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    When bus accidents happen in Staten Island, victims might sustain life-altering injuries, giving them reason to sue for compensation.

    Bus accidents involving the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) must be initiated within 90 days of an incident taking place in Staten Island. All other bus accidents involving parties who are not affiliated with the government can be filed within three years. While there are many different causes of bus accidents, drowsy driving, distracted driving, and speeding are at the top of the list. After a bus crash, victims should report the incident and take their injuries seriously by going to the hospital. Because claims against the MTA must be filed quickly, victims should consult with our lawyers to determine who is at fault for their injuries. Once that is accomplished, you can sue for injury in Staten Island.

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    Deadlines for Bus Accident Claims in Staten Island

    Public buses in Staten Island are overseen by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Because the MTA is a public benefit corporation, the deadlines to sue for injury are shortened for victims in Staten Island.

    Although the MTA is technically a public benefit corporation and not a government agency, it was created by the government, meaning victims may have less time to recover compensation than they originally anticipated. Generally, injury claims must be filed within three years of an accident in Staten Island. However, claims against the MTA must be initiated within 90 days of an incident, giving victims less time to gather evidence of their injuries and damages.

    Not all bus accidents involve vehicles that are part of the public transportation system. Some incidents might involve school buses or private charter buses. When the defendant in the case is not the MTA, an MTA worker, or otherwise related to a government agency, the plaintiff will have three years to sue for a bus accident in Staten Island.

    Knowing which filing deadlines apply to your case is of the utmost importance. If you need to file a notice of a claim against the MTA for a bus accident and fail to do so within 90 days, your access to compensation might be jeopardized. The same can be said of victims who have three years to bring a claim and fail to.

    Causes of Bus Accidents in Staten Island

    There are several common causes of bus accidents in Staten Island, including drowsy driving and distracted driving. Bus accidents are not always due to the negligence of the bus driver and might be caused by a negligent passenger car driver.

    Drowsy Driving

    Bus drivers may pick up extra shifts to make some more money, causing them to work overtime and become fatigued. Operating any vehicle, but especially a bus, when one’s reaction time decreases because of tiredness might result in serious incidents that harm victims on Staten Island.

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving might occur when a bus driver turns around to say something to a passenger, looks at their phone, or otherwise takes their eyes off the road to tend to something else. This can occur with drivers of public transportation buses or private charter buses.


    MTA buses operate according to a schedule. Speeding or swerving between lanes to make it to a destination and stay on schedule might result in accidents. Bus drivers might hit passenger cars when trying to speed through stoplights or turn too quickly. Speeding is a top cause of all auto accidents, including bus accidents.

    Negligent Passenger Car Drivers

    Passenger car drivers are also sometimes at fault for bus accidents in Staten Island. Drivers might think they can squeeze into a lane and pass a bus, only for a collision to take place. Because buses are harder to maneuver than passenger cars, a bus driver might be unable to avoid an impact safely, resulting in a multi-car accident.

    How to Respond to a Bus Accident in Staten Island

    How you respond in the aftermath of a bus crash can make all the difference in your future compensation claim. Begin by reporting the accident; do not expect anyone else to do this for you. Take your injuries seriously and determine who is at fault for them. Then, file your claim as soon as possible in Staten Island.

    Report the Incident

    Any bus accident that results in injury should be reported to the police. Even if multiple parties and multiple victims are involved, take the initiative to inform law enforcement. If you leave it to someone else to call the police, they might not do so. Officers can record all pertinent information about the incident in a crash report, which our lawyers can obtain in the days that follow.

    Take Your Injuries Seriously

    Any time you are injured in an auto accident, you should take your injuries seriously. Go to the hospital to get initial treatment and diagnoses. Because a bus accident is a motor vehicle accident, you will have to meet the serious injury threshold to sue for compensation in New York. Buses typically do not have seat belts to keep passengers safe. Many passengers are standing when bus accidents occur, which might increase their chances of being severely injured.

    Determine Fault

    Once you have gotten the proper medical care, you can turn to our bus accident lawyers to determine fault for your injuries. It could be that the bus driver, the bus company, or another party altogether is to blame. Once the at-fault party or parties are identified, we will begin compiling evidence of their negligence.

    File Your Claim

    The final step is to file a bus accident claim. Remember, your filing deadline may differ depending on who the defendant is. When you file sooner rather than later, you can recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries faster.

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