurt to inquire. Call an attorney if you think there was a traffic camera near your recent collision site. An experienced Schenectady car accident lawyer can contact the monitoring agency to request access to potential footage.

    How Long Do Law Enforcement Agencies in Queens Keep Traffic Camera Footage of Car Accidents?

    Other traffic cameras, like red-light and speed cameras, are often monitored by law enforcement agencies, not state or city departments of transportation. Red-light and speed cameras are permitted Queens and other specific jurisdictions in New York. Because police departments may not store such information for long, it’s important to reach out immediately if you think a red-light or speed camera photographed your recent accident.

    Red-light and speed cameras don’t operate in the same ways that live traffic cameras do. These cameras take photos and don’t film footage. When a negligent driver runs a stoplight, triggering a red-light camera, the device will take photos of the driver’s face and license plate. Speed cameras work similarly, photographing a driver if they pass a sensor going over the speed limit. These cameras are often placed at busy intersections and in work zones to deter reckless driving and identify those who act negligently.

    Because Queens police officers use the photos from red-light and speed cameras to identify and ticket reckless drivers, they must keep the images for some time. However, there’s no guarantee that law enforcement agencies store traffic camera photos indefinitely or make it easy for Queens victims to access images.

    Although it is rare for red-light and speed cameras to photograph an accident, it’s possible. If such a device is near your accident site, reach out to an attorney. An experienced Staten Island car accident lawyer can contact the local law enforcement agency responsible for a red-light or speed camera and request access to photographs of a crash.

    What if Traffic Cameras Didn’t Keep Footage of My Queens Car Accident?

    Although accessing traffic camera footage or photographs of an accident may be ideal, it’s rarely possible. Even if monitoring agencies store such information, they rarely do so for a long period of time. Because of that, Queens car accident victims shouldn’t rely on potential traffic camera footage to support a compensation claim against a negligent driver. Instead, victims should turn to a skilled attorney capable of uncovering other evidence of an at-fault party’s negligence.

    Don’t be discouraged if you learn that traffic camera footage of a recent collision hasn’t been stored anywhere. Because it’s very unlikely for such footage to exist or be accessible to victims, your attorney will be prepared to support your claim using other evidence.

    For example, depending on the location of a Queens car accident, a private security camera may have filmed it. Such footage may be clearer and more easily accessible than traffic camera footage from a government agency. Your Queens car accident lawyer can contact local business owners or homeowners to inquire whether or not their security cameras filmed a crash.

    After an accident, speak to eyewitnesses. While not video footage, eyewitness testimony can be compelling evidence in a lawsuit against a negligent driver. If witnesses photographed or filmed the aftermath of a collision, your Utica car accident lawyer can request access to such information as well.

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