Can You Sue After a Taxi Accident in Nassau County, NY?

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    Taxis are popular means of transportation around the country, especially in places near large metropolitan areas, such as Nassau County. If you are hurt in an accident as a taxi passenger, can you sue for injury?

    In cases of serious injury, victims can sue after a taxi accident in Nassau County. Defendants in these types of claims might differ from case to case, and might include a taxi driver, a taxi company, or another party. In order to recover compensation of any kind, you must bring your claim within three years of a taxi crash. Although there is an exception for delayed discovery, this caveat rarely applies to motor vehicle accident claims. Recovery of economic and non-economic damages is not limited in taxi accident lawsuits in Nassau County. Successful recovery will require evidence of negligence and proof of a victim’s damages.

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    Can I Sue for a Taxi Accident in Nassau County, NY?

    Whether you are commuting to close-by New York City or called a car for another reason, you might be injured while riding in a taxi in Nassau County. Should such an event happen to you, it is vital that you understand your ability to file a lawsuit.

    New York limits victims’ eligibility to sue following motor vehicle accidents, including those involving taxis. All drivers in Nassau County need to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) insurance because New York is a no-fault state. This means that your PIP policy will cover your damages unless you have sustained a serious injury. You can sue a negligent party only if you meet the serious injury threshold.

    To ensure you recover the utmost compensation in your case and help you file a lawsuit, our NY car accident lawyers will assess your medical records to confirm that your injuries permit you to sue. While the taxi driver might be solely liable for your injuries, it is likely that you can also hold the parent company responsible. If the taxi driver is an independent contractor, you might be unable to sue the parent company. Sometimes, taxi companies and taxi drivers are not responsible for causing an accident, and a third party is to blame. Should that be the case, the same restrictions on filing a lawsuit apply to motor vehicle accident victims in Nassau County.

    Because licensed taxis must be covered by commercial auto liability insurance policies, you might be inclined to settle your case without going to trial. While that might result in you claiming damages sooner, you might be eligible for greater compensation when you take your case to court.

    When Do I Need to File My Taxi Accident Lawsuit in Nassau County, NY?

    To recover compensation after a tax accident in Nassau County, you must bring your claim before the filing deadline. If you do not pursue recovery before the clock runs out, you cannot get damages through a lawsuit or an insurance claim.

    In Nassau County, the statute of limitations for all personal injury claims is three years from when an accident takes place. This includes injuries caused by taxi accidents. Waiting until just before the deadline is inadvisable as it may not give you sufficient time to build a solid case against a negligent party. Evidence might also become less accessible the longer victims wait to contact our Staten Island car accident attorneys about their cases.

    New York does have a delayed discovery rule as an exception to the statute of limitations. If your injuries did not appear until days or weeks after your taxi accident, the filing deadline could be tolled for that period of time. However, the statute of limitations might not be paused for long, especially in cases when victims should have been aware of their injuries. For example, if you failed to seek medical attention for an apparent injury, the statute of limitations might not be tolled in your case. Because of that, it is necessary that victims get their injuries diagnosed by medical professionals immediately after a taxi crash occurs in Nassau County. To ensure that you will not be barred from recovery, you should anticipate that the statute of limitations will not be tolled for delayed discovery.

    What Damages Can I Recover in My Taxi Accident Claim in Nassau County, NY?

    When victims sue after taxi accidents in Nassau County, they can recover the compensatory damages that are appropriate in their case. Such compensation will be based on the evidence you are able to provide.

    New York does not cap compensatory damages for personal injury claims brought because of taxi accidents. This means you can recover all damages for financial losses as well as compensation for pain and suffering. To recover these damages, you must provide proof that you have incurred losses. This involves keeping records of medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Documenting your emotional and mental challenges following an accident will also be necessary to recover non-economic damages.

    Recovering punitive damages is rare in taxi accident cases. Victims may be more likely to recover such damages if they can sue a negligent taxi company in Nassau County. Similar to compensatory damages, punitive damages are not capped for New York victims.

    If you plan on suing a negligent party following an accident involving a taxi, it is important to understand that compensation is never guaranteed. In addition to meeting the burden of proof and establishing that a negligent party is at-fault for your injuries, you must also provide proof of your financial and non-financial damages to recover the compensation you deserve after an accident involving a taxi.

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