What Type of Lawyer Do I Need to Sue My Apartment Complex in NYC?

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    New York City is full of renters, landlords, and apartment complexes. If your apartment complex is responsible for injuries, you can sue them with the help of a qualified attorney.

    The type of lawyer you need depends on the nature of your injuries. Many injuries in apartment complexes fall within the broad legal practice area of personal injury. If you suffered any bodily harm because of your apartment complex or landlord, you should speak to a personal injury attorney. If your injuries stem from an accident involving hazards or unsafe conditions within the complex, you can speak to a premises liability attorney for help. Suppose equipment or fixtures in your apartment complex were defective and caused your injuries. In that case, you should speak to a product liability attorney about suing the landlord and the company that manufactured the faulty goods.

    Our NYC personal injury attorneys can help you with your case against your apartment complex, and we are skilled in multiple areas of law. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Potential Injuries in Apartment Complexes and Lawyers You Might Need to Sue in NYC

    While we hope the apartment complexes we live in are safe and comfortable, this is unfortunately not always the case. If you are injured in your apartment complex, you can sue the complex and the people in charge (e.g., your landlord) for damages. Determining what type of attorney you need depends on the nature of your injuries.

    Personal Injury

    Physical or bodily injuries usually fall within the realm of personal injury law. This is a broad legal field that encompasses a wide variety of injuries and accidents. If you were injured in your apartment complex and do not know whom to turn to for help, a personal injury attorney is a great person to start with.

    Personal injury law can be divided into numerous subcategories and areas of practice that different types of attorneys might better serve. General personal injury cases might involve accidents or injuries caused by people within the apartment complex (e.g., assaults from maintenance workers, residents, and landlords).

    Swimming pools and near-drowning events might cause other injuries. For example, if you get an infection from unclean water in your apartment’s community pool, you can speak to a personal injury attorney about suing for your damages.

    Perhaps the apartment complex was being renovated or a new section or building was being constructed, and you were injured in a construction-related accident. You can sue the apartment complex with the help of our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys.

    Premises Liability

    Many injuries in apartment buildings and complexes are not caused directly by people but rather by unsafe conditions on the property. In such cases, injured residents should seek advice from a premise liability attorney who can help them prove the apartment complex is negligent in failing to maintain safe conditions for residents.

    Some of the most claimed premises liability injuries are slip and fall accidents. Perhaps you tripped on some uneven stairs or slipped in a puddle negligently left by a maintenance worker. While people sometimes disregard these accidents, they can be quite serious and leave victims with severe injuries.

    Another possible premises liability issue in an apartment complex involves elevator accidents. Elevators are common throughout many apartments in New York City, and if they are not regularly inspected and maintained, they can be very dangerous, even deadly.

    A premises liability attorney can help you hold the apartment complex liable even if they were not directly involved in the accident. Under premises liability law, a defendant may be liable for failing to maintain the property or make reasonable inspections for potential hazards. Our Long Island premises liability attorneys can help you gather the evidence necessary to prove the apartment complex’s negligence led to the accident.

    Product Liability

    Another possible cause of injuries in an apartment complex is faulty goods or equipment. Apartment complexes are large buildings that rely on certain pieces of heavy equipment to keep residents safe and comfortable. If this equipment is defective, you might have a case against the apartment complex and the company that manufactured the faulty goods.

    For example, if the water heater in your building malfunctions and causes the water to become so scalding that you are badly burned, you might have a product liability case. The same might be said of faulty elevator parts, air conditioning units, radiators, and other equipment commonly found in apartments.

    Our Queens product liability attorneys know how to prove that the goods or equipment in your apartment complex were defective when they arrived and that they were used for their intended purposes when the accident occurred.

    Should I Stop Paying Rent if I Sue My Apartment Complex in NYC?

    Many injured residents are so upset about their injuries that they want to stop paying rent while their case is pending. This is not a good idea, and you should speak to an attorney before making such a decision. Certain cases involve breaches of the lease agreement by the landlord or apartment complex, and refusing to pay rent is sometimes possible.

    However, many injuries are not necessarily breaches of the lease, and you should continue paying rent while your case is pending. Your injuries might not involve housing issues or violations of the lease agreement. On the other hand, your injuries might overlap with housing laws. Talk to our personal injury attorneys about how your case might overlap with housing laws and landlord-tenant issues. You might benefit from speaking to an attorney who works in landlord-tenant disputes.

    Contact Our NYC Personal Injury Attorneys for Help

    Injuries in your apartment complex can be legally complicated, and numerous areas of law might be implicated. The nature of your injuries might determine what kind of attorney you need. Our Albany personal injury attorneys can help you begin a lawsuit or direct you to an attorney who can help you. For a free case evaluation, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083