Long Island Construction Accident Lawyer

Few things can be more devastating than a severe construction injury. This is the reality for many construction workers in Long Island. Building, commercial, and residential projects are among some of the most dangerous and hazardous places to work. Every year, thousands of construction workers report catastrophic injuries at construction sites in Long Island – and the rest of the country. It is easy to lose hope, especially when a construction accident prevents you from returning to work.

Our Long Island construction accident lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm can provide you with the legal assistance you need after your construction accident. We have an in-depth understanding of how the law works and are ready to sit with you in a free, confidential consultation to learn more about your situation. Call us today at (718) 841-0083.

Protecting Your Rights After a Construction Accident in Long Island

Anywhere you look in Long Island – and the rest of New York – there is construction taking place. Whether it is a renovation, road work, or new building development, construction is always happening. While this may be a good sign in terms of urban development and the city’s betterment, construction sites are often dangerous, putting workers at risk of suffering devastating injuries. As an injured worker, you may immediately think about your future and your loved ones’ future moving forward. Fortunately, the law provides assistance to injured construction workers.

New York workers’ compensation laws can provide financial assistance to injured workers. This employer-provided insurance can help cover things like your medical bills and other losses associated with your construction accident in Long Island. However, this insurance may not be the best way to get full compensation for your injuries. Workers’ compensation will not consider non-economic losses, which are usually compensated through a personal injury claim.

However, you may wonder whether suing after your construction accident in Long Island is possible, especially when workers’ compensation insurance is in play. Typically, a worker under this type of insurance may not be able to sue their employer directly for their losses. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

You may be able to file your personal injury claim if your employer’s gross negligence led to your accident and subsequent losses. Additionally, you may also sue your employer if they failed to provide you with workers’ comp insurance.

An essential thing to remember is that a third party may have caused your accident. There have been many situations where a co-worker, sub-contractor, or equipment manufacturer’s negligent actions have led to devastating accidents and injuries in construction sites. Our Long Island construction accident attorneys assist you by holding the liable parties accountable for your losses.

Construction Accident Injuries in Long Island Can Be Costly

No matter the situation surrounding your construction accident in Long Island, one fact is true: your injuries can be extremely costly. Often, construction workers have to confront the harsh reality of their job. When an unexpected accidental injury occurs at a construction site, the injured victim can engage in significant losses.

Medical treatment should always follow an accidental injury on a construction site. Safety is of the utmost importance after a construction accident. It is not uncommon to see injured workers rushed to the E.R. to give them emergency medical assistance. However, everything from your ambulance transport, trauma care, hospitalization, and surgical procedures can lead to a hefty, burdening medical bill. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially when all you want is to get back on your feet. If you got injured in a construction accident that required expensive medical care, our attorneys can help.

In many instances, an injured worker may not return to work for a while. This means that you will not be able to receive a steady paycheck while you are recovering from your severe injuries. Unfortunately, you can lose thousands of dollars while your injuries persist. This is another reason why a construction accident can be costly for injured workers. Make sure to hire an experienced Long Island construction accident lawyer who can let you know about your options and fight for fair compensation.

Third-Party Liability in a Construction Accident in Long Island

You have the chance to file a third-party claim and get compensation beyond what you would otherwise get from your workers’ compensation insurance. However, you must understand how to proceed with this type of lawsuit, so you can maximize and get the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Third-party claims often involve a complex process requiring you to prove the liable party’s negligence. Our Long Island construction accident lawyer can help you meet this burden. One of the most significant aspects of your third-party claim is the evidence. You cannot get compensation from the court if you are unable to provide enough evidence supporting your claim.

The evidence in your case is essential as it allows you and your attorney to prove the liable parties owed you a legal duty that was breached, caused harm, and led to your damages. The Carrion Law Firm knows how critical the evidence in your case may be. We will work tirelessly to gather all required evidence and build a strong case. Let us help you throughout your third-party claim while maximizing your compensation.

Our Long Island Construction Accident Attorneys Can Help You File Your Claim

If you are a construction worker hurt in a construction accident in Long Island, NY, we can help. Backed by years of experience, The Long Island construction accident lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm understand what it takes to navigate Long Island’s complex personal injury laws. The challenges and difficulties associated with a construction accident can throw your life off balance. However, this does not mean everything is lost. Our New York City construction accident lawyers can help you get back on your feet and get the award you need. Schedule a free, confidential consultation with our lawyers today and learn how we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Call our law offices today. Our phone number is (718) 841-0083.