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    Work injuries can lead to debilitating pain, emotional distress, and financial hardship. Accordingly, victims can pursue financial compensation. The process can vary depending on a variety of circumstances surrounding an accident.

    For some injured workers, monetary damages may be acquired through a work injury lawsuit. In other cases, victims have to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits through their employer’s insurer. Plaintiffs in work injury lawsuits can claim certain categories of monetary damages that cannot be sought through Workers’ Compensation.

    If you were injured at work, get help seeking the financial compensation available to you. Reach out to our experienced Melville work injury lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.

    Types of Damages Available to Plaintiffs in Melville Work Injury Lawsuits

    Workers’ Compensation claimants may only obtain benefits related to their medical expenses and lost wages. However, plaintiffs in work injury lawsuits may pursue a multitude of economic and non-economic damages stemming from their injuries. You can contact our Melville work injury lawyers for help determining which of the following categories of damages are available to you:

    Pain and Suffering

    There is a wide range of non-economic damages that may be associated with the physical pain and emotional suffering suffered by victims of work injuries. For instance, many injuries inhibit workers abilities to enjoy the same hobbies and activities they did before their accidents. Further, some injuries may hurt victims’ abilities to engage in meaningful family relationships. Our attorneys can help obtain financial compensation for these types of losses through work injury lawsuits.

    Lost Wages

    Injured workers regularly have to spend time at home while they recover. Our Melville work injury lawyers can help seek compensation for any lost wages you incurred because of your work injury. Additionally, if your work injury permanently restricts your ability to perform the same duties as you could before your accident, our team will fight for compensation related to your lost future earning capacity.

    Medical Expenses

    Plaintiffs in Melville work injury lawsuits can also acquire monetary damages for any medical expenses they suffered because of their accidents. For example, compensation for ambulance rides, surgical operations, prescription medical, and post-operative treatment may all be sought. Furthermore, plaintiffs can be compensated for any past, current, and future expenses stemming from the injury at issue.

    Out-of-Pocket Expenses

    There are several types of out-of-pocket expenses that may be incurred by injured workers in Melville. For instance, you may have to pay for transportation to and from medical appointments or court proceedings. Additionally, many parents who are injured at work have to pay for help with child care while their injuries heal. Financial documents such as receipts are typically used to recover such damages. Accordingly, you should save and preserve receipts for any financial losses you sustain because of a work injury.

    Property Damage

    Furthermore, in some cases, workers suffer property damage because of an accident at work. For example, a delivery driver’s personal property may be damaged because of an on-the-job vehicle collision. In such cases, our experienced Melville work injury lawyers can help seek compensation for the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged property.

    Punitive Damages

    Lastly, under very rare circumstances, punitive damages may be awarded to plaintiffs in Melville work injury lawsuits. Punitive damages act to punish a defendant for severe misconduct as well as discourage similar behavior in the future. For example, a seller who knowingly provides construction workers with defective safety equipment may be subject to punitive damages after accidents that occur because of their grossly negligent conduct. Our Melville work injury lawyers can help investigate whether punitive damages should be awarded in your lawsuit.

    Who Can File a Melville Work Injury Lawsuit?

    Work injury cases can only be filed under specific circumstances in Melville. Our team can help the following victims assess the strength of their potential lawsuits:

    Workers Injured Because of Third-Party Negligence

    If you were injured at work because of the careless actions of a third party, you may be able to file a work injury lawsuit. There are many different types of third-party negligence that can lead to work injuries. For instance, some injuries may occur because of accidents caused by carelessly manufactured products. Our experienced Melville work injury lawyers can help hold negligent manufacturers liable for work injuries their defective products cause.

    Further, some work injuries happen because property owners do not properly care for their premises. For example, a delivery man may suffer a devastating slip and fall because of a broken handrail along a building’s staircase. In that case, the victim may be permitted to file a work injury lawsuit against the building’s owner.

    Lastly, many work injuries stem from third-party negligence committed on construction sites. There are often numerous contractors performing separate duties on construction sites. When one contractor acts negligently, other workers may suffer harmful accidents. If you were hurt because of a construction accident caused by a third party’s careless actions, our Melville work injury lawyers can help build your case.

    Workers Injured Because of Their Employers’ Negligence

    In most cases, workers injured because of their employers’ careless behavior have to seek benefits through Workers’ Compensation. However, specific laws exist to protect victims of construction accidents. Under L.A.B. Laws § 200, § 240(1), and § 241(6), you may file a work injury lawsuit if your boss acted with negligence and one of the following occurred:

    • You were hit by a falling object
    • You fell through an opening that was not secured
    • There was a violation of New York’s industrial regulations
    • You suffered a fall from a ladder, scaffold, or height
    • You were hurt because of a third party’s careless action

    Our experienced Melville work injury lawyers can help determine if you may file a case against your employer.

    If You Were Injured at Work in Melville, Our Attorneys Can Help

    If you suffered a work injury, seek guidance from our experienced Melville work injury lawyers today by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.