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    After a car accident, drivers and passengers might be left with devastating injuries and expensive medical bills, among other losses. The person responsible for the collision can be held liable in a civil lawsuit, and your damages may be covered.

    Car accidents can be unpredictable. Even when we are as careful as can be, other negligent drivers might still cause a crash. Some common causes of accidents include failing to obey traffic signs or signals, speeding, poor road conditions, and inattentive driving. One or more drivers can be liable for the accident, and you can name multiple defendants in your lawsuit if need be. You might also be able to sue the defendant’s employer if they were on the job during the accident. You can not only claim damages for your medical bills but also for your damaged vehicle, lost wages from missing work, physical pain, and emotional suffering. The more severe your damages are, the more money your case is likely worth.

    Car accidents can be incredibly dangerous, and accident victims might experience effects from the crash for years. Our Jackson Heights, Queens car accident lawyers can help you hold negligent drivers liable for your injuries. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case evaluation.

    Typical Causes of Car Accidents in Jackson Heights, Queens

    Accidents happen nearly every day with so many drivers on the roads around New York. There might be a thousand reasons why an accident happened, and it is important to talk about this with your attorney so they can figure out how to approach your lawsuit. Below are some common causes of collisions that our Jackson Heights, Queens car accident attorneys have dealt with before.

    Traffic Violations

    Traffic violations are any actions or inactions by drivers that violate the traffic code. While traffic violations are not necessarily criminal offenses, they may be penalized. Drivers are often issued traffic citations by the police, fined, and points are assessed against their licenses.

    Traffic violations include things like running red lights, failing to stop at stop signs, speeding, failing to use turn signals, failing to yield, and so many more. While many people are pulled over for traffic violations without any accidents or injuries, that does not mean accidents are impossible. For example, a driver who blows through a red light might T-bone another vehicle in the intersection, causing them severe or even deadly injuries.

    If the other driver in your accident was issued a traffic citation related to the crash, our Jackson Heights, Queens car accident attorneys might be able to use the citation as evidence.

    Road Conditions

    Drivers owe a legal duty of care to drive with reasonable safety under the circumstances. Those circumstances include road conditions. The conditions of the road play a big role in many accidents. When the roads are wet, icy, uneven, or otherwise less than ideal, drivers should be driving more defensively. When drivers do not change their driving to be safer on riskier roads, serious accidents might happen, and other people might be hurt.

    Negligent drivers sometimes fail to realize how dangerous they are driving because they are driving just like they would on a sunny, dry day. However, when it is dark, the roads are slick, or visibility is low because of rain or fog, it is negligent to drive without additional precautions. Even minor mistakes like driving just a bit over the speed limit or failing to use a turn signal could be even more disastrous on dangerous roads.

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes across the entire country. Distracted drivers are dangerous because they are not focused on the road or traffic. Instead, they are preoccupied with something else inside or outside their vehicle. A common example of distracted driving is texting or making phone calls while driving. Using a cell phone behind the wheel usually means the driver is not looking at the road or is using one hand to operate the phone, limiting their reaction time in case of an accident.

    Other possible distractions on the road include applying makeup in the rearview mirror, eating, reaching for something that fell on the floor, talking to passengers, and reading billboards. It is the driver’s duty to resist these distractions and focus on the road. Failing to do so may result in catastrophe.

    Drunk Driving

    Unfortunately, negligent drivers sometimes choose to get behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink. Perhaps the other driver in your car was leaving a bar or a party where they consumed alcohol. Alcohol inhibits not only a person’s judgment but also their reflexes. An intoxicated driver might veer off the road and into your car and be unable to stop themselves.

    Drunk driving accidents can be severe, and people are frequently injured or even killed. Our Jackson Heights, Queens car accident lawyers can use things like the other driver’s blood alcohol concentration or other evidence they were intoxicated in your lawsuit.

    Liability for Car Accidents in Jackson Heights, Queens

    One crucial issue we must settle before moving forward with a lawsuit is determining who should be held liable for the accident. The person who caused your accident should be held liable, but this issue is rarely simple. One person might be involved in the accident, or multiple drivers might share liability. In cases with several drivers, some might share liability while others are innocent parties like you. Our Jackson Heights, Queens car accident attorneys can review your case and help you figure out who should be held liable.

    In cases where the other driver was on the job and in the middle of work when the accident happened, we might be able to sue their employer. Under a theory of vicarious liability, employers can be held liable for their employee’s negligence. For example, if a taxi driver caused the accident, we can sue the taxi driver and the taxi company that hired them.

    Contact Our Jackson Heights, Queens Car Accident Lawyers

    You should seek medical attention and contact an attorney about your accident. Your damages might be expensive, and your injuries might leave you unable to work. Our Jackson Heights, Queens car accident lawyers can help you make the liable parties cover your damages. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.