Queens Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction accidents frequently happen in Queens, NY. Every year, many innocent people are hurt in construction sites. Throughout the years, the majority of these workers have suffered life-altering accidents and injuries. In these cases, victims may need to go through surgical procedures, medical treatment, and medication regimes. While your life may look grim after your accident, there is still hope.

Our Queens construction accident attorneys can help you get compensation for your injuries. The Carrion Law Firm dedicates its resources to representing injured construction workers. During your initial consultation with our lawyers, we will listen to the facts of your case and let you know what you can expect from your claim moving forward. Call our legal firm today at (718) 841-0083.

Construction Accident Injury Cases We Handle in Queens

Few workplaces can be as dangerous as construction sites. Construction workers in Queens are constantly surrounded by hazards that cause accidents and injuries. For instance, many workers suffer devastating injuries from slip and falls, falling objects, fires, and many other hazards. Over the years, our Queens construction accident lawyers have handled countless construction injury cases, including the following:

Head Injuries

Despite the use of protective equipment like helmets, construction workers can still suffer severe head injuries. For instance, a falling object can cause a concussion. Concussions happen when the brain shakes violently and hits against the skull. When the soft tissue surrounding the brain gets damaged, and blood vessels break, a concussion soon follows. A heavy blow to the head can also lead to intracranial hemorrhages, which can be risky.

Head injuries are known for causing many various health complications requiring costly surgery and continuing treatment. Depending on a case’s severity, the injured victim may need medical care for life. However, you don’t have to face this challenging time alone. Our construction accident attorneys in Queens can fight for your compensation after your accident.

Back Injuries

Construction workers are always at a high risk of suffering back injuries at their workplace. These workers often have to carry, lift, transport heavy materials, or suffer accidents such as slip and falls, which can cause a back injury. This kind of injury can be particularly dangerous as it can lead to loss of bodily function below the damaged portion of their spinal cord.

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves located in the back – and it is protected by the spine. The spinal cord acts as a connecting bridge between many body parts and the brain. If you sever your spinal cord, you can lose bodily function from the site of the injury down. Common examples of potential conditions caused by a spinal cord injury (SCI) include tetraplegia, quadriplegia, and paralysis. Our Queens construction accident attorneys can help you fight for your compensation for your construction accident injuries.

Bone Fractures

Machinery accidents, explosions, and defective equipment can lead to accidents that can cause bone fractures. These injuries can be very painful, challenging to deal with, and may require a lengthy recovery period. However, all of the medical costs and the pain and suffering associated with your injuries can be compensated by filing a personal injury claim.

Compensation After a Construction Accident in Queens, NY

There are two ways an injured construction worker can get compensation. First, an injured worker can get compensation from NY’s workers’ compensation system. This insurance is employer-provided coverage to assist injured workers. Nevertheless, workers’ comp insurance may not provide you with the compensation needed to recover after the construction accident. For example, this insurance will only provide coverage for economic damages, which includes things such as your medical expenses and your lost wages. This type of insurance leaves your mental, psychological, and physical pain and suffering out of the equation. These damages can be recovered by filing a lawsuit.

Typically, you can’t sue your employer if you get workers’ compensation. However, there are several exceptions to the general rule. For instance, you may sue your employer directly if their gross negligence caused your injuries. Additionally, you may also submit a lawsuit against your employer if they did not provide you with workers’ compensation insurance.

It is important to keep in mind that there may be situations where multiple individuals – and not your employer – played a significant role in your accident and injuries. There are cases where another construction worker, a contractor, or a subcontractor was negligent and caused you harm. Under these circumstances, you may be able to file a lawsuit against those who caused you harm.

The Statute of Limitations for Construction Accidents in Queens

The statute of limitations is a legal time limit in which all claimants must file their lawsuits with the court. Submitting your claim within the established time limits in the statute of limitations is essential. If you fail to meet the requirements set by the statute, you may lose your chance at fighting for compensation. Typically, the courts will refuse to hear any case that falls outside the parameters of the statute of limitations. This is why having the assistance of a skilled Queens construction accident lawyer is essential. Your attorney can assist you in making sure you have all of the necessary documents ready and file a claim on time.

Queens Construction Accident Lawyers Serving Injured Victims

Many construction workers depend on their salary to support themselves and their loved ones. A severe injury can prevent them from earning their wages, which can significantly impact their family’s life. It is understandable to feel hopeless and overwhelmed under such circumstances. However, there are ways you can get assistance while you are out of the workplace due to your injuries. The Carrion Law Firm understands how difficult this time can be for you. This is why we dedicate our knowledge, resources, and effort to providing you with the legal assistance you need to get on your feet. We will fight tirelessly to get the financial award you deserve. Make sure to call our New York City construction accident lawyers of legal professionals today at (718) 841-0083.