How to Deal with Medical Bills After a New York City Car Accident

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    Car accidents in New York City can be extremely dangerous, sometimes even deadly. Car accident survivors often spend a long time recovering while undergoing costly medical treatments. In a perfect world, we would get the medical attention we need regardless of our ability to pay. Unfortunately, many people injured in car accidents end up drowning in medical debt. 

    The primary method of dealing with medical bills is insurance. The insurance system is extremely complex, and each state has its own set of laws for making insurance claims. In New York, injured drivers can get their medical bills covered through no-fault insurance, but this insurance might be limited. 

    Recovering from a car accident is never easy, and mounting medical bills can make the process even harder. Our New York City car accident attorneys can help you figure out how to get your medical bills covered. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review. 

    Who Is Responsible for Paying Medical Bills After a New York City Car Accident?

    Auto insurance covers more than just vehicle damage and may cover medical bills for you and possibly other injured drivers. New York is a no-fault state, which means your own insurance will cover you up to a certain amount regardless of liability. 

    Liability coverage is required and typically pays at least $25,000 for bodily injury and $50,000 for death for one person. The policy covers at least $50,000 in bodily injuries and $100,000 for death if two people are involved. 

    Personal injury protection (PIP) is also required and covers your medical bills up to a minimum of $50,000, but you can purchase more coverage if you wish. Uninsured motorist coverage may also apply to medical bills in cases where the other driver was uninsured or fled the scene. 

    Medical bills can build up very quickly. While health insurance can help some, not everyone is so fortunate. Even those with insurance might have to deal with high deductibles. Our Queens car accident attorneys can help you sue whoever is responsible for your injuries and get you the compensation you deserve. 

    What Medical Expenses Can Result from a New York City Car Accident?

    Car accidents are very dangerous and unpredictable. There are numerous medical expenses a person could potentially incur after a car accident. It is important to see a doctor immediately after a crash to get the treatment you need. Our New York City personal injury attorneys can help you figure out how to pay for your expenses. Possible medical costs after a car crash include but are not limited to the following: 

    • Head injuries 
    • Traumatic brain injuries 
    • Neck and back injuries 
    • Spinal cord injuries 
    • Broken bones 
    • Lacerations and cuts 
    • Bruising 
    • Whiplash 
    • Lost limbs 
    • Broken ribs 
    • Death 
    • Ambulance rides 
    • Helicopter airlifts 
    • Surgeries 
    • Physical therapy 
    • Medications 
    • Long-term medical care 

    Will Health Insurance Cover New York City Car Accident Medical Bills?

    Health insurance can help cover your medical bills where your auto insurance falls short. Unfortunately, not all injured drivers have health insurance. If you do not have any health insurance, call our Bronx car accident lawyers for help. 

    Medical coverage provided by your car insurance is usually primary to other forms of health insurance. This means your car insurance will pay first, and any remaining balance can be paid for by other health insurance if you have it. In many cases, injured drivers quickly exceed their auto insurance limits and must turn to other forms of health insurance. 

    Should I Get Med Pay or PIP Coverage?

    Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is required of all New York drivers. This is the insurance that kicks in without having to prove fault. The minimum coverage under PIP insurance is $50,000, although you might have a higher limit depending on what kind of insurance policy you buy. 

    PIP is a form of insurance connected to your auto insurance and covers injuries and medical expenses. While all drivers must have PIP, it might be a good idea to purchase more coverage if you can afford it. Medical bills frequently exceed the $50,000 minimum. Having higher PIP coverage can help pay your medical bills after a bad accident. 

    Medical Payment Coverage (med pay) is supplemental insurance that is not required but can be purchased in addition to the required insurance in New York. Med pay covers your medical expenses for a car accident regardless of fault. If you can afford it, having med pay coverage might be a good idea. 

    How Long Can I File a Car Accident Claim for In New York City?

    If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit, you have a limited window of time in which to do so. In New York, the statute of limitations under CVP Law § 214 states that you have 3 years from the date of your car accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. Our Staten Island car accident attorneys can help you prepare for a lawsuit. 

    Although 3 years might seem like a long time, it goes by faster than you realize. Most people attempt to use insurance to cover their medical expenses after a car accident. This often takes time, and precious time is gone by the time you realize that insurance will not work for you. It is a good idea to speak with an attorney sooner rather than later. 

    Can My Car Accident Compensation Cover My Medical Bills?

    Compensation from a car accident lawsuit can be used to cover your medical bills. The point of a lawsuit is to get compensation to pay for the various expenses you encountered after your accident, and our Brooklyn car accident lawyers can help you get sufficient damages to cover your medical bills. 

    Not only can you claim damages related to medical bills in your lawsuit, but you can claim various other damages as well. Lost property, lost income, pain and suffering and more can be claimed in a personal injury lawsuit after a car accident. Our team can help you get your case filed. 

    Compensation from a lawsuit can be used to pay for medical bills in addition to other damages. For example, non-economic damages like pain and suffering are often part of a compensation award in a lawsuit. It is important to assess your damages with an attorney to maximize your potential compensation. 

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