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    Childhood sex abuse is often perpetrated by trusted adults close to young victims. School sex abuse is, unfortunately, more common than many people realize, and taking legal action can be difficult.

    Claims of school sex abuse might include abuse from teachers, coaches, administrators, or even other students. The time for filing has historically been a big hurdle for claimants. In the past, most victims had to file before they turned 23 or lose their right to sue. Now, a new law allows victims to file claims until they turn 55. Finding evidence is another considerable hurdle. If much time has passed since the abuse occurred, evidence is likely hard to find, but our attorneys can help you investigate. A lawyer should be able to help you get your claims started quickly, assess your damages, and gather evidence to support your case.

    Coming forward about abuse is never easy, and many victims feel as though they are reliving the abuse. Our attorneys for school sex abuse claims can help you during this difficult time, so you get the compensation and closure you deserve. For a free case review, call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.

    Possible School Sex Abuse Claims in Brooklyn

    Abuse might come from teachers, coaches, or other school staff members. For example, a teacher might be inappropriate with a student in their class. Often, the abuse happens outside normal school hours, such as after school or during extracurricular activities. Our attorneys for school sex abuse claims can help you review the events surrounding your case and help identify the people who should be held liable.

    If you stayed after school for some reason or participated in extracurricular activities, your supervising teacher or coach might be responsible for the abuse. Abusers might take advantage of students in these situations because few other adults are around to intervene.

    Abuse might come from other students. If the school knew of the abuse and did nothing or covered it up, we can help you sue the school. Such cases often stem from bullying that goes way too far. Alternatively, one student might take advantage of another student while both are participating in an after-school activity.

    Abuse does not always feel abusive when it is happening. An abuse victim might have engaged in a consensual relationship with an adult at the school. However, these relationships are never consensual, and the adult likely groomed and manipulated the victim.

    Time Limits on Filing School Sex Abuse Claims in Brooklyn

    Like many other claims, school sex abuse claims are bound by statutes of limitations. In the past, these limitations made it very difficult for people who waited to come forward with their claims. New laws have changed these limitations and given abuse victims much more time. Our lawyers for school sex abuse claims will help you file your claim before the deadline to do so passes.

    In the past, victims of childhood sex abuse had up until they were 23 years old to file a claim. Unfortunately, many survivors of sex abuse do not come forward with their claims for years, often well into adulthood. As a result, many claims went unheard.

    A new law, the Child Victims Act, was passed on February 14th, 2019. Under the new law, sex abuse victims have until age 55 to file a claim against their abuser and the school. If you were the victim of school sex abuse before the new law was passed in 2019 but were still younger than 23 when the law went into effect, speak to a lawyer about when you need to file.

    If you were older than 23 when the new law passed and barred from filing a claim under the new law, the situation is trickier. Lawmakers allowed a window of time for such victims to file claims. The window was originally opened on August 14th, 2019, and lasted for 1 full year. It was later extended another year until August 14th, 2021, but the window has since closed.

    Gathering Evidence for a Brooklyn School Sex Abuse Claim

    It is possible that other people knew about the abuse. Perhaps you confided in a friend at school about what was happening. Maybe other teachers or administrators knew about the abuse but were afraid to report it. We can speak to people from your school at the time of the abuse to determine if anyone can testify as a witness.

    Did the abuser admit to any wrongdoing? Abusers often have more than one victim. If another victim has come forward about abuse or the abuser has been found out by the authorities, we can help you come forward with your own claims. Often, if the abuser already admitted to abuse in another case, they might be more likely to confess to the abuse in your case.

    If you received medical treatment for the abuse, we might use your old medical records to support your claims. Your medical records might contain documented evidence of your injuries, and a doctor can testify as a medical expert and explain whether those injuries are consistent with sexual abuse.

    How a Brooklyn Attorney Can Assist You with School Sex Abuse Claims

    Filing a legal claim for the abuse you endured at school can be emotionally difficult and legally complicated. Our attorneys for school sex abuse claims can help you navigate the legal procedures of getting your claims to court.

    An attorney can help you by filing your claims on time. As discussed earlier, the deadline for filing sex abuse claims from childhood is a bit complex. You may or may not be able to take action depending on when the abuse occurred and how old you were when the new law went into effect. If your deadline has passed, an attorney can advise you of other possible legal options.

    A lawyer can also evaluate your damages, so you get the most compensation possible. Damages are often largely non-economic, with pain, suffering, and related damages taking center stage. Since these experiences are very subjective, the value of potential compensation can vary greatly between cases. Our lawyers can help you advocate for as much compensation as possible.

    Call Our Brooklyn Attorneys for School Sex Abuse Claims for Help

    If you experienced sexual abuse when you were in school, there might still be time to take action and get justice. Call our attorneys for school sex abuse for a free case review. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083.