NYC Scaffolding Safety Laws

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    If you’re a construction worker in NYC, you’re probably familiar with scaffolding. But did you know there are strict laws in place that can help you if you are injured or fall at work? So, what are the NYC scaffolding safety laws, and how can they benefit you?

    In NYC, the Scaffold Safety Law holds negligent employers accountable. If you fall while working because of improperly constructed or maintained scaffolding, you can sue your employer. Injured workers can apply for workers’ compensation benefits or pursue litigation with the help of a Boca Raton construction injury lawyer in the hope of receiving more substantial damages. The Scaffold Safety Law protects construction workers and their families in the case of a scaffolding-related injury in NYC.

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    What Are the NYC Scaffolding Safety Laws?

    There’s scaffolding all over NYC, it seems. Scaffolding itself is a structure that exists temporarily to aid in a building’s construction process. It surrounds a building for a period, as construction workers complete a job. This structure needs to be sound, as workers rely on it for their safety. NYC’s Scaffold Safety Law exists to protect construction workers and ensure that scaffolds are built correctly.


    The Scaffold Safety Law, or G.O.B. Law § 10-240, outlines the safety requirements for scaffolding. To meet NYC’s standards, scaffolds need to bear four times the anticipated weight of workers and equipment to be safe, among other provisions. Scaffolding over a certain height, 20 feet, needs proper railings and safety measures to prevent falls or injuries. In NYC, scaffolding can be much higher than 20 feet. NYC is full of skyscrapers, and construction workers are vulnerable to falling from very tall heights if there aren’t necessary safety measures in place.

    According to NYC’s Scaffold Safety Law, construction companies can be liable for worker injuries related to improperly constructed or maintained scaffolding. If an employer’s negligence contributed to a workers’ fall or injury, they could be financially responsible.


    Constructing the massive buildings in NYC is a dangerous job. The Scaffold Safety Law provides a path to compensation for workers and their families in case of a fall. Without the strict provisions in this law, workers may be unable to sue their employer for damages. Falls from such a height can result in death or serious bodily injury. Families could be left without an income and no means for receiving justice without the existence of NYC’s scaffolding safety laws.

    If you were injured in an accident or fall at a construction site and are unsure whether or not your employer could be liable, ask a Whiteplains construction accident attorney. The Carrion Law Firm’s NYC construction accident injury lawyers can help you pursue litigation against a negligent employer. NYC’s scaffolding safety laws hold construction companies accountable should a worker fall or sustain a serious injury.

    Other Laws

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has guidelines for scaffolding safety that NYC construction companies must meet, in addition to the Scaffold Safety Law. Scaffolds need to be constructed per the original design. All scaffolding platforms must be planked, and ladders must be a certain width. There are specific requirements for scaffolding created by OSHA to keep workers safe. You can report your employer to OSHA for a violation. Employers can incur significant fines for an OSHA violation. Reporting inadequate scaffolding can keep you and your fellow employees safe.

    Will NYC’s Scaffolding Safety Laws Help Me?

    If you are a construction worker in NYC, scaffolding safety laws can help you and your loved ones in case of a fall. In addition to the opportunity to sue a negligent employer, injured workers can also file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. However, if an employer did not act negligently, NYC’s scaffolding laws may not apply to you.

    Because NYC is a bustling metropolis, and high-rise buildings are common, its scaffolding safety laws are strict. In some cases, injured workers can receive compensation, whether through applying for workers’ comp benefits or litigation against an employer. NYC’s Scaffold Safety Law places a hefty responsibility on construction companies. Negligence, to any degree, can result in the fall of a worker and potentially loss of life. That’s why these laws are so strict. If your employer failed to provide adequate safety equipment or lapsed inspection, they could be liable for your injuries. If you’re a construction worker in NYC, scaffolding safety laws are on your side.

    Workers’ compensation rules prevent many workers from suing, but they do not apply to independent contractors. There are also other exceptions employees can use to sue third parties. The Queens construction accident lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm can help you recover substantial damages through a lawsuit against the proper parties.

    The Scaffold Safety Law benefits construction workers. If there are any signs of negligence on the part of a third party, you can file a lawsuit against them. Injured construction workers may even be able to collect workers’ compensation and file a lawsuit against a third party under NY’s scaffolding laws.

    Construction workers are not the only ones protected by NYC’s scaffolding safety laws. Visitors to construction sites and pedestrians can also sue a negligent construction company should they sustain a gravity-related injury. So, if something falls from the scaffolding in NYC and hits you, you may be able to sue for compensative damages.

    The Carrion Law Firm Can Help If You’ve Been Injured in a Scaffolding Accident in NYC

    Scaffolding accidents can be very dangerous. NYC’s scaffolding safety laws protect injured workers and provide a clear path to compensation. Call the Bronx personal injury lawyers at The Carrion Law Firm today for a free case evaluation at (718) 841-0083.