How Many Deaths Occur Annually Due to Distracted Driving in New York?

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    While there may be numerous causes of accidents, distracted driving is a significant cause of many collisions. It only takes a few seconds of distraction behind the wheel for an accident to occur.

    The number of annual deaths caused by distracted driving in New York can be found through the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the FARS, there were 2,895 deaths nationwide from distracted driving in 2019 and 107 deaths in New York. Out of those accidents, there were 48 pedestrian deaths and 10 deaths of bike riders in New York in 2019 caused by distracted driving. Understanding how these deaths occur requires understanding what constitutes distracted driving. Generally, distracted driving involves anything that causes drivers to take their eyes off the road or lose focus.

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    How Many People Die from Distracted Driving in New York Each Year?

    The number of deaths caused by distracted driving in New York tends to change somewhat each year and, for some time, has been trending downward. In 2015 there were 144 deaths caused by distracted driving in New York, which is higher than the most recent data for 2019, indicating 107 total deaths.

    Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that about 9% of all traffic accidents are related to distracted driving. Keep in mind that this number can be attributed to traffic incidents nationwide and includes all accidents, not just fatalities. Even so, deaths caused by distracted driving in New York are likely of a similar degree.

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    Annual Pedestrian Deaths from Distracted Driving in New York

    When we think about car accidents and fatal crashes, we tend to think about the occupants of the vehicles. Many crashes happen between vehicles, and the occupants are often injured or killed. Many other accidents do not involve multiple vehicles but involve one vehicle and pedestrians.

    In New York, 48 pedestrians were killed in distracted driving car accidents in 2019. The number of pedestrian deaths from distracted driving comprises nearly half of the total deaths related to distracting driving in New York for 2019. Distracted driving in pedestrian cases might include taking your eyes off the road, running a red light, and striking a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

    Pedestrians injured by distracted drivers can file insurance claims with their own auto insurance. If this is not an option, our New York City personal injury lawyers can help file a claim with the driver’s liability insurance. If insurance claims are denied or insufficient, pedestrians can file personal injury lawsuits against the driver. If the pedestrian was killed in the car accident, their family can bring a wrongful death claim against the driver.

    Annual Deaths of Bicycle Riders Caused by Distracted Driving in New York

    Another common vehicle on the roads of New York is the bicycle. Bicycles are just as prevalent as motor vehicles in places like New York City and the surrounding areas. Since bikes and bike riders often share lanes of traffic with cars, they are sometimes caught up in accidents related to distracted driving.

    In 2019, there were 10 deaths of bike riders related to distracted driving accidents in New York. Unfortunately, these numbers have increased in recent years. In 2017 and 2018, there were 5 deaths of bike riders related to distracted driving.

    Bike riders, much like pedestrians, are especially vulnerable to car crashes and accidents. While the driver inside the car might be relatively unharmed, the bike rider may be severely injured or even killed. When drivers get distracted, bike riders pay the higher cost.

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    What Is Distracted Driving and How Often Does It Occur in New York?

    According to the NHTSA, distracted driving is anything that distracts a driver while they are behind the wheel. The definition of distracted driving is rather vague and broad because almost anything could be considered a distraction.

    Perhaps one of the most significant distractions drivers face on the road today is the cell phone. Cell phones are such a distraction in New York that it is illegal to talk on the phone or text while driving. If you need to use your phone in the car, you must use a hands-free device. If the driver who hit you or caused your loved one’s death was on the phone at the time of the accident, our Central Islip car accident lawyers can use the driver’s phone records to prove they were texting or on a phone call when the accident happened.

    Other distractions that may lead to accidents and fatalities in New York include but are not limited to the following:

    • Eating while driving
    • Doing your hair or makeup
    • Reading
    • Talking to passengers
    • General inattentiveness or lack of focus
    • Adjusting the radio
    • Billboards and distracting signs
    • Loud music
    • Driving while angry or upset

    The risk of distraction may change depending on where you are driving, who is in your car, and what kind of communication devices you have in the vehicle.

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