Is Dashcam Footage Admissible in NYC Car Accident Cases?

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    Dashcams are often used by drivers to ward off theft. That said, they can also come in handy during the course of a car accident case in New York City.

    Generally speaking, footage from dashcams is considered admissible evidence in auto accident cases in New York City. Depending on the scope and angle of the footage, it might show how a driver acted negligently leading up to an accident. You can get dashcam footage by requesting it from other drivers near the accident location or the negligent driver who caused your accident. If dashcam footage is not available, other video evidence might be. This might include surveillance camera footage or videos from nearby doorbell cameras. Similarly, footage or videos taken by eyewitnesses might also help you in your effort to recover compensation following a car crash in New York City.

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    Is Dashcam Footage of Car Accidents Admissible in NYC?

    Any evidence that is relevant and material to a case can be admissible in New York City. This includes dashboard camera footage of a car accident.

    Dashboard cameras are legal in New York City for civilians and police officers alike. So long as you follow the rules associated with using such an audiovisual device, you can mount a dashcam in your vehicle. Drivers typically do this to deter theft, especially in urban areas like New York City.

    Because the use of dashcams is legal, the footage filmed on these devices may be introduced as evidence during the course of a car accident claim against a negligent driver. That said, the footage will only be useful if it shows the accident as it occurred or the at-fault driver’s specific negligent actions.

    Dashcam footage of car accidents will likely be admissible whether it is owned by a negligent driver, victim, law enforcement agency, or witness.

    Depending on the source of the footage, our Bronx car accident attorneys might have to subpoena it. If your dashcam filmed the accident, provide our lawyers with the footage. Once we have obtained the dashboard camera footage, we can review it to confirm whether or not it should be introduced as proof in your claim.

    How Can Dashcam Footage Help NYC Car Accident Victims?

    Dashcam footage can be useful to car accident victims for several reasons. Such footage help prove that a crash occurred. It can also clearly show a negligent driver’s actions, depending on the type of accident.

    New York City is a no-fault state for car accidents, meaning victims can only sue if their injuries meet the state’s serious injury threshold. If there is dashcam footage of the accident, whether from a device you own or another person’s device, you might be able to more easily demonstrate that your serious injuries were sustained during a car accident. The angle and quality of dashcam footage matter when it comes to whether or not it will be useful on this front.

    Dashcam footage can also help our attorneys identify eyewitnesses who might be in the background of a video. Suppose a negligent driver fled the accident location. In that case, dashboard camera footage might capture their vehicle or license plate number, allowing you to confirm their identity and pursue compensation in New York City. Dashcam footage could also show debris from an accident, further illuminating its severity.

    Getting Dashcam Footage of a Car Accident in NYC

    Even if victims had dashboard cameras in their cars at the time of an accident, it is worth investigating to see if any other vehicles had similar devices that might have filmed a collision.

    Because of the high number of police cars in New York City, it is possible that a law enforcement officer was near your accident site when a crash occurred. In that case, dashboard camera footage from a law enforcement vehicle might show a different angle of your accident that can be used as evidence against a negligent driver. Our attorneys will request such footage from local law enforcement to support your claim.

    Similarly, the high volume of traffic at all times in New York City increases the chances that another car with a dashcam filmed your accident. If your injuries permit, ask witnesses about the existence of such footage. You do not have to obtain it at the scene. Just get the names and phone numbers of eyewitnesses with dashboard cameras and give that list to our attorneys in the following days.

    Other Admissible Camera Footage in NYC Car Accident Claims

    In a city like New York City, security cameras are plentiful. Even if you cannot obtain dashcam footage of the accident, other footage might exist that can help you recover compensatory damages.

    Virtually any video footage that is material and relevant to a case can be introduced as evidence. This includes footage from surveillance cameras. Our lawyers can reach out to local business owners and request footage from their security cameras near the time of your accident.

    If you filmed the aftermath of your car accident or took photos, such images can also be used as evidence to support your case. The same can be said of videos or pictures taken by eyewitnesses following an auto accident in New York City.

    If no video evidence is available, our attorneys will use other evidence to meet the burden of proof against the defendant. This might include photos, eyewitness statements, expert statements, and medical records. Do your best to take clear pictures of your injuries and property damage following an accident. Grainy, low-resolution videos might not be as useful to car accident victims.

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