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    Life insurance serves to compensate policyholders’ beneficiaries in the event the policyholder passes away. Unfortunately, some insurance companies wrongfully withhold life insurance proceeds.

    There are many potential reasons insurer will deny life insurance claims. For instance, claims may be denied for non-payment of premiums, material misrepresentations, and conflicts between beneficiaries. An attorney can help claimants fight unjust denials and recover the benefits they deserve.

    If you have to contest a denied life insurance claim in Brooklyn, get help building your case. Get in touch with our experienced Brooklyn attorneys for life insurance claim denials by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.

    What to Do if a Life Insurance Claim is Denied in Brooklyn

    If your life insurance benefits have been improperly withheld, you should first contact the insurer and notify them of the issue. Next, you should contest the rejection according to the process suggested by the insurance company at issue. If you receive a denial or unfavorable result, you should contact our Brooklyn attorneys for life insurance claim denials immediately. Our team can help fight an insurer for the payment you deserve.

    Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied in Brooklyn

    There are multiple reasons a life insurance claim may be turned down. Our lawyers can help claimants contest any of the following forms of unjust denials:

    Beneficiary Disputes

    Life changes like divorce, remarriage, adoption, and the birth of children are all potential reasons for life insurance disputes. Furthermore, disputes can arise when policyholders make beneficiary changes later in life. Family members who miss out on compensation may file completing claims in their attempts to obtain payment. Our Brooklyn attorneys for life insurance claim denials can help resolve these disputes and protect the rights of beneficiaries.

    Cause of Death Not Covered by the Policy

    Some life insurance claims are denied because insurers state that policyholders’ causes of death are not covered. Exclusions that limit covered causes of death are often carefully worded by insurance companies. Sometimes, it can be hard for beneficiaries to understand if a death is truly covered. If your life insurance claim was denied because of a cause of death outside of policy coverage, our lawyers can help evaluate your policy to determine if the refusal was unjust.

    Material Misrepresentations

    Material misrepresentations are discrepancies or distortions found in an application that would have caused a life insurance company to refuse coverage if they had been known at the time of approval. The following are common examples of material misrepresentations:

    • Income
    • Age
    • Occupation
    • Work history
    • Assets
    • Tobacco use
    • Alcohol use
    • Dangerous traits or hobbies
    • Other life insurance policies

    However, in order for a material misrepresentation to constitute the denial of a life insurance claim, it must have been material enough to the application to cause a life insurance company to reconsider coverage had they been aware. Insurance companies may improperly assert that misrepresentations are material. In such cases, our Brooklyn attorneys for life insurance claim denials can help victims pursue the payment they rightfully deserve.

    Nonpayment of Premiums

    Nonpayment of premiums is another common reason that life insurance claims are denied in Brooklyn. When policyholders do not pay their fees, their policies can lapse, and coverage will be terminated. However, insurance companies have to provide notice to policyholders if their coverage is about to lapse. Our lawyers can investigate whether an insurer failed to provide proper notice to a policyholder of their impending lapse in coverage, or if a mistake was made when the policyholder was submitting their payments. Accordingly, beneficiaries may still recover financial compensation.

    Failure to Disclose Required Information

    Furthermore, some life insurance claim denials occur because of failures to disclose required information. For example, if a policyholder had a pre-existing illness that was not disclosed in their medical record at the time of their application, then their insurance company may deny coverage under their policy. If you believe an insurance company has made an improper denial based on the failure to disclose required information, then our Brooklyn attorneys for life insurance claim denials can help take the appropriate steps toward payment.

    Lack of a Beneficiary Designation

    Life insurance claims may also be denied because of a failure to designate a beneficiary. Beneficiaries must be named in order for life insurance companies to pay out benefits. Still, our attorneys can help determine if these types of denials were justified.

    Death Happened During the Contestability Period

    After someone is approved for a life insurance policy, there insurer typically has a period of contestability to review the policyholder’s application and further examine their truthfulness and insurability. If a policyholder’s death occurs during this period, then the insurance company will likely investigate the death and determine if coverage will be approved or denied. This investigation may include viewing the policyholder’s prior medical records and assessing the terms of their policy. If you believe insurance coverage was improperly denied for a death that occurred during the contestability period, then you should contact our attorneys for guidance and support.

    Documentation Failure

    Lastly, some life insurance claims can be denied for documentation failure. Documentation failure refers to situations where family members or beneficiaries do not provide the necessary paperwork necessary to receive death benefits. At the least, most insurance companies require death certificates in order to initiate payment processes. Our team can help collect the documentation required to recover a death benefit in your case.

    How to Pay for Our Brooklyn Attorneys for Life Insurance Claim Denials

    When seeking to overturn an unjust life insurance claim denial, victims often question how they will pay for a lawyer. Fortunately, our Brooklyn attorneys for life insurance claim denials can review your case for free. Furthermore, our team will work on contingency fee pay structure. This means that we will only get paid if we win your case. If we are unable to recover payment, then you will not have to pay attorney’s fees.

    If You Need to Contest a Life Insurance Claim Denial in Brooklyn, Our Lawyers Can Help

    If you have to contest an unjustly denied life insurance claim, seek assistance from our experienced Brooklyn attorneys for life insurance claim denials by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.