How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident in Brooklyn

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    In Brooklyn, the police must be called after any car accident that causes an injury. After being notified of a harmful crash, the police should send an officer to the scene to draft an accident report. An officer’s report can contain important information regarding the cause of a collision.

    To get a police report for a car accident in Brooklyn, you must call 911 immediately after your accident. Afterward, you can obtain a copy of your report by visiting the precinct with jurisdiction over the area where your crash occurred. You can also obtain a certified copy by purchasing one online from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    If you need to get a police report for a car accident in Brooklyn, our attorneys can help. Get in touch with our experienced Brooklyn car accident lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Reporting Your Brooklyn Car Accident to the Police

    According to V.A.T. Law § 600-2(a), if you were involved in a car accident that resulted in injury or death, then you must notify the police immediately. After your crash, you should dial 911 and find a safe place to wait for the police visit the scene. When an officer arrives, they will begin asking questions and filling out their accident report.

    If your accident only led to property damage, it does not have to be reported to the police. However, the crash may still need to be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). V.A.T. Law § 600-1(a) establishes that if any person incurred over $1,000 in property damage because of an accident, then all drivers involved must submit their own reports to the DMV within 10 days of the crash. Victims can contact our Brooklyn car accident lawyers for assistance when filling out and submitting their reports.

    How to Obtain a Copy of Your Police Report After a Car Accident in Brooklyn

    There are two main ways to recover a copy of your police report. First, you can pick up a copy of your report in person by visiting the precinct that has jurisdiction over the area where your accident occurred. You can reach out to our Harlem car accident lawyers for help finding where to pick up your report in person.

    Second, you may also recover a certified copy of your report online. It can take some time for your report to be uploaded to the Department of Motor Vehicle’s (DMV) website. However, once your report is available, a copy may be acquired by filling out an online form and paying the required fees. Our team can also provide guidance and support when acquiring a copy of your police report online.

    What Information is Included in a Police Report for a Car Accident in Brooklyn?

    Police reports are often the first pieces of evidence investigated by insurance companies and lawyers when determining the causes of car accidents. They can contain a wide array of information regarding the circumstances of a collision. The following information may be included in an officer’s accident report:

    • The time and location of the crash
    • Names and contact information for all drivers involved
    • Insurance information for all drivers involved
    • An assessment of damage caused by the accident
    • An assessment of road and weather conditions
    • Statements from eyewitnesses
    • Statements from drivers
    • A drawn diagram of the collision
    • An officer’s opinion regarding the accident’s cause

    Accordingly, the contents of a police report can be crucial when proving who was at fault for your car accident. Our experienced Albany car accident lawyers can help when reviewing a copy of your report.

    Can You Dispute Incorrect Information in Your Police Report for a Car Accident in Brooklyn?

    Unfortunately, in some car accident cases, police reports contain inaccurate information. When information is recorded incorrectly, it can hurt victims’ chances at recovering the compensation they deserve. Fortunately, you can dispute incorrect information in your police report. Our Binghamton car accident lawyers can help when disputing any of the following types of errors:

    Factual Errors

    Factual errors are mistakes made regarding objective details related to your collision. A factual error may occur on your police report if any of the following facts were not properly recorded:

    • The names of parties involved in the crash
    • The date of the accident
    • The type of car you have
    • The accident’s location

    Fortunately, most factual errors can be corrected. Our attorneys can help gather and preserve the information needed to correct a factual error on your police report.

    Disputed Information

    Disputed information is another type of information that can be incorrectly recorded on police reports for car accidents in Brooklyn. Disputed information describes subjective interpretations or decisions made by the officer who drafted your report. Examples of disputed information include the following:

    • A reference to your behavior after the collision
    • The reporting officer’s opinion regarding how your accident happened
    • A finding that you violated a traffic law
    • A statement from a witness related to the cause of your collision

    Correcting disputed information can be a complex task. Police officers are usually reluctant to fix disputed information in their accident reports. Therefore, the assistance of our attorneys can be highly valuable when seeking to correct such information.

    Inaccurate Transcriptions

    Accident reports often contact statements from drivers. If your statement was inaccurately transcribed, you may reach out to the reporting officer to request a correction. Our team can provide support when making such a request.

    Errors of Exclusion

    Lastly, errors of exclusion may also be corrected in your accident report. An error of exclusion occurs when an officer fails to include an important statement or crucial fact. Errors of exclusion should be corrected in order to protect your interests when seeking compensation related to your accident.

    If You Need to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident in Brooklyn, Our Attorneys Can Help

    If you have to acquire a police report for a car accident in Brooklyn, get help from our experienced Garden City car accident lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.