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    Car accidents happen all the time, but most crashes involve property damage that can be repaired through car insurance claims. If you faced more serious injuries in a crash, you could be left with more expenses that a simple insurance claim will not cover without the help of an experienced Staten Island car accident lawyer. In many cases, you may even need to go to court to get the damages you need.

    The Carrion Law Firm fights for car accident victims, and we seek to work through insurance claims and lawsuits to get our clients the compensation they need for their car accident damages. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, call our lawyers today to schedule your legal consultation with our attorneys. Call us immediately at (718) 841-0083.

    Getting Financial Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

    When your car accident involves injuries, you and your loved ones may need more compensation than the insurance company is willing to pay. New York’s no-fault insurance rules often leave Staten Island car accident victims with additional damages for pain and suffering that their insurance company will not pay. These rules may even limit you to filing your insurance claim with your insurance unless you faced permanent damages or meet certain thresholds for damages. Our lawyers can help you file an insurance claim or even a lawsuit against the driver who hit you and get them to pay the damages they owe you.

    Most car accident lawsuits involve injuries that could be serious enough to keep injured drivers from being able to work. If the injuries keep you from going back to work entirely, you could claim compensation for ongoing lost wages and other economic damages. The treatment for serious injuries like brain injuries, back injuries, and serious broken bones may also involve expensive therapies and surgeries, which could rack up enormous bills. Claiming compensation for these expenses is the core of most cases, and our lawyers can help you file the claim through the right system to maximize your compensation.

    When you file a lawsuit instead of an insurance claim, the courts can often award additional damages for things like pain and suffering or any other non-economic harms. This could mean getting additional compensation that you deserve, but it requires a lawsuit, including filing, discovery, and trial.

    What to Expect in a Staten Island Car Accident Lawsuit

    If your case goes to court, you should know what to expect in your lawsuit. The process of filing a suit in court begins with a complaint – a document that alleges what the other driver did wrong to cause the crash and what damages the accident caused you. Your lawyer will need to sit with you and discuss what happened in your case to build out this document, including details like where the accident happened, what happened leading up to the crash, and what evidence you observed about how the other driver hit you.

    From there, the other side will get an opportunity to deny the claim, then the case will move forward to the evidence sharing stage. This stage, called discovery, is when both sides can subpoena evidence from each other and schedule depositions of witnesses. Both drivers will typically be deposed, giving statements and answering questions about what happened. By the time this stage is over, both sides have a good idea of what happened and can usually begin meaningful settlement negotiations.

    At this stage, we may try to settle your case for a fair value that covers your damages. If we cannot, then we will proceed to trial and let the judge and jury decide the case. The choice of whether to face trial or settle is your decision, but our Staten Island car accident lawyers can assist you in making an informed decision.

    At trial, both sides will present their case through evidence and witness testimony, then argue the claim before the jury. If we can convince the jury that the defendant was the one who made the mistake that caused the crash, we can recover compensation for any damages for which we can provide evidence.

    Assigning Fault in Staten Island Car Accident Cases

    Often, car accidents involve a victim and an at-fault driver. Sometimes, the defendant will claim that you were at fault and that, instead, they were actually the victim. This sometimes even results in a counterclaim against you. As the victim, you have the burden of proving your claim, but that proof might not be enough to prove you were 100% innocent in causing the crash.

    Even minor things like adjusting the radio or driving 10 mph over the speed limit could be contributing causes to the crash, but rest assured that these issues cannot block you from claiming damages in a Staten Island car accident lawsuit. New York law allows victims to share partial fault and still claim damages for whatever share of the blame the other driver carries. That means that if the at-fault driver had 90% fault, you can still get 90% of your damages covered in a lawsuit.

    The jury decides the percentage of fault in a lawsuit, but settlement negotiations could avoid the shared blame issue. Talk to a lawyer about how to proceed with your case.

    Staten Island Car Accident Attorneys Offering Free Legal Consultations

    After a car accident, the damages you claim through an insurance claim might not be enough to cover your injuries, especially if you are stuck using no-fault coverage. The Staten Island car accident attorneys at The Carrion Law Firm offer free case consultations on new injury claims, and we work to get car crash victims the compensation they need from the at-fault party. Talk to our New York City car accident lawyers today at (718) 841-0083.