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    Being struck by a moving vehicle is one of the most dangerous accidents on the road. Pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable to injuries, and they deserve compensation and justice for the harm caused by negligent drivers.

    Injuries in pedestrian accidents might include broken bones, deep lacerations, road rash, spinal cord injuries, brain damage, and more. As such, damages in these cases might be substantial, and compensation should be similarly significant. Evidence might come from nearby security cameras, witnesses, and details about the area, like signs and traffic signals. You should hire a lawyer who can help you prepare your case while you recover from your injuries. Your attorney should be able to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and maximize your compensation. Pedestrian accidents might happen in places like parking lots and garages, intersections and crosswalks, or even sidewalks.

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    Severe Injuries From Brighton, NY Pedestrian Accidents

    Many pedestrian accident victims experience fractures, cuts, scrapes, and numerous soft-tissue injuries. Often, pedestrians are struck with enough force to throw them backward, causing them to skid along the rough pavement, leading to painful road rash injuries.

    In particularly serious cases, accident victims might have long-term complications or permanent disabilities. For example, a person hit by a car might end up with an injured spinal cord, leading to permanent paralysis. In such cases, mobility might be greatly limited or downright impossible, depending on how much of the body is paralyzed.

    Brain injuries are also common, with pedestrians living with impaired cognitive functioning. Some victims have such traumatic brain injuries that they can no longer work or take care of themselves, and the expense of life-long care can be astronomical.

    You and your family should discuss damages with our pedestrian accident attorneys. Serious injuries require extensive and costly medical care, and you might have hospital bills you cannot afford. If you have long-term or permanent complications, the cost of future medical care for your condition should also be accounted for.

    On top of all that, the accident might take a huge toll on your mental and emotional health. People suddenly finding themselves with permanent injuries and disabilities must adjust to a new way of living, and doing so can be psychologically taxing and emotionally traumatizing. While mental distress does not exactly have a price tag, it deserves significant financial compensation.

    Where to Get Evidence to Back Up Your Claims in a Brighton, NY Pedestrian Accident Case

    Evidence is the backbone of almost any civil case. Finding evidence in a pedestrian accident case will likely take us back to the scene of the collision. Our team can help you check the area for cameras. Perhaps a nearby house or business had security cameras pointing toward the accident. In that case, there might be videos of the defendant hitting you with their car. If the defendant had a dashcam in their vehicle, we can demand to see the footage. If your accident happened in a parking garage, the garage might have security cameras.

    We should also find witnesses who were present for the crash or have some other first-hand knowledge about the accident. For example, if you were injured in a parking lot, other people might have been coming and going from the lot, and someone likely saw the crash. If possible, you should exchange information with potential witnesses at the accident so we can quickly find them later.

    We also need details about the area or intersection. For example, if we know that you were hit in the middle of a crosswalk where all vehicles must yield to pedestrians, it might be easier for us to show that the defendant was negligent. We might take photos of signs and traffic signals around the area to help us figure out who should have yielded.

    Why You Should Hire a Brighton, NY Pedestrian Accident Attorney to Assist You

    Hiring a lawyer and taking on a lawsuit is certainly daunting. Many people try to simplify their case by handling everything independently, but this tends to have the opposite of the intended effect. Having an attorney is actually the best way to simplify and streamline your case.

    First, you are hurt and probably need help getting your case ready. Preparing a lawsuit from a hospital bed is not a good idea. If your injuries are more severe, you might be laid up in bed for quite some time, and a lawyer might be necessary to do things like gather evidence and talk to witnesses while you rest and recover.

    Second, preparations for a lawsuit can be difficult and time-consuming. Plaintiffs often encounter various unexpected roadblocks. Perhaps you discover that evidence is harder to find than you initially thought. Maybe the defendant hits you with a pretrial motion that you do not fully understand. A lawyer should have the skills, experience, and knowledge to guide you through all this.

    Finally, your attorney should be able to maximize your potential compensation. Not only can your attorney help you identify and evaluate all your damages so that no compensation is left unaccounted for, but they can help you determine the best way to get the most compensation possible. For some, this might be a lawsuit; for others, this might be a settlement. You need to talk to a lawyer to find out.

    Common Examples of Pedestrian Accidents in Brighton, NY

    Generally, drivers are expected to yield to pedestrians, but many drivers fail to do so. Many accidents happen in parking garages and lots. People often underestimate the probability of a collision in places like these because vehicles are moving slower. Remember, it does not take a high rate of speed for a vehicle to cause serious harm to a pedestrian.

    Many pedestrians are injured when crossing a street, especially in places where intersections involve several lanes of traffic and are more complex. Crosswalks are often controlled by traffic lights or signs indicating who must yield.

    Sometimes, pedestrian accidents happen because drivers are intoxicated or distracted. This is often the case when a driver suddenly loses control of their car and drives up on a sidewalk or crashes into a building, injuring pedestrians.

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