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    If you were injured because of someone else’s behavior, you can sue that person in a personal injury lawsuit. The best way to approach your case depends on how you were injured and the severity of your injuries.

    Our team has experience with various kinds of personal injury lawsuits. We are prepared to handle car accident cases, construction injuries, slip and fall accidents, and product liability cases. Many personal injury cases stem from accidents where the defendant’s negligence caused the injuries. However, it is also possible to file a lawsuit for injuries the defendant caused on purpose, although the defendant might face criminal prosecution in addition to your civil action. You can claim damages for your economic losses related to the accident and non-economic damages for your painful personal experience with your injuries. Before recovering any damages, we must first prove that the defendant is liable.

    If you believe you were harmed because of the actions or behavior of another, our Orange, NJ personal injury lawyers can help you take action and get compensation. For a free case evaluation, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Various Personal Injury Cases Our Office Handles in Orange, NJ

    The field of personal injury is very broad and encompasses various cases and lawsuits. While many personal injuries are caused by accidents resulting from negligence, others are caused by intentional and sometimes malicious conduct. The key element of a personal injury case is that the plaintiff must have experienced some degree of bodily harm. Listed below are some of the personal injury cases our Orange, NJ personal injury attorneys have experience with.

    Accidents on the Road

    Car accidents are one of the most common reasons injured people file personal injury lawsuits. Car accidents often happen at intersections when drivers fail to stop for lights or signs. They can also happen because of speeding, failing to signal, or distracted driving. Car accidents are not the only kind of road accidents. Your accident might have involved a motorcycle, truck, or bicycle. Pedestrians hit by cars can also file personal injury lawsuits for the accident.

    Construction Injuries

    Construction sites are inherently dangerous, particularly for the people who work there or pass by. Injuries are common, but sometimes injuries stem from the negligence of the people in charge. For example, you might be a construction worker injured on the job because your supervisors failed to supply certain safety gear. Alternatively, you might have been someone passing by the construction site injured by falling debris or malfunctioning equipment. Our Orange, NJ personal injury lawyers can help you get compensation for your injuries.

    Slip and Falls

    Premises liability lawsuits stem from injuries sustained on dangerous or unsafe property. The injuries in question are usually caused by the unsafe conditions of a property or location, like the front stairs of a building. However, the unsafe conditions result from the property owner’s failure to maintain the premises.

    Slip and fall accidents are common examples of premises liability cases. Perhaps you slipped on someone’s icy front steps or in a puddle an employee neglected to clean up in a store. People tend to disregard these injuries or even laugh about them, but they can be extremely serious. Many slip and fall victims sustain life-altering or permanent injuries, and defendants must be held liable.

    Product Liability

    Our Orange, NJ personal injury attorneys can also help you file a product liability case. Product liability cases involve suing for injuries sustained in an accident related to a faulty or damaged product. For example, if you bought a bicycle and crashed because the brakes were defective and did not work, you can sue the bicycle manufacturer for your injuries. In fact, you can sue multiple people in the chain of sale, including the business you bought the bike from.

    Product liability cases tend to be based on damaged or defective goods. If your item caused you injuries because it was damaged, we must show that it was damaged when it arrived in your possession. If it was defective, we must show that the product’s design was faulty and unsafe. In all cases, we must show that you were using the product for its intended purpose and not improperly or dangerously.

    Damages Available in Personal Injury Cases in Orange, NJ

    When filing a personal injury lawsuit, we have to think about the damages you wish to recover. Damages are the losses and injuries the plaintiff endured due to the defendant’s bad behavior. Damages are often economic and reflect money lost by plaintiffs after being injured. However, damages might reflect your non-economic, personal experiences, like pain and suffering.

    Your economic damages should include medical expenses you incurred because of your accident and injuries. Since medical care is notoriously expensive, these damages are often very high. We can also include any earnings you lost because you had to miss work while recovering from your injuries and the value of destroyed property.

    Your non-economic damages are very subjective and based on your personal experiences. They usually do not have a price tag, so their value is determined by how we analyze these damages. We can analyze your emotional and physical pain and suffering, humiliation, and damage to your reputation.

    Proving Liability in Orange, NJ Personal Injury Lawsuits

    Liability in personal injury lawsuits is often based on negligence, which is comprised of four important legal elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages. The defendant’s duty is the legal obligation they owed to the plaintiff at the time of the accident. This duty varies based on the situation and the relationship between the parties. One example is the defendant’s duty to drive with reasonable safety under the circumstances while obeying the traffic code in car accident cases.

    Next, we must show that the defendant somehow breached their duty. Again, the breach will vary from case to case. To continue with the car accident example, a breach might include running a red light or failing to signal a turn. Causation is the element that connects the breach to the accident. In short, the accident must be the direct result of the breach. Finally, we must show that your damages are real and not hypothetical or only possibilities. Our Orange, NJ personal injury lawyers can help you prove all these elements and hold the defendant liable.

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