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    Slip and fall accidents frequently occur on poorly maintained property and can result in severe injuries. While falling to the ground does not sound dangerous to most people, slip and fall accidents can cause long-term injuries that require a significant amount of physical therapy to heal.

    Recovering compensation is a less difficult process with the help of an experienced Melville slip and fall lawyer. Slip and fall accidents can be caused in many ways, but it can be difficult to determine who should be held liable for the injuries that result. Filing a lawsuit might prove challenging if an accident occurred on public property. In most cases, though, a property owner will be responsible for your damages. However, property agreements between owners and tenants could place the responsibility on another party.

    If you were injured in a slip and fall accident caused by another person’s negligence, our Melville slip and fall lawyers can help you hold them accountable for their carelessness. Call The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free assessment of your case.

    Common Ways Slip and Fall Accidents Occur in Melville

    Slip and fall accidents can occur anytime and in almost any setting. Whether a slip and fall is caused by ice, wet areas, or other hazards, many people underestimate how devastating falling to the ground can be. Many slip and fall victims suffer serious ligament injuries and broken bones. In unfortunate cases, victims might require several surgeries and long-term physical therapy to heal fully. Fortunately, our Melville slip and fall lawyers have years of experience recovering compensation for clients injured in countless types of slip and fall accidents.

    Ice and Snow

    Ice and snow are among the most common reasons for slip and fall accidents in Melville. Every year, ice and snow can accumulate in parking lots, sidewalks, and stairways, causing serious injuries. Many business owners and property management companies fail to clear snow and ice from their properties as winter goes on. The injuries caused when a slip and fall victim impacts the ice can be severe. However, those responsible for removing ice and snow from their property can be held liable when they neglect their duty.

    Wet Surfaces

    Wet surfaces are another leading cause of Melville slip and fall accidents. Businesses often fail to clean a spill before a patron slips on it. These accidents tend to occur in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

    Other places like hospitals, offices, and malls with high foot traffic will usually be cleaned regularly. Wet floor signs should be placed around recently cleaned areas to avoid unnecessary injuries. If a business does not inspect for spills in these busy places or place signs to warn people, devastating injuries can happen.

    Other Slip and Fall Dangers

    There are numerous other ways a person could be injured in a slip and fall accident. For instance, many older buildings have warped or loose flooring and uneven steps that can easily cause a person to lose their footing. In other cases, a property owner might fail to remove loose gravel, wet leaves, and trash. Regardless of what led to your slip and fall injuries, our Melville slip and fall lawyers can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

    Who Can Be Held Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident in Melville

    Slip and fall accidents are often complex cases since it can be challenging to determine who is responsible for the safety of the area where you were injured. Who you can sue will depend on the type of property that your accident occurred on. Essentially, slip and fall accidents can occur on public property, private property, and rented property.

    Slip and Fall Accidents on Public Property

    Many slip and fall accidents happen on public property. However, recovering compensation after an accident on public property could be difficult. Local municipalities are usually responsible for the upkeep of public spaces like public walkways and parks. Unfortunately, government agencies are often protected from being sued because of sovereign immunity. Several hurdles must be overcome in cases involving local municipalities before being permitted to sue a public entity.

    If your accident happened on a public sidewalk in front of a business, you would likely have a valid claim. Businesses are responsible for keeping the sidewalks that line their storefront clear of hazards and making routine inspections for such. If a business had a duty to keep a public sidewalk safe, they can be sued for slip and fall injuries that result from their negligence.

    Slip and Fall Accidents on Private Property

    Determining liability is slightly more straightforward in slip and fall cases on private property. Most slip and fall injuries happen on private property like restaurants, bars, retail stores, or a person’s private residence. Property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe, whether you are a patron, social guest, or just passing through.

    Slip and Fall Accidents on Rented Property

    Accidents that occur on a rented property can be more complicated. Tenants are typically responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of the property they rent. Unless the property owner directly manages the upkeep of a rented property, they usually cannot be held liable for the negligence of their tenants.

    Tenants are usually responsible for areas within their rented unit. For instance, a resident of an apartment building or a store in a mall would be liable for the safety of the property. However, if your slip and fall accident happens in a common area of a commercial or residential property, the property manager or landlord will likely be liable for your injuries. In most cases, the rental agreement will include provisions for who is responsible for a given area and can help determine who to sue in your case. Our Melville slip and fall lawyers can review your case and develop the right legal strategies for the type of property you were injured on.

    Our Melville Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Help

    Our Melville slip and fall lawyers are here to help victims throughout Melville recover the compensation they deserve. For a free case review, contact The Carrion Law Firm today at (718) 841-0083.