How Long Do Traffic Cameras Keep Footage of Accidents in NYC?

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    Traffic cameras are used to surveil busy intersections and roads throughout New York City. Accordingly, many crash victims wonder if footage from these cameras can be used to prove fault for their car accidents.

    The majority of traffic cameras do not keep or record footage of accidents in NYC. Instead, most of these cameras provide a live stream that can be viewed by the New York Department of Transportation. However, in some instances, footage from private security cameras may be used to explain why a particular accident occurred.

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    Do NYC Traffic Cameras Record Footage of Accidents?

    As motorists and pedestrians traverse New York City, they often notice that they are often being watched by traffic cameras. Many people assume that these cameras are recording their every move. However, the vast majority of traffic cameras positioned at intersections and along roadways in NYC do not record any footage. Instead, these cameras only provide the Department of Transportation with a live stream.

    Some photos are taken and archived by traffic cameras in NYC. You can access these photos by going to 511NY and checking the intersection where your collision occurred. However, the archived photos very rarely provide any reliable evidence.

    Can Photos from Speed Cameras Be Used in Your Car Accident Lawsuit?

    Speed cameras are different from standard surveillance cameras placed at intersections. Speed cameras can snap photos of motorists’ license plates if they are driving too fast. If your crash was caused by a speeding driver, you may be able to use such a photo to prove that they were at fault. Our experienced Queens car accident lawyers can help recover any relevant speed camera photos that exist in your case.

    However, these cameras, like most NYC traffic cameras, cannot provide detailed footage. Accordingly, in many car accident cases, photos from speed cameras will be insufficient to prove who was at fault.

    Can Photos from Private Security Cameras Be Used in Your Car Accident Lawsuit?

    In some cases, footage from private security cameras may be useful when explaining the events that occurred before, during, and after a car accident. Many businesses have security cameras placed in positions that surveil public roads and parking lots. Unlike traffic camera footage, private security camera footage is often recorded and preserved.

    Footage from private security cameras may be used to explain the events that unfolded before, during, and after your accident. Accordingly, such footage can help prove which driver is at fault. For example, footage from a storefront security camera may show that a defendant driver committed an illegal lane change before impacting another vehicle. In that case, the private store’s security footage could be highly beneficial when seeking to recover damages from the other driver.

    Unfortunately, parties in control of private security camera footage do not always cooperate with plaintiffs. They are under no legal obligation to provide you with copies of their footage. Therefore, the assistance of our experienced Albany car accident lawyers can be highly beneficial when seeking copies of relevant security camera footage in your case.

    Do You Need Traffic Camera Footage to Prove Fault for an NYC Car Accident?

    Your car accident lawsuit can still succeed without traffic camera footage. The majority of NYC car accidents happen without being recorded. Fortunately, our NYC car accident lawyers can use any of the following forms of evidence to prove that another driver is at fault:

    Accident Reports

    After any harmful collision, a police officer should visit the scene to draft their accident report. An officer’s accident report can contain many details surrounding the circumstances of a crash. For instance, the following information may be provided:

    • Statements from witnesses
    • A drawn diagram of the crash
    • Information regarding the location of the crash and vehicles involved
    • An officer’s conclusions as to how the accident happened

    Accordingly, accident reports can be very valuable to our Bronx car accident lawyers when proving fault. Our team can help recover copies of the official accident report in your case.

    Photos from the Scene

    Photos from the scene of your accident can also be used to prove fault. For instance, photos showing your badly damaged vehicle may be used to demonstrate that the other driver was travelling at high speeds when the collision occurred.

    Furthermore, photos can be used to disprove a defendant’s alternative theory regarding the cause of a crash. For example, a defendant may state that a crash was caused by poor road conditions. In that case, photos from the scene of the crash showing adequate road conditions can be used to disprove the defendant’s theory and prove that they are to blame. Our Schenectady car accident lawyers can help review any photos from the scene of your accident during a free review of your case.

    Eyewitness Testimony

    Eyewitness testimony is another highly valuable form of evidence that can be used to prove fault for a car accident. Witnesses can offer either oral or written statements that point to the cause of a crash. Accordingly, you should attempt to gather contact information for any potential witnesses to your accident if possible. Afterward, our team can provide guidance and support when reaching out for their cooperation.

    Expert Witness Testimony

    Lastly, expert witness testimony is also a common form of evidence used to prove fault in car accident cases. Expert witnesses are considered experts because they have completed the requisite education, training, and experience in their respective fields. These witnesses can help explain complicated theories of fault. For example, an engineering expert may be summoned to explain how a defective brake component led to a crash. Furthermore, an accident reconstruction expert can be called to demonstrate which driver is at fault for an intersection collision. Our Staten Island car accident lawyers can help call on the right experts to support your case.

    If You Suffered a Car Crash in NYC, Our Attorneys Can Help

    If you were injured because of an accident in New York City, seek assistance from our experienced Whiteplains car accident lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free review of your case.