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    Personal injury lawsuits seek to compensate those injured because of other parties’ negligent actions. The monetary damages awarded to plaintiffs can provide crucial support during periods of immense hardship.

    Our experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyers can take cases as referrals from lawyers who focus on other areas of law. Furthermore, our team can accept referrals from out-of-state attorneys for cases that should be filed in Brooklyn.

    If you have to refer a Brooklyn personal injury case, our attorneys can help. Get in touch with our Brooklyn attorneys for a personal injury referral by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 to review a case for free.

    Brooklyn Personal Injury Case Referrals from Lawyers in Other Fields

    Most attorneys are familiar with specific fields of law. When approached by victims with cases involving legal issues outside their typical areas of practice, lawyers may be unable to offer effective representation. Fortunately, lawyers in other fields may refer their personal injury cases to our attorneys. Our experienced Brooklyn attorneys for a personal injury referral can accurately assess the strength of plaintiffs’ claims and determine the appropriate routes to compensation.

    Brooklyn Personal Injury Case Referrals from Out-of-State Lawyers

    Additionally, some attorneys are called by victims with cases that should be brought to court in other states. Most personal injury cases should be filed where the accident at issue occurred. If you were contacted by a personal injury victim who was injured because of an accident that happened in Brooklyn, you may refer the lawsuit to our experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyers. Our attorneys will fight for fair compensation in every case.

    Common Types of Cases Our Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

    There are many factors that can influence the path to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. One of such factors is the type of accident at issue. The cause of a victim’s injury can determine the legal strategies applied in their case. Our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling cases that stem from the following causes:

    Car Accident Cases

    In some cases, negligent drivers can be held accountable for damages related to accidents they cause. The following are examples of careless behavior that cause accidents in Brooklyn:

    • Speeding
    • Running red lights
    • Drunk driving
    • Distracted driving
    • Tailgating
    • Improper left turns
    • Improper lane changes
    • Reckless driving

    However, because of New York’s no-fault insurance laws, some victims will have to seek benefits through their own insurance companies. Our attorneys can help review victims’ cases and explain the options available to them.

    Motorcycle Accident Cases

    Motorcycle accident cases are another type of personal injury lawsuit regularly handled by our lawyers. Motorcycle crashes often occur because drivers fail to notice riders sharing the roadway. Victims of motorcycle accidents can incur catastrophic injuries. For instance, bikers often incur broken bones, spinal cord damage, and traumatic head injuries after being struck by cars. Our team can help plaintiffs in motorcycle accident cases fight for the full range of compensation available to them.

    Premises Liability Cases

    Our attorneys also have a great deal of experience handling premises liability cases. Property owners have to maintain their premises for the safety of their visitors. When owners do not provide proper upkeep for their properties, serious accidents can occur.

    Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that occurs because of property owners’ carelessness. However, other accidents like strikes from falling objects, electrocutions, and burn injuries can all occur because of careless property maintenance. Victims of such accidents can reach out to our Brooklyn attorneys for a personal injury referral for guidance and support on their roads to recovery.

    Defective Products Cases

    Furthermore, our attorneys can also help hold negligent manufacturers responsible for accidents caused by their defective products. The following are common types of products that cause harm when they are defective:

    • Household appliances
    • Power tools
    • Children’s toys
    • Cleaning products
    • Industrial equipment
    • Contaminated food

    Pursuing cases based on defective products can be a tiresome and complicated task. Expert witness testimony is usually necessary to show that a product was defective. Our Brooklyn attorneys for a personal injury referral can help collect and preserve important evidence for those injured because of defective products.

    Construction Accident Cases

    Furthermore, in some cases, injured workers can file personal injury lawsuits seeking compensation for the harm they suffered because of construction site accidents. However, in other cases, injured construction workers must seek benefits through Workers’ Compensation insurance. Our team can help the victim of a Brooklyn construction site accident review their case and determine if they have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit.

    Dog Bite Cases

    In Brooklyn, dog owners may be held responsible for injuries that occur because their pets bite people. In most cases, to recover compensation from a dangerous dog’s owner, plaintiffs must show that the owner knew the dog tended to bite people. The following are signs of potentially dangerous tendencies:

    • The owner warns others that his dog is an attack dog
    • The owner warns other that his dog bites
    • The dog frequently snaps at others
    • The dog often wears a muzzle

    Accordingly, to hold a dog owner liable for their pet’s actions, plaintiffs must prove more than basic negligence occurred. Our Brooklyn attorneys for a personal injury referral can help hold dog owners responsible for injuries caused by their pets.

    Drowning Accident Cases

    Lastly, our attorneys can help hold negligent parties responsible for drowning accidents they cause. Drowning accidents may occur for many different reasons. When the owners and operators of swimming pools at hotels, water parks, and private homes fail to provide adequate supervision, devastating accidents can occur. Our team can help determine if a negligent party can be held liable for a Brooklyn drowning accident.

    If You Need to Refer a Personal Injury Case in Brooklyn, Our Attorneys Can Help

    If you need to refer a Brooklyn personal injury case, get in touch with our experienced Brooklyn attorneys for a personal injury referral by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 to review a case for free.