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    Victims of bicycle accidents could be left with serious injuries that need substantial compensation.  But when insurance companies and the rules surrounding those claims are involved, victims could be barred from the damages they need.  For help, it is important to turn to an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.

    Our Orange, NJ bicycle accident lawyers can help you get the damages you deserve.  Insurance rules often block lawsuits in cases where injuries are moderate or mild, so it is important to work with a lawyer who can argue that your cases meet NJ’s “serious injury” threshold.  It is also important that your attorney help you value your case and determine what damages you deserve rather than relying on insurance companies to pay a fair settlement.

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    Common Causes of Bike Accidents in Newark, NJ

    Many bike accidents are caused by drivers of cars and trucks.  With bigger, faster vehicles, the drivers of these vehicles need to be cautious of pedestrians and cyclists around them and follow the rules of the road to avoid accidents.  Our Orange, NJ bicycle accident attorneys are prepared to help victims of some of the more common types of bicycle accidents – listed below – but we also represent victims in other types of bike accident cases not listed here.

    “Right Hook” Accidents

    Many drivers know they are supposed to give bicycle riders space on the right side of the road – and they do so.  However, many drivers forget about those bikers when they make right turns.  A right turn that crosses the bike lane can easily strike a cyclist if the driver does not pay attention to bikers on their right – potentially in their blind spot – and crosses their lane of travel without properly signaling or yielding to the biker.

    “Dooring” Accidents

    Stopped cars and trucks along the side of the road can easily injure cyclists if their door is thrown open into the path of the biker.  Many bicycle riders are seriously injured when drivers and passengers open their doors into the bike lane without checking for traffic.  This is especially common on tight city streets.

    Lane Obstruction Accidents

    In bike lanes, there should be no parked cars, traffic cones, construction, or debris.  However, there often is.  This forces cyclists into a difficult decision: ride outside the bike lane and potentially get ticketed or ride in the bike lane and potentially get injured.  Drivers who are unaware of these dangers often make things harder for cyclists or potentially cause accidents when they fail to share the road with bicycle riders.

    Left Turn Accidents

    Drivers might be understanding of the fact that bikers often need to share their lane or drive on their right in the bike lane.  However, drivers may be reluctant to share the road – as they are legally required to – when a bicycle rider wants to make a left turn.  Bike riders might not be given the space they need to move to the left side of the lane – and then when they are waiting to turn left, other vehicles might ignore traffic laws and potentially cause a crash.

    Suing for Injuries in a Newark, NJ Bicycle Accident

    Getting compensation for an injury in a bicycle accident can often involve a lawsuit.  However, there are no-fault insurance rules that might prevent you from being able to sue.  Damages through an insurance claim might be limited, so it is important to always consult with a Newark bicycle accident lawyer about your claim.

    In New Jersey, you cannot file a lawsuit for an auto accident unless you have a particular type of insurance.  With most insurance policies, your right to sue is restricted such that you can only sue if you face permanent injuries, serious scarring, severe broken bones, or other injuries on a specific list found in N.J.S.A. § 39:6A-8.

    In an insurance claim, you will typically be covered by the no-fault policy for the driver who hit you.  This is because no-fault rules include bikers as pedestrians when examining who is covered.  Typically, no-fault policies would only cover occupants of the car, and they would cover damages regardless of who caused the accident.  Bikers are also covered under a driver’s no-fault insurance, also regardless of fault.

    However, additional damages for pain and suffering and other damages classified as “non-economic” damages cannot be claimed in these insurance claims.  You need to prove you have serious injuries before you can file a third-party insurance claim against the driver’s liability insurance.  Some drivers with basic insurance policies do not have liability insurance, making it harder to collect damages from them without filing a lawsuit.  Our Newark bicycle accident lawyers can help you sort our which insurance policies cover your damages and how to file a lawsuit – if necessary – to maximize your damages.

    Contacting a Lawyer After a Bike Accident in Newark, NJ

    If you suffered any injuries in a bicycle accident, you should consider contacting our Newark bike accident lawyers today.  Any case where you faced injuries and medical expenses is “serious enough” to involve a lawyer.  Plus, insurance companies and defendants will often have strong legal teams whose primary goal is to settle quickly and fight cases to reduce how much their clients have to pay.  Our attorneys will instead fight to see that you are fully compensated for your injuries – which often means taking your case to court to get proper compensation for pain and suffering.

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