How Long Does It Take for Whiplash to Set in After a Car Accident?

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    Sure, you might feel sore after a car accident. Does that mean you’re injured? You could have whiplash, a soft tissue injury that can worsen over time if left untreated. But how long does it take for whiplash to set in after a car accident, and what can you do about it?

    Generally, whiplash sets in within a few hours after a car accident. This can mean a day or two after a collision. That being said, it’s possible for car accident victims to not recognize whiplash symptoms for days or even weeks after a collision. Regardless of when you notice signs of whiplash, it’s important to seek medical attention and learn your options regarding compensation. With the right attorney, car accident victims with whiplash can recover compensatory damages against a negligent driver.

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    Why Can You Get Whiplash from a Car Accident?

    Whiplash is one of those car accident injuries that can be subtle at first but cause serious issues the longer it’s ignored. In order to understand why whiplash can vary in extremity, it’s important to understand what whiplash is and why it’s a common car accident injury.

    When your car is hit by another vehicle, the force can cause whiplash. Essentially, whiplash is a neck injury. This specific type of damage is caused by a severe, quick jerk of the head. When your neck and head move forward and backward too fast, it can result in whiplash.

    These types of injuries are most common in rear-end accidents. That’s because part of your body moves with the accelerating car from impact, and another part of your body, your head, doesn’t catch up as quickly. In these types of accidents, a victim’s head is likely to hit the back of the headrest hard and then jolt forward, resulting in neck damage. So, even in the most minor car accidents, injuries like whiplash can happen.

    Can Whiplash Set in Immediately After a Car Accident?

    After a car accident, you’re likely to feel sore and uncomfortable for a bit. But does that mean you have whiplash? Is it possible for whiplash to set in immediately after a car accident?

    Usually, the answer is yes. Often, symptoms of whiplash are identifiable within the first 24 hours of a car accident. The following are common symptoms of whiplash:

    • Pain in the neck
    • Pain in the upper arms
    • Pain in the upper back
    • Pain in the shoulders

    Whiplash is a soft tissue injury in the neck, after all, so you’re likely to experience soreness in the upper areas of your body. Generally, whiplash sets in relatively quickly after a car accident. However, it’s not unlikely that car accident victims will confuse whiplash symptoms with the general soreness accompanying car accidents. If you feel sore after a collision, don’t downplay your injuries. Visit a doctor immediately so they can assess any potential damage to your neck. With the right Brooklyn car accident lawyer by your side, like those at The Carrion Law Firm, you may be able to sue a negligent driver for compensatory damages.

    Although whiplash often sets in within 24 hours of a car accident or a few days, victims may not recognize it at first. Because of this, damage can worsen, resulting in more severe injuries. Prioritize your health and seek medical attention after any car accident, including minor ones that commonly result in whiplash, like rear-end collisions.

    Can Whiplash Set in Long After a Car Accident?

    It is more than possible for whiplash to set in long after a car accident. Although symptoms generally appear quickly, sometimes that’s not the case. If you feel increasingly sore or stiff in the upper areas of your body long after a car accident, you could have whiplash.

    Because whiplash is a soft tissue injury to the neck, car accident victims may not notice the damage until long after a car accident. These types of injuries tend to worsen over time without medical intervention. In some cases, whiplash can set in days or weeks after you’ve been in a car accident.

    Immediately following a car accident, the fear and stress can make your body ignore potential injuries. When your body is in fight or flight mode, seemingly minor damage, like soft tissue injuries, can go unnoticed at first. Then, when your body is given time to relax, the damage can set in, and you can begin to recognize whiplash symptoms.

    Another reason it can take whiplash a long time to set in after a car accident is because victims feel grateful that they don’t have more obvious injuries. Because of this, they may decline medical treatment immediately after a car accident. Victims may attribute soreness to other factors and not a collision if they don’t deem a car accident severe enough. This can prevent you from recognizing that whiplash is setting in until the damage worsens and becomes more obvious.

    What Should You Do If Whiplash Sets in After a Car Accident?

    Once you notice signs of whiplash, regardless of how long it takes to set in, there are a few things you should do. The first is to seek medical attention. The second is to hire a skilled attorney to learn how to recover compensation for your injuries.

    If you believe you’ve sustained whiplash after a car accident, it’s important to see a doctor. A medical professional can assess your injuries and prescribe the proper treatment. Remember, whiplash can worsen over time, especially if not treated properly. When this happens, your quality of life can be impacted significantly. Doctors can corroborate your injuries, which can strengthen your claim against a negligent driver if you intend to sue.

    Next, car accident victims with whiplash should hire an experienced NYC personal injury attorney, like those at The Carrion Law Firm. If you have whiplash from a car accident and need medical treatment, you’re entitled to compensatory damages for your injuries. When whiplash worsens, it may cause victims to miss time at work. The negligent driver who caused the accident can be held financially responsible for your injuries through a lawsuit.

    Call Our Lawyers If You Have Whiplash After a Car Accident

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