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Car accidents are one of the most common causes of serious injuries. Most people will experience a car accident at some point in their lives, and many of these victims can only hope that they will not suffer injuries. If another driver’s negligence behind the wheel caused you serious injuries in a Brooklyn car accident, The Carrion Law Firm may be able to help.

The Brooklyn car accident lawyers from The Carrion Law Firm fight for car accident victims and work to get them compensation for the damages they faced in a car crash. If you were injured in a car accident, call us before talking to your insurance company or taking any money from the at-fault driver. For a free legal consultation, contact us at (718) 841-0083.

How to Get Compensation for Car Accident Injuries in Brooklyn

New York’s insurance laws are often complex, and many drivers might not realize what kind of coverage they have and what limitations that puts on their ability to get compensation for car crash injuries. Most drivers in NYC are actually limited in how much they can claim through insurance after a crash because they have to use their insurance coverage first, then they can reach into the at-fault driver’s coverage for damages if their injuries are severe enough. Many drivers also might not be aware that either insurance company might pay only a percentage of the medical bills and lost wages they face and that damages for pain and suffering are usually blocked.

In order to get the full damages you need after an injury, you may need to file a lawsuit instead of handling your case through insurance. If you faced any injuries, your case is already more severe than most cases (which deal with property damage alone). That means it may go beyond the scope of what insurance can properly handle, and you should speak with a lawyer about getting compensation through a lawsuit.

In a lawsuit, you will often get to make a decision about whether to accept a settlement offer from the at-fault driver and their insurance company or whether to fight the case in court by going to trial. In either case, the damages may be higher than what you would have received in an insurance claim, and your attorney can negotiate with the other side to prevent you from getting an offer that is too low. If the settlement still will not cover your case in full, our Brooklyn car accident lawyers can take your case to trial to fight to maximize your compensation.

Types of Compensation Available for Car Accident Injury Victims in Brooklyn

When you claim damages over your injuries, there are two main types of compensation: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are meant to pay you back for expenses that the accident created, such as damage to your vehicle, hospital bills, lost wages, and other expenses. These damages are usually proved by producing bills and financial statements to show how much money you lost. Non-economic damages are paid to cover things that do not have a price tag, such as pain and suffering, mental harm, emotional distress, and other effects you face after an accident.

Calculating these damages can be difficult. In many cases, it is not as simple as adding up all the bills you have and picking how much to ask for in pain and suffering. Cases often involve future projected wages if the victim faces very serious injuries and can no longer work at the same level they used to work at. Non-economic damages are also heavily dependent on the facts of the case, and New York law limits how much you can claim in most cases, so it is vital to talk to a lawyer about how to maximize these damages in your case and get the full value you deserve.

Other types of damages are sometimes available that do not compensate the victim but rather punish the defendant. Talk to a lawyer about claiming punitive damages in seriously dangerous car accident cases, such as hit-and-runs or drunk driving cases, or in cases involving negligent trucking companies or commercial drivers.

Common Types of Car Crashes in Brooklyn that Lead to Injury Claims

Victims can often claim compensation for injuries in any case where they occur. Many common types of car accidents often result in moderate to severe injuries that often lead to lawsuits.

One of the most common types of car crashes that leads to surprisingly severe injuries is rear-end collisions. These crashes commonly involve whiplash injuries and other neck and back injuries that could actually become permanent issues for the victim. These crashes are often clear about who is at fault: the driver who rear-ended you. This lets you put forth a strong case against them.

Some common car accident causes lead to severe injuries, including speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, and tired driving. These causes are all some of the most common contributing causes in car crashes, and they share one thing in common: the driver’s reduced control over their car often means more serious injuries to the victim. Drivers often cannot stop or swerve, causing crashes to occur at higher speeds and leaving victims with more serious injuries to claim damages for. The drivers committing these kinds of traffic violations are usually at fault for the resulting crashes.

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