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    Your life can change in a split second after a crash with a commercial truck. Every year, thousands of people have to deal with the challenges created by devastating truck crashes in Staten Island and the rest of New York. After a collision, victims may feel like it’s too difficult to fight against the liable parties, especially if they are a large trucking company.

    However, there is legal assistance available to you. The Carrion Law Firm fights aggressively and tirelessly to help you get properly compensated after your truck accident. We know and understand Staten Island’s personal injury laws and are ready to work with you in a free, confidential consultation. Call our law offices today at (718) 841-0083.

    Liability After a Truck Crash in Staten Island, NY

    Who is liable for a truck crash in Staten Island? This is a fair question to ask, especially in truck crashes, which may involve multiple parties. Generally, people injured in a truck accident may look at the truck driver and think they are solely liable for the crash. However, there may be other key players that may also be held liable. These parties include the truck owner, the trucking company, and truck part manufacturers.

    Trucking companies are subject to the legal doctrine known as “respondent superior.” Under this legal principle, the employer is responsible for their employee’s actions. Many trucking companies try to shield themselves by hiring truckers as “independent contractors.” This may allow them to shake off liability and avoid massive payouts to injured victims. However, trucking companies may find it harder to shake off their liability after a truck crash if they own and maintain the trucks or hire negligent drivers who cause truck accidents.

    The truck parts manufacturer can be responsible for a truck accident. All manufacturers must ensure their products are safe by upholding safety standards during the designing and manufacturing phases. If a defectively manufactured truck part causes a mechanical failure that leads to your accident, you can hold the manufacturer liable. Our Staten Island truck accident lawyers can help you hold this party liable in your case.

    The truck driver can also be held liable alongside any of these other parties. The fact that a trucker works for a company does not mean they can walk away from an accident they caused without liability. If the truck driver was negligent and their actions caused said accident, they may be held liable. The attorneys at The Carrion Law Firm understand how essential it is to identify all liable parties and bring them into your claim. We can help you fight for compensation.

    Things to Do After Your Truck Accident in Staten Island

    Acting quickly and effectively after your truck collision can give you an edge in any future claims. If you are involved in a truck accident and are lucky enough only to suffer minor injuries, you should try – to the best of your abilities – to take the following steps to help you with any claims you may want to pursue:

    Call the Police

    Calling the police and reporting your accident is essential after a truck accident. In Staten Island, you must report your accident if there are damages in excess of $1,000. This should be taken not only as a civic duty but also as a legal requirement. Failure to report your accident to the police or providing false information can lead to criminal penalties. Since most accidents can lead to injuries and damages worth more than $1,000, it is best to report your accident to the police and ask for a copy of their report.

    Get Medical Assistance

    Even if you feel like there is nothing wrong with your health, it is best to leave nothing to chance. Truck accident victims may feel safe, especially if they only suffered minor bumps and bruises. However, some injuries may take longer to show symptoms. That is why it is essential to seek medical attention and make sure you are medically stable before leaving the crash scene. Your safety should be the most important thing after your accident.

    Document as Much Evidence as Possible

    If you are safe to move, make sure to gather as much evidence as possible about your crash. You do not have to wait for a copy of the police report to get evidence. An excellent way to gather information is to use your smartphone to get video and photo evidence of the crash site. Additionally, you should exchange information with all those involved in your accident.

    Following these steps can help you build your case and have a compelling record to help you prove negligence in a personal injury claim. Our Staten Island truck accident lawyers can help you hold the liable parties accountable and fight for the compensation you deserve.

    Limited Filing Time After a Truck Accident in Staten Island

    After suffering a severe truck accident in Staten Island, you have a limited time to file a lawsuit. This time restriction is set forth by the statute of limitations. You must take immediate action if you want to present a compelling case with the court. It is essential to understand that your case depends on your ability to submit your lawsuit on time. If you fail to present your legal action before your three-year time limit, the court may refuse to hear your case. It is essential to have the assistance of a skilled, experienced Staten Island truck accident attorney who can assist you by submitting your lawsuit on time.

    Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyers Offering Free Consultations

    Truck accidents are some of the most devastating experiences you can live through. Handling the consequences of a devastating truck accident can be challenging for many victims. However, you do not have to go through such a trying time on your own. Our New York City truck accident lawyers from The Carrion Law Firm can help you file a claim against those who caused you harm. Do not wait for another second to contact our skilled truck accident attorneys today. To learn more about our legal services, call our office and schedule an appointment with our skilled, experienced attorneys. Our office number is (718) 841-0083.