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    Crashes involving large trucks can be catastrophic. There are a great number of devastating injuries that can occur as the result of truck accidents.

    Some drivers hurt because of truck accidents will have to file for benefits with their insurance companies. However, those who incurred certain types of serious injuries may be able to bring truck accident lawsuits against the drivers and trucking companies that caused their accidents. You can contact a truck accident lawyer for help understanding your path to compensation.

    If you were injured because of an accident involving a large truck in Melville, get help seeking the payment you deserve. Contact our experienced Melville truck accident lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 for a free case review.

    Who Can File a Melville Truck Accident Lawsuit?

    Under New York’s no-fault insurance rules, many injured parties have to seek monetary damages from their own insurance companies after truck accidents. However, victims who sustained “serious” injuries may bring claims against the parties responsible for their crashes. According to I.S.C. Law § 5102, the following categories of injuries will constitute serious harm:

    • Significant disfigurement
    • Broken or fractured bones
    • Permanent limitation of function of a body organ or part
    • Significant limitation of function of a body system
    • Substantially full disability that does not subside for at least 90 days

    There are many different types on injuries that can be considered serious. If you were hurt because of a truck accident, our Melville truck accident lawyers can help determine if the harm you suffered falls into one of the aforementioned categories.

    Melville Truck Accidents Caused by Improper Cargo Securement

    Many truck accidents happen because of improper cargo securement practices committed by truck drivers and trucking companies. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets forth general rules governing cargo on commercial trucks. Failure to abide by their cargo securement guidelines can lead to devastating accidents.

    According to the FMCSA, cargo should be firmly secured inside of a vehicle by structures of adequate strength. Failure to use securing devices with proper weight ratings can cause cargo to become unrestrained during transit. Trucks with unrestrained cargo can become difficult to control.

    Additionally, cargo that is stored beside each other should be placed in direct contact with each other so that it is prevented from shifting during transit. Cargo that is not adequately stowed can also become hazardous during travel.

    There are many other, more specific types of cargo securement requirements truck drivers and trucking companies must abide by. Our experienced Melville truck accident lawyers can investigate whether your truck accident happened because of improper cargo securement.

    Common Types of Injuries Caused by Melville Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents can lead to a wide array of major and minor injuries. The following are common types of injuries that happen as a result of truck accidents in Melville:

    Soft Tissue Injuries

    Soft tissue injuries often lead to immobility and pain. These injuries occur in the form of strains, sprains, and tears to soft tissue anywhere in the body. Accordingly, there are many different types of injuries that may be considered soft tissue injuries. Our Melville truck accident lawyers can refer victims to the right physicians to treat their soft tissue injuries.

    Broken Bones

    Broken bones are another common type of injuries caused by Melville truck accidents. These injuries can occur when victims are struck by hard objects inside of their vehicle or when they are thrown from their vehicle during a collision. These injuries are typically extremely painful. In severe cases, injured parties with broken bones may recover damages related to the immense physical pain they faced.


    Additionally, many truck accidents can cause burns. Burns can occur because trucks and their cargo catch fire or explode because of a crash. Furthermore, some victims sustain burns because they touched hot metal, hot liquids, or dangerous chemicals during the course of their truck accident. Like broken bones, burn injuries can be severely painful. Our Melville truck accident lawyer can help burn victims fight for the many types of economic and non-economic damages stemming from their injuries.

    Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Traumatic brain injuries are also a common type of harm that occurs because of Melville truck accidents. These injuries usually happen because the victim suffered an external blow to their head. Traumatic brain injuries such as concussions can produce various types of debilitating symptoms. Unfortunately, these injuries usually cause victims to experience negative impacts on their quality of life.

    Spinal Cord Injuries

    Lastly, truck accidents can also cause victims to suffer spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord damage can lead to great physical pain and, in some instances, total paralysis. Our attorneys can help an injured party with spinal cord damage navigate their complex road to recovery.

    Settling a Truck Accident Lawsuit vs. Taking a Truck Accident Lawsuit to Trial in Melville

    Plaintiffs in truck accident lawsuits will usually have to choose between settling their cases early or taking their cases to trial. During the pre-trial phase of a truck accident case, defendants and their insurance companies will typically make settlement offers to plaintiffs. If you accept a defendant’s offer, they will pay a certain amount of damages to you and your case will be dismissed. Those who reach settlement agreements can save on some of the expensive costs that accompany the decision to go to trial. For instance, truck accident plaintiffs who go to trial may have to pay additional expert witness fees, administrative fees, among other expenses. Also, if you settle your case early, you will recover financial compensation more quickly.

    However, not all settlement offers are fair. Many defendants will attempt to settle cases for less than they are worth. Our experienced Melville truck accident lawyers can help evaluate any settlement offers made in your case. Accordingly, you can decide if you should go to trial to obtain additional compensation.

    If You Were Injured Because of a Truck Accident in Melville, Our Attorneys Can Help

    If you sustained an injury because of a truck accident, seek assistance from our experienced Melville truck accident lawyers by calling The Carrion Law Firm at (718) 841-0083 to review your case for free.