Average Settlement for Electric Shock Injuries in Construction

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    Construction sites are rife with danger. Workers on these sites are often specially trained to handle the heavy-duty equipment found on construction sites. Even so, the nature of the job is inherently risky, and accidents can happen. The construction of a building is a complex process. Not only must construction workers assemble the frame and walls of the building, but there are other components like plumbing and electrical wiring to consider. Electric shock injuries are often a threat and can kill or seriously injure construction workers.

    The average settlement for electric shock injuries in construction will vary from case to case. Multiple factors, including the injury’s severity and the time lost from work, must be factored into the final settlement. A more serious injury that leaves a lasting impact on the worker’s body and life is likely to be met with a much larger settlement. A minor shock injury might get medical expenses and some lost wages, but probably not much more. However, every case is unique, and your best chance at getting a good settlement is to hire an experienced Whiteplains construction accident attorney.

    If you were injured in an electric shock accident while working on a construction site, you can negotiate a settlement for your damages. Our Brooklyn construction accident lawyers are here to help you get the most out of your settlement. Call the Florida construction accident lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 to arrange a free, confidential legal consultation.

    Electric Shock Injuries at Construction Sites

    The average settlement for electric shock injuries at construction sites is difficult to determine. There are so many ways an electric shock could injure a person that an average number might not be relevant for every case. It is best to consider your case individually and evaluate the unique details of your circumstances.

    First, you need to assess what kind of injuries you sustained because of your electric shock accident. It is common for electric shocks to leave burns on your body. Depending on how serious your shock was, you might have serious burns. On the other hand, electric shock accidents sometimes leave no visible marks but instead cause serious internal injuries. This could include neurological effects and heart conditions. The type of injury and severity will directly impact your ultimate settlement.

    Generally, your injuries must be serious enough to prevent you from returning to work to be eligible for financial compensation. If you suffer an electric shock but you miss no work because of it, you will unlikely be able to file a claim at all. Talk to our Queens construction accident lawyers about a settlement for your case.

    Negotiating a Settlement for Electric Shock Injuries in Construction

    Negotiating a settlement for an electric shock injury related to a construction accident depends on what kind of evidence and support you bring to the table. The more evidence you have supporting your claims, the more likely you will get a favorable settlement offer. However, a weak case is unlikely to get you a good settlement.

    You will need evidence demonstrating the severity of the shock. This is sometimes hard to get because electric shock accidents happen very quickly. In addition, electric shock is something usually felt by the victim, but others might not be able to see it happening. People are shocked when they make physical contact with something that is electrically charged, like exposed wiring. Visible bolts of electricity are uncommon outside of serious arc flash injuries. This may make for weak eyewitness testimony, as there may not be much to see.

    You can back up your claims with medical documentation of your injuries. Electric shock accidents are extremely serious because they can cause damage to the inside and outside of a person’s body. Doctors can often spot the signs of electric shock injuries and provide proper treatment. Records of these treatments will help you get a good settlement because they can prove the severity of the accident. Talk to our Bronx construction accident attorneys about a possible settlement for your case.

    Limits on Settlements for Electric Shock Injuries in Construction

    If you are seeking a settlement under a workers’ compensation claim, your settlement may cover medical expenses and lost wages but not much more. You might be able to get more money if your injuries came with permanent or long-term effects, like loss of bodily functioning, scarring, or disfigurement. However, workers’ compensation often does not cover things like pain and suffering. Not only that, in many states, only a portion of lost wages are covered.

    Depending on your state and your specific situation, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit instead of pursuing workers’ compensation. Be warned: some states legally require injured workers to file workers’ compensation claims. Typically, settlements related to a workers’ compensation claim are lower than settlements related to personal injury lawsuits for the same injuries.

    If you manage to file a personal injury claim regarding your electric shock injury, you can include damages in your settlement that would not be covered under workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation does not cover pain and suffering or punitive damages against your employer in most states. However, personal injury lawsuits cover these damages and more. Talk to our Staten Island construction accident lawyers about how the best way to approach your case.

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    If you were injured in an electric shock accident while working on a construction site, you can claim compensation for your injuries. Our Long Island construction site accident attorneys can help you file the best claim for your case. Call the Boca Raton construction injury lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 to arrange a free, confidential legal consultation.