Can You Sue for PTSD After a Car Accident in New York?

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    If you are involved in a serious car accident, you will likely suffer more than physical injuries. Car accident victims also suffer significant psychological trauma that could last for years. However, in nearly every case, a victim will measure the severity of their damages in terms of physical injuries and financial losses, never considering the symptoms or impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Anyone involved in a devastating car accident is also at risk of suffering psychological problems, including PTSD.

    You are entitled to monetary compensation for PTSD after a car accident in New York. However, insurance companies and defense attorneys fight to limit compensation. For quantifiable damages, such as medical expenses and financial losses, it is difficult for the defense to argue against the evidence presented. However, for emotional and psychological harm, such as PTSD, insurers and defense lawyers will argue that the symptoms are not severe enough to justify an economic recovery. Our New York car accident lawyers will fight for all the compensation you deserve.

    The Carrion Law Firm is committed to aggressively advocating for those injured in car accidents. Our team of Queens car accident lawyers has the experience, knowledge, and resources to fight for compensation for your physical injuries as well as your psychological harm. To review your case and legal rights, contact our law offices at (718) 841-0083.

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Car Accidents in New York

    People will suffer PTSD after a highly traumatic accident or event. Most people associate this disorder with soldiers who were involved in combat. However, anyone who experiences or witnesses a life-threatening event, including a devastating car accident, could suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Many people who experience a harrowing event struggle with concentration or sleeping. They might find it difficult to function at work, school, or perform any other daily activity. Car accident victims could experience these symptoms even though they did not suffer any significant physical harm. In some situations, it could take weeks or months for symptoms of PTSD to manifest.

    Symptoms of PTSD in New York Car Accident Victims

    The PTSD symptoms car accident victims will experience vary from person to person. A victim could be influenced by the brutality of the crash, what they saw, or the severity of their injuries. Furthermore, different individuals could experience different degrees of symptoms. In some cases, counseling could help accident victims cope with their symptoms. Other forms of PTSD could severely impact a person for years. Below are some common symptoms associated with PTSD.


    It is not uncommon to struggle with vivid nightmares after a devastating car accident. Attempts to sleep could be plagued with dreams that bring you back to the traumatic event. People who suffer nightmares might awake screaming, shaking, or in a heightened state of fear and anxiety. Depending on the frequency of the nightmares, a victim could lose sleep, be fatigued, or otherwise be negatively impacted.


    Dreams and nightmares are not the only way people with PTSD re-experience an accident. Many car accident victims find themselves followed by vivid memories of the event during their waking moments. Flashbacks could occur at any time, triggered by everything from similar weather to being back in a car. Depending on the severity and reality of the flashback, an accident victim could suffer a panic attack or be unable to function socially.


    People who suffer PTSD after a car accident could consciously or subconsciously work to avoid anything that reminds them of the accident. For example, a victim might purposefully avoid seeing anyone involved in the accident or refuse to travel the section of roadway where the accident occurred. In a more extreme case, someone who has PTSD could avoid driving or riding in a car. These symptoms will adversely affect work, relationships, and other aspects of the victim’s life.

    Irritability or Agitation

    Another common symptom of PTSD is an increase in irritability or agitation. You might find yourself more prone to anger or other extreme emotional responses after a traumatic car accident. Victims often argue or fight with their spouses, children, and co-workers.


    Anger, anxiety, and agitation are not the only symptoms of PTSD. Car accident victims often also experience depression and worthlessness. This is especially the case if the accident resulted in a fatality. PTSD could trigger feelings of numbness and detachment.

    Damages Available in New York for PTSD

    Car accident victims are entitled to file personal injury lawsuits to seek financial compensation for their damages. Generally, injured victims will look to recover their medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses. In addition to the economic losses, an accident victim is entitled to recover for emotional pain and suffering.

    To recover from symptoms related to PTSD, our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers will have to provide evidence of the harm you have and continue to suffer, including the cost of treatment and the emotional toll your symptoms extract.

    For example, you could recover the cost of appointments with mental health professionals, including any extended therapy you require to control your symptoms. If your psychiatrist prescribed medication to address your symptoms, you should be compensated for the cost. Additionally, our office will work to present evidence of the emotional difficulties you continue to experience, such as an inability to enjoy life. While it is usually straightforward to provide evidence of financial losses, proving intangible harm requires our experienced Bronx personal injury attorneys.

    Contact Our New York Injury Lawyers if You Suffer PTSD After a Car Accident

    Victims of a devastating car accident often suffer more than physical injuries. If you are suffering from the symptoms of PTSD, you should be compensated for both your physical and psychological harm. Our Queens personal injury attorneys understand the emotional and mental impact a car accident could have. At The Carrion Law Firm, our team is dedicated to fighting for your physical and mental wellbeing. Call our Wyandanch car accident lawyers at (718) 841-0083 to discuss your case.