How Long Do You Have to Report a Car Accident Injury in NYC?

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    Reporting a car accident, as well as any injuries you’ve sustained, is crucial in NYC. If you fail to report to the necessary parties within the appropriate timeframes, you may lose your chance to recover compensatory damages.

    It’s best practice to report your car accident injuries to the police right away in NYC. After all, if you’re hurt, you’re required by law to report your crash to the police. The next step is reporting to your insurance. Generally, victims have 30 days to do this. Finally, it’s important that NYC car accident victims learn that they have just three years to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver. Failing to report your injuries soon enough, at any stage in the process, can impact your future access to compensation.

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    When Do I Have to Report Car Accident Injuries to the Police in NYC?

    Immediately after a car accident in NYC, injured victims must report the incident to the police. Waiting to call 911 after a car accident can make it more difficult for victims to recover the compensatory damages they deserve. In addition, failing to report car accidents that meet certain criteria as against the law in NYC.

    Our Queens car accident lawyers advise all victims to call the police immediately after a collision. This is recommended, even if you don’t appear injured right away. Police officers will ask you the necessary questions and record pertinent information in a crash report. Although this report won’t be considered evidence in an NYC car accident lawsuit, it can still support your compensation claim. Immediately reporting your injuries to the police is always in your best interest as a car accident victim.

    In some cases, reporting injuries to the police is required by law. In NYC, any accident resulting in injury, death, or $1,000 in property damage must be reported to law enforcement officials. Generally, victims have ten days to do this after a crash. So, if you failed to call the police moments after a collision but have since noticed injuries, you can still report. In fact, you must. If you don’t report your injuries, you can face a license suspension or a misdemeanor charge. In addition to reporting your accident to the police, you must also report to the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten days if your accident meets the above criteria.

    How Soon After a Car Accident Must I Report Injuries to My Insurance in NYC?

    Reporting your injuries to the necessary insurance companies promptly and properly is crucial. You may have difficulty recovering a sufficient settlement offer if you fail to notify your insurance and a negligent driver’s liability insurance about an accident and your injuries.

    After a car accident in NYC, victims generally have 30 days to report their injuries to their insurance. This is where it gets complicated. Since NYC operates within a no-fault insurance system, victims must report their injuries to their own insurance company. That said, your insurer is no more likely to offer a satisfactory settlement than a negligent driver’s insurance. So, you may also choose to inform a negligent driver’s liability insurance to explore potential paths to recovery.

    Informing multiple insurance carriers within a few short weeks of a damaging car accident can be overwhelming for victims. Instead of worrying about reporting your injuries soon enough, hire a Brooklyn car accident lawyer. Our attorneys can handle the necessary reporting requirements so that you don’t lose your opportunity to file an insurance claim after a car accident in NYC.

    It’s important to note that some insurance companies may make it more or less difficult for victims to report properly. Others may have shorter time restrictions that NYC victims are unaware of. So, although car accidents are traumatic and you’d rather relax during the days after, do your best to report your injuries to your insurance.

    How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Lawsuit in NYC?

    Since NYC car accidents are often so damaging, victims may choose to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver responsible. That said, it is important to note that there is a time restriction on this path to justice. In NYC, car accident victims only have a few years to sue. If they don’t file a lawsuit quickly enough, they can lose their access to compensatory damages.

    After your NYC car accident, you will have three years to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver for compensation. While three years may seem like a long time, that doesn’t mean it’s easier for victims to file within that timeframe. Often, victims reeling from the aftermath of a devastating collision need time to come to terms with what’s happened. Soon, hospital bills and lost wages become overwhelming, leaving victims and their families at a loss. Unfortunately for some NYC car accident victims, it is too late to sue when that time comes.

    So, acting quickly and hiring a Bronx car accident lawyer immediately after a crash is important. Your Newark car accident lawyer can get to work immediately, uncover evidence, and build a strong case against a negligent driver.

    Remember, you only have three years to file a car accident lawsuit in NYC. The sooner you do, the better your chance of recovering the compensatory damages you deserve. If you don’t file within the necessary timeframe, you will not be able to hold a negligent party responsible. So, reach out to a Corona, Queens car accident lawyer and learn about your options as soon as possible.

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