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    You have the right to expect to be safe when using consumer goods, machinery, vehicles, medication, medical devices, construction equipment, and other products and equipment in your daily life. The truth is that dangerous and defective products kill or seriously injure millions of people each year.

    When a good or product you purchase malfunctions and injures you, you can sue various parties who might have contributed to the situation. Many products are defective due to design flaws, poor manufacturing, or improper or incorrect labeling. You can sue not only the company that produced the product but also manufacturers and even retailers who sold you the product. You may recover damages related to your injuries, which might be significant, and those related to your painful experiences, such as pain and suffering.

    The product liability attorneys at The Carrion Law Firm make the designers, manufacturers, and sellers pay for the injuries that defective and dangerous products inflict upon you or your family members. We aggressively take on the insurance companies and their teams of defense lawyers to make corporations pay for the damages they cause. Call Our New York City product liability lawyers for a free case review at (718) 841-0083.

    Product Liability Law and Defective Products in New York City

    Product liability is an area of law that holds the makers and distributors of faulty and hazardous products responsible for the harm they cause. Most products and equipment you come across in your home or workplace may become the subject of a product liability lawsuit, including:

    • Household appliances
    • Lawnmowers and outdoor equipment
    • Cars and other motor vehicles, including airbags and other equipment
    • Drugs and cosmetics
    • Medical devices
    • Construction machinery and equipment
    • Sporting goods and sports equipment
    • Food products

    There are certain requirements your case must meet to hold the makers of a damaged or defective product liable for the injuries you sustained. Generally, the good or product in question should have arrived to you already damaged or defective. For example, if the product was damaged sometime after you purchased it but before you used it, the makers of that product might not be liable.

    Additionally, you must have been using the product for its intended purpose and in a safe manner when the accident occurred. This is particularly important in cases involving damaged or defective power tools that are inherently dangerous even when used correctly. If your injuries occurred because you used a product recklessly or for a purpose it was not designed for, the product makers are probably not liable.

    Even so, there are exceptions to the circumstances. For example, if the product was damaged after you purchased it, but the damage occurred because it was poorly designed with low-quality materials, the product’s maker might be liable. Similarly, if you were injured because you were using the product in an unsafe way only because the instructions for the product were incorrect, the makers of the product might be liable. Talk to our New York City product liability attorneys for help determining if you have a strong case.

    Common Types of Defects in Product Liability Lawsuits in New York City

    Defective products are often dangerous. Even if you follow all safety instructions when using a certain good or product, you might still be injured if the item was defective when it arrived in your possession. The nature of the defect in your case will vary based on the specific defective product involved, but some common types of defects should be on our radar.

    Defects fall into three general categories: unsafe product designs, manufacturing defects, and improperly labeled instructions or safety precautions. If you believe your injuries were caused by one of these common defects or something different, contact our New York City product liability attorneys for help immediately.

    Unsafe Designs

    When engineers and designers fail to take into account the way consumers use their products, you could be injured. A poorly designed product may cause injuries regardless of how well it is manufactured. For example, a child’s toy with small, removable parts that can present a choking hazard if swallowed may entitle the parents to sue for damages. Additionally, the makers of a product might be liable if that product is inherently dangerous (e.g., power tools and heavy machinery) and does not have adequate safety features or lacks them completely.

    Manufacturing Defects

    A well-designed product may still be unsafe due to a flaw in the manufacturing process. Examples may include food or pharmaceutical products contaminated by cleaning solutions used on production equipment or a lawn mower built using metal too weak to securely hold the rotating blades in place. Manufacturing defects can also include damage accidentally caused to the goods during the manufacturing or packaging process.

    Improper Labeling

    Improper or insufficient instructions for the safe use of a product or warnings about potential dangers may cause injuries. An example of improper labeling would be the failure of a cold medication to include on its label a warning to parents about the harm it may cause if given to infants. Additionally, medicines that lack information about dosages and side effects might also open manufacturers up to liability. The same goes for tools without safety instructions or food that lacks a list of ingredients on its label.

    Determining Who is to Blame in a Product Liability Lawsuit in New York City

    Multiple parties may be at fault for a defective or dangerous product. The manufacturer, designer, and seller of a damaged or defective good can be held liable if that product causes injuries. In fact, almost anyone in the chain of sale can be held responsible for a defective good. Our New York City product liability attorneys can help you determine who should be held liable for your injuries.

    For example, a faulty or malfunctioning airbag might allow a claim for damages against the airbag manufacturers and the auto manufacturer that installed them in its vehicles. An injured victim could also take action against the dealership that sold them the defective vehicle.

    Figuring out who should be held liable might require some investigation. It can be difficult to determine whether a particular product was poorly designed unless we examine the design plans and compare them to similar products. We might also need to examine the industry standards regarding how that product should be designed, manufactured, and sold to determine who in the chain of sale bears the most blame.

    Compensation When Defective Products Cause Injuries in New York City

    Injuries caused by a defective or dangerous product may include burns, lacerations, broken bones, scarring and disfigurement, and other significant harm. It may even result in death. Economic damages demanded in a product liability lawsuit to compensate a victim may include the following:

    • Physician and hospital expenses
    • Nursing care
    • Prescription medications
    • Medical equipment
    • Physical therapy

    Not only can you claim existing economic damages, but you can also claim anticipated future costs too. For example, if your injuries are so severe that you are expected to receive ongoing or indefinite medical care, you can claim the estimated value of future medical expenses. Similarly, if you cannot return to work for a lengthy period, you cannot return at all, you can add your lost future earnings to your economic damages calculations.

    You can also claim non-economic damages for the painful personal experiences you went through as a result of the accident, including the following:

    • Physical pain
    • Mental or emotional suffering
    • Humiliation
    • Damage to your reputation
    • Loss of enjoyment of life

    Non-economic damages are often difficult to calculate because they do not come with predetermined monetary values. The value of your non-economic damages often depends on how deeply these damages affect your daily life. A plaintiff whose life is significantly impacted or hindered because of their injuries might be able to claim high non-economic damages. Our New York City product liability lawyers can assist you in your damages calculations.

    When the product causes the death of a victim, the family may be entitled to damages for wrongful death. The victim’s family would bring such a case, and damages may be assessed according to specific wrongful death statutes.

    Evidence You Need in a New York City Product Liability Lawsuit

    You cannot prove your claims and recover damages in a product liability lawsuit if you do not have sufficient evidence to back you up. The evidence you need will vary based on how you were injured and the nature of the product’s defect. Our New York City product liability lawyers have experience with these cases and can help you find the evidence you need.

    First and foremost, we need the defective product. The defective product is at the heart of your lawsuit, and we need to present it in court as evidence to show how it is defective and caused your injuries. Certain products, like cars or heavy machinery, obviously cannot be transported to a courtroom, but photographs, diagrams, and possibly even expert testimony about the product should be collected.

    We also need your medical record to prove the extent of your injuries. Lawsuits are notoriously time-consuming, and many plaintiffs have at least partially recovered from their injuries by the time they get to a courtroom. We need your medical records to show a jury how severe and painful your injuries were on the date of the accident.

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