Settling a Personal Injury Claim with an Insurance Company in New York

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    Insurance is a part of our daily lives, and people often have insurance policies for numerous aspects of their lives. Insurance can help if you experience a personal injury, although settling with the insurance company is usually easier said than done.

    You should contact your insurance company immediately after you are injured. However, you should avoid speaking to your insurance company alone. An attorney can help you communicate with the insurance company in a way that is likely to get you the settlement you need. Insurance companies are known for trying to get out of paying customers the settlements they are entitled to, and a lawyer can help hold them accountable. We must present evidence of your injuries to the insurance company, including police reports, photos, and medical records. The time it takes to settle your claims depends on your situation, but a lawyer can help you speed up the process.

    If you are submitting an insurance claim, talk to our New York personal injury lawyers about your situation. We can help you submit your claims and get the best settlement possible. For a free case review, call, The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    When to Contact an Insurance Company About Your Claim in New York

    You should contact the insurance company about filing a claim as soon as possible after you are injured. Reaching out to the insurance company quickly is important for several reasons. First, we need to determine the proper procedures for submitting your claim. Second, important evidence might be lost if you wait to file your claim. Our Albany personal injury lawyers can help you get your claim started, so you can settle as soon as possible.

    After being injured and getting necessary medical treatment, call an attorney about filing an insurance claim. We can help you contact the insurance company about when and how to submit your claim. This is critical information as we need to know things like deadlines, necessary forms, and how to submit your claim. Avoiding these mistakes can help us speed up the process and get your settlement faster.

    We also need to begin submitting your insurance claim quickly because we do not want to risk losing evidence. For example, if you were hurt in a car accident but waited a few weeks to submit your claim, the accident scene would likely have been cleared away, and important physical evidence would have been lost. Without evidence, the odds of getting a settlement from the insurance company go down.

    Communicating with Insurance Companies About Settling Personal Injury Claims in New York

    As mentioned above, contacting the insurance company should be done as early as possible for several important reasons. However, you must be very careful when talking to insurance representatives as they are not always on your side. Our Binghamton personal injury attorneys know how to communicate with insurance companies in a way that is conducive to your settlement.

    Insurance companies will use your words against you every chance they get. For example, suppose when you call the insurance company, you say something that even slightly suggests you are responsible for your injuries. In that case, the insurance company will pounce on that and use your statements to justify reducing or denying your settlement. A lawyer should know how to talk to the insurance companies, get the information you need, and avoid falling into traps.

    Evidence You Need to Settle a Personal Injury Claim with an Insurance Company in New York

    Although many people pursue insurance claims because they would rather avoid lawsuits, both options involve similar elements. Like in a trial, we must present evidence supporting your claims to the insurance company. The stronger our evidence, the more likely the insurance company will offer a fair settlement.

    In many cases, the insurance company will require a police report. This is more common in cases involving vehicle accidents where law enforcement files crash reports. Police reports might also be necessary if you were injured in any incident that normally requires police intervention. Even if it is not explicitly required, a police report can be solid evidence showing the insurance company your injuries are very real.

    If possible, you should take photos and videos of your injuries and the accident scene to submit to the insurance company. These photos can help us establish the severity of your injuries and other important details. In some cases, pictures from the accident scene depict the person responsible for causing you harm. If you file a third-party claim against another person’s insurance, photos of the other person at the accident scene help us prove they are at fault for your injuries.

    We also need medical reports. After being injured, you should get to a hospital as soon as possible. Getting medical treatment is not only necessary for your physical well-being but also for getting accurate medical records. These records can be submitted with your insurance claim to prove the extent of your injuries and shed light on how they happened. The more accurate these reports, the better.

    How Long Do Personal Injury Settlements with Insurance Companies Take in New York

    How long your personal injury settlement might take depends on the various details of your case. How you were injured, the extent of your injuries and the strength of your evidence influence how quickly your claim is processed. Our New Rochelle personal injury attorneys can help you get your settlement as quickly as possible.

    The nature of your injuries may influence how quickly you reach a personal injury settlement with an insurance company. Complex cases are often met with more scrutiny, and insurance companies tend to want more in-depth investigations before they agree to pay anything. If the nature of your accident is more straightforward, and fault is a bit more obvious from the start, the insurance company may settle with you faster.

    Similarly, how much evidence you have may speed up or slow down your settlement. Cases with stronger evidence are more likely to settle faster. Insurance companies will not want to waste their time when it is clear that they must pay up. However, if you have weaker evidence or evidence is harder to come by, the insurance company might delay your settlement or offer you lower settlements.

    Call Our New York Personal Injury Attorneys for Assistance with Your Settlement

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