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    Motorcycle accidents can be enough to leave a victim laid up for weeks in the hospital. Many victims also face permanent injuries that affect them for years to come. If you or a loved one was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident in New York City, you should consider talking to a lawyer about your potential injury case.

    The NYC motorcycle accident lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm work hard to help injury victims get compensation for the damages they face. Economic compensation can be paid for medical bills, missed wages if you are too injured to work, and pain and suffering that you experience because of the accident. For help with your potential motorcycle accident case, call our lawyers today at (718) 841-0083.

    Suing After a Motorcycle Accident in NYC

    If you are hurt in an accident, the law typically allows you to hold the at-fault parties responsible. In an insurance claim, you may be able to get money from their insurance company to cover your injuries. In a court of law, you may be entitled to additional damages that can compensate you more fully for your injuries and other economic and non-economic losses such as medical bills, missed wages, and pain and suffering.

    When you sue for a motorcycle accident in NYC, our NYC motorcycle accident lawyers will have to prove a few elements of your case to the judge and jury to win your case. First, we will need to show that someone breached a legal duty that they owed you. Drivers on the road owe each other the duty to avoid accidents by taking reasonable safety precautions behind the wheel. They also have to follow traffic laws. Any failure to do so could be considered a breach of duty that can make them at fault for a motorcycle accident or car accident.

    We must also prove that their mistake or unreasonable action was what caused your crash and your injuries. If the accident was unavoidable and would have happened even if everyone was being incredibly safe, they may try to challenge your claims on those grounds. Things like bad weather or road damage might be the sorts of things they try to blame the accident on to avoid fault, but our lawyers can combat these defenses with evidence and witness testimony about what happened.

    Lastly, you need to prove your damages to the court to get them compensated. Courts need to see evidence of how much your injuries cost you and what other harms you faced so they can calculate damages and order the defendant to pay you for your injuries.

    Talk to our NYC motorcycle accident lawyers for more information about whether suing for injuries is right in your case.

    What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash in New York City

    Motorcycle riders are often severely injured in crashes. Without a car around you or airbags and seatbelts to protect you, you could face serious injuries like back and spine injuries, broken bones, serious cuts and scrapes, and more. These injuries might require immediate treatment at a hospital, which could limit what steps you can take after an accident.

    If you are too injured to do anything immediately after a motorcycle accident, call 9-1-1 or wait for someone else to call for aid (e.g., if you are incapacitated), and accept the medical attention. You can claim compensation later for the medical care you receive, so take full advantage of it and get the help you need to prevent serious injuries from becoming life-threatening.

    If you are well enough to move around the scene of the accident, take pictures of the crash. Also gather information about who was involved, what insurance they carry, what vehicles were involved, where the crash took place, and what injuries and damage resulted from the crash. Noting details about lighting, weather conditions, and possible security cameras in the area can also help your case later, as can statements from witnesses.

    After doing what you can at the scene and seeking medical treatment, you should contact an NYC motorcycle accident lawyer. Our attorneys can help build your case, piece together the evidence you have, and collect additional evidence to prove your case in court. We can negotiate with insurance companies and at-fault drivers to get you the compensation you need, and if it comes to it, we can fight your case at trial.

    Determining Fault in Motorcycle Accidents in NYC

    Many motorcycle riders are afraid that people will try to blame them for their crash. Riding a motorcycle has a reputation of being dangerous, and many people will try to use this against riders when they are in accidents. They will claim that they should have expected this and argue that that somehow removes their own fault from the equation.

    In most motorcycle accident cases, there is concrete evidence of something the other driver did wrong. Our lawyers can use this to prove that driver was at fault by showing what traffic laws they violated or what unreasonable steps they took to put your life and safety at risk. We will fight to let the facts lead the case and hold the at-fault drivers accountable for the injuries they caused you.

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    If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident or a loved one was severely injured or killed in an NYC motorcycle accident, call The Carrion Law Firm today. Our NYC motorcycle accident attorneys fight to help our clients get the compensation they deserve after a serious motorcycle crash. Contact us today at (718) 841-0083 to set up a free legal consultation and learn more about the options you have to seek compensation.