Can a Lawyer Reduce Your Medical Bills After an Accident in NYC?

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    Facing overwhelming medical bills is common for accident victims in New York City. To ensure that you do not have to pay those bills yourself, contact our lawyers.

    Our attorneys can reduce your medical bills after an accident in New York City by helping you file a lawsuit against the person responsible for your injuries. When there is sufficient proof of fault and a victim’s damages, a victim can likely get compensation for all of their medical bills in a lawsuit. Compensation for economic damages is not limited in New York City. In addition to eliminating your medical bills, you can also recover compensation for other damages, such as lost wages. Victims might also be able to claim damages for pain and suffering. To do so, you must bring your claim within the three-year statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in New York City.

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    How Can a Lawyer Reduce Your Medical Bills After an Accident in NYC?

    When an accident occurs that causes injury to a victim, medical treatment is often necessary. Because another person’s negligence was responsible for the victim’s medical bills, the victim should not have to pay a cent. This is where our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers can help you following an accident.

    Our attorneys will begin by assessing your case to determine if you can file a compensation claim. In New York City, auto accident victims cannot sue unless they have sustained a serious injury. According to I.S.C. Law § 5102(d), serious injuries include dismemberment, serious disfigurement, fractures, loss of a fetus, and other injuries. If your injuries do not meet the threshold for filing a lawsuit, you will have to file a claim with your personal injury protection insurance. Suppose your medical bills exceed your policy limits. In that case, our attorneys can help you file claims with a negligent driver’s liability insurance or your health insurance to reduce or eliminate your medical bills.

    If injured in other incidents, such as slip and falls, victims do not have to meet a serious injury threshold in order to file a lawsuit for compensatory damages. Our attorneys can help you gather proof of a negligent party’s fault as well as proof of your damages so that you have a greater chance of recovering compensation that allows you to fully address your medical bills after an accident in New York City.

    Our Smithtown personal injury lawyers can also ensure that any pre-existing medical conditions you might have do not negatively impact your case or make it harder for you to recover compensation for medical expenses directly related to a negligent party’s actions.

    Can You Reduce All of Your Medical Bills After an Accident in NYC?

    Any medical expenses related to your injuries are compensable in a lawsuit against a negligent party in New York City. These include current and future medical bills.

    All reasonable and related medical bills from treatment necessary to treat injuries, such as surgeries, physical therapy, and prescription medication, are compensable in a lawsuit. New York does not impose limits on the recovery of economic damages for medical bills. If you require additional care, such as in-house care, such costs are also compensable. As are other out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel expenses to and from the hospital.

    If you are likely to require medical treatment for some time following a lawsuit, you can also recover compensation for those future losses. To ensure recovery in that area, our attorneys will seek statements from medical experts as well as members of your medical care team that explain the anticipated extent of your treatment following an accident in New York City.

    In addition to recovering compensation for your past, current, and future medical bills, you can also be compensated for other economic damages caused by an accident, such as lost wages.

    What Proof Do You Need to Reduce Your Medical Bills After an Accident in NYC?

    For our attorneys to reduce or eliminate your medical bills through compensation awarded in an accident lawsuit, we must present proof of your damages.

    Proof of damages is essential when seeking compensation for medical expenses. To ensure that there is sufficient proof of damages in your case, keep all records of medical bills and invoices from each visit to the hospital or with medical specialists following an accident. These bills will be added together to calculate the compensation you are entitled to. In addition to keeping your bills, compile your medical records that show the severity of your injuries.

    In addition to proof of damages, we must meet the burden of proof against the defendant. This will require evidence of negligence, which might include security camera footage, eyewitness statements, and photographs.

    Is There a Time Limit on Reducing Medical Bills After an NYC Accident?

    If you require compensation for your medical bills following an accident, as so many victims in New York City do, it is imperative that you file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out.

    For all personal injury claims in New York City, the filing deadline is three years from the date of injury. There is tolling for delayed discovery, but that might not extend the statute of limitations much, depending on the case.

    If you do not act within this timeframe, you cannot reduce your medical bills, whether through a lawsuit or insurance claim. Furthermore, the longer you wait to bring your case, the harder it might become to connect your injuries and medical expenses to a negligent party’s actions, meaning you might not be able to totally eliminate your medical bills.

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