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    Slip and fall injuries are often used as jokes in movies and TV shows, but in reality, they can leave you with serious injuries.  Victims of slip and fall injuries could face broken bones, head injuries, and even brain and spinal injuries that could totally alter their day-to-day lives.

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    Where Do Slip and Falls Commonly Happen in Orange, NJ?

    Slip and fall accidents can happen nearly anywhere.  The severity of your injuries will often depend on you and your condition before the accident – with older adults, disabled people, and people with preexisting injuries often facing more severe injuries.  However, the location of the accident will also play into how bad your injuries are.

    The following are some of the most common places for slip and fall or trip and fall injuries:


    Slippery spills, leaking refrigerators, wet floors from rain or mops, and even uneven flooring are some of the most common causes of slip and fall and trip and fall injuries in stores.  Whether they be convenience stores, grocery stores, or big-box stores, people can be injured from all sorts of dangers inside a store.

    Parking Lots and Walkways

    Clearing snow and ice from your property is a vital part of safety for guests and customers.  If you were injured in a parking lot because the owner failed to take reasonable steps to clear snow, salt icy pavement, and light up the parking lot, you could be entitled to sue them.

    Walkways to and from the doors of the building should also similarly be well-lit and cleared of dangers.  The same goes for pathways through the property, such as walkways through a large yard or park area on the premises.


    Spills and other hazards could cause slip and fall or trip and fall injuries at many different workplaces.  Workers in stores, warehouses, and restaurants are especially vulnerable to slip and fall injuries.  In some workplaces, there may be running machinery or other hazards that you could fall into or strike against, potentially facing extremely severe injuries from a slip and fall.

    Buses and Trains

    The aisles of a bus or NJ Transit train can get slippery, especially in inclement weather when rain and snow are tracked into the vehicle.  There are often plenty of handholds and seats to grab onto to prevent a fall, but injuries from a slip and fall are still possible.  This is especially true when getting on or off the vehicle.

    Common Slip and Fall Injuries for Accidents in Orange, NJ

    There are a variety of injuries you could face during a slip and fall accident.  People react differently to falls, and many of these injuries are caused by how you reasonably react – such as by putting your arms out in front of you.  By no means should that make these injuries your fault, as long as your reaction or attempt to break your fall was reasonable, given the circumstances.  Our Orange, NJ slip and fall lawyers can help fight to get you compensation for any of these common injuries – as well as many of the less common ones listed toward the bottom:

    Bruising and Scrapes

    Falling down is often uncomfortable, but it might not always result in particularly serious injuries.  Bruises and scrapes can often be treated with over-the-counter medical supplies and might not require medical care.  Because bruises and scrapes are not particularly severe, they might not entitle you to much compensation.  However, these outward injuries might not be your only injuries.  If you suspect you could be facing internal injuries or you suspect you hit your head during a slip and fall, always seek additional medical care.

    Twisted Ankle and Sprains

    During a slip, you could easily twist your ankle or sprain something in your ankle or leg.  This could require medical care and could lead to time off work or require other compensation.  You could also potentially sprain something when you fall, such as your wrist.  Our Orange slip and fall lawyers could also use an injury like this to claim compensation.

    Broken Bones

    Slip and fall injuries can often result in broken bones.  Reaching out your arms to break your fall can often lead to broken wrists, elbows, shoulders, and collar bones.  Additionally, any fall can potentially cause fractures to ribs or even your spine.  Many older adults also face broken hips during fall injuries.  These injuries might require casts and time off work or even surgery and medical implants to heal properly.

    Facial Injuries

    People often fall forward and hurt their face during a fall.  Broken teeth, broken facial bones, and more could all be serious injuries.  The time it takes to heal and the cost of treating these injuries could lead to substantial compensation.

    Head Injuries

    Many head injuries during slip and falls involve mild concussions.  However, some head injuries are very serious and could involve traumatic brain injury.  Always take brain injuries or confusion after a fall very seriously.  These injuries could be deadly if left untreated, especially if there is internal bleeding.

    Back and Spinal Injuries

    Although spinal injuries are uncommon, they can be very serious after a fall.  Other back injuries, such as a slipped disk or simple back pain or misalignment, is much more common.  In any back injury case, there could be ongoing pain and suffering you should speak with our Orange slip and fall injury lawyers about.

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