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    Hotels are supposed to take care of their guests, but sometimes hotels expose their guests to risks or danger. If you were injured in an accident at a hotel, the hotel can be held liable.

    Various injuries and accidents can occur in hotels. Accidents in stairwells, elevators, hallways, or private rooms are possible. You do not even have to be a guest at a hotel to hold it liable for damages. Patrons at a bar or restaurant in a hotel can sue for their injuries too. To prove the hotel is liable, we must show that their actions or inactions were negligent. The evidence we need will vary depending on how the accident happened, but we should focus on things like security camera footage, witness testimony, business records, and other important pieces of evidence.

    Our Brooklyn attorneys for injuries at hotels can help you get compensation for your accident and damages. Hotels should not be allowed to place their guests in danger. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Accidents and Injuries at Brooklyn Hotels

    Anywhere that guests can be expected to be is a potential accident scene. Many accidents are based on a theory of premises liability that holds property owners liable for any accidents because of hazards or unsafe conditions on the property. Uneven stairs, elevators that get stuck, cracked windows, and crumbling ceilings can cause injuries to guests. Because these are hazards on the hotel property, the hotel is responsible for removing or repairing them.

    A guest can also sue a hotel if they were injured in a fire or other emergency. Hotels must have planned fire escape routes, working smoke detectors, and sprinklers in case of fires. If any safety precautions malfunction, our Brooklyn lawyers for injuries at hotels can help injured guests sue the hotel.

    One of the many responsibilities of a hotel is to keep its guests safe. Reasonable and necessary safety reactions might include security cameras, well-lit parking lots or garages, and security personnel. Suppose a hotel is in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, and the hotel is aware of how bad things are. Next, suppose the hotel fails to keep their parking garage well lit. In the dark parking garage, a hotel guest injured by a mugger can sue the hotel for negligent security.

    Do I Have to be a Guest at a Hotel to Hold them Liable for My Injuries in Brooklyn?

    You do not have to be a paying guest at a hotel to file a lawsuit against a hotel for injuries. Accidents can happen to anyone, including people who are not checked in as guests. Hotels also often operate other services like bars and restaurants open to anyone, not just hotel guests. Even someone walking by the hotel can sue for injuries incurred on the premises.

    Hotel guests can typically sue for accidents in areas open only to guests. For example, only guests might be allowed on the elevators, in hallways, or in private rooms. Accidents in these areas usually involve guests. If a guest has a visitor who is not staying at the hotel and that visitor is injured in these areas, they can also sue. It does not matter if they are not a paying customer of the hotel. Hotels can reasonably expect non-paying guests and visitors to be at the hotel, and they are obligated to make reasonable efforts to keep them safe, too.

    Patrons in the hotel bar or restaurant can also sue for injuries even if they are not a guest staying at the hotel. Accidents related to slip and falls, poor maintenance, negligent security, and more can affect bar or restaurant patrons in a hotel.

    Even someone simply walking by the hotel can sue for injuries on the hotel property. For example, a passerby walking down the street outside a hotel might be hit with falling debris from hotel construction or renovation. Instead, they might slip and fall on the icy sidewalk the hotel failed to clean up. Our Brooklyn attorneys for injuries at hotels can help you determine who you can sue based on how your accident happened.

    Proving a Hotel is Liable for Your Injuries in Brooklyn

    How our Brooklyn lawyers for injuries at hotels approach your case is based on how your accident happened. While many lawsuits against hotels are based on the hotel’s negligence, exactly what this negligence looks like varies based on the circumstances.

    In a premises liability case, a hotel’s negligence might come from its failure to maintain the property or remove any hazards. Property owners owe a duty to maintain their premises and remove known hazards and make reasonable inspections for unknown hazards. They owe this duty to anyone they should reasonably expect to be on the premises, including guests and non-guests.

    In a negligent security case, proving the hotel was negligent requires proving that reasonably necessary security measures were not taken. For example, a hotel in a dangerous neighborhood might owe a duty to install security cameras or post security guards in the hotel lobby. Failure to take these precautions might be considered negligence.

    Whatever the duty of care looks like, we must prove that the hotel breached this duty. The breach is a violation or an act of negligence. The breach must also be the direct and proximate cause of the accident, and your injuries and damages must be real and not just possibilities.

    Evidence Needed to Sue a Brooklyn Hotel for Your Injuries

    The evidence you need to support your claims against the hotel varies based on your specific circumstances. Generally, there are certain pieces of evidence in hotel cases that should always be sought after. Our Brooklyn attorneys for injuries at hotels can help you collect this evidence and prepare your lawsuit.

    If you are injured in a hotel, you should try to take photos and record videos of the accident scene right away. Hotel staff might try to clean up or clear away any signs of an accident, and we could lose important evidence. Photos of the accident can show a court how the scene looked before it was cleaned up.

    We should also demand access to the hotel’s security camera footage and business records. It is possible that a security camera caught your accident on video. Business records can inform us how the hotel conducts business and may shed light on how the negligence was allowed to happen.

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